(To Various in State Government and Media)

I would appreciate an meeting with the Governor to discuss an improperly enacted and unconstitutional law which is being abused to undermine the judiciary and the government.

Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information of the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Considerable volumes of Information are available at www.www.work2bdone.com/live

This matter is Important to every Pennsylvanian and every American.
Every Person Matters.


The Montgomery County DA has filed with the court seeking to require an Attorney represent me in a Competency Hearing.

By forcing a Rule 1.6 impeded lawyer upon me against my will, my rights can continue to be ignored completely. Forever.


The Attorney Client Privilege portion of Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information prevents a District Attorney from exposing and or prosecuting a member of their staff for deliberate and intentional Incompetence.

The Attorney for the Commonwealth can continue harassment without rapproach.  To do so would expose a major failure in the Judicial system.

This is NOT to be confused with an occasional lapse, prosecutorial misconduct. 

This is the deliberate and intentional denial of the Rule of Law.

This is the deliberate and intentional denial of rights secured and protected by the Constitution of the United States.

Rule 1.6 Confidentiality prevents this egregious tactic from being addressed by any Attorney or by any court.

It is preposterous and malicious for the DA to challenge my competence.

My competence is being challenged because I have been successfully addressing the Incompetence abuse of power under color of law and the official oppression of the District Attorneys office.

The actions of the District Attorney are corrupt and unsupported in the Rules of Criminal Procedure with no basis in Law or case law.

In the matter attempted to be brought before the Court:

The Court is without jurisdiction which is required by Law.

The DA has failed to demonstrate any element of jurisdiction for the court.

The DA has failed to follow any law or Rules of Criminal Procedure.

The DA has ignored my rights under the PA Constitution.

The DA has ignored my rights under the Constitution of the US.

The DA has participated in concealing the provisioning of weapons for the single purpose of killing me.

The DA has concealed and participated in the efforts towards  the planning and training for my murder.

The DA has failed to investigate EVERY crime committed against me.

Their deliberate Incompetence is the tactical.

The DA has neglected an Arraignment coercing under extreme duress and threat of arrest a signature on a Waiver of Arraignment. The charges listed as ‘see transcript’.  A transcript was not available or provided.

The  Complainants identified in the current filing are prevented by law from filing a complaint to retaliate against a civil matter which the courts refused to accept jurisdiction to resolve.  Improperly.  Rule 1.6 permits concealing the deliberate interception and intference by lawyers in the clerks staff.

The deliberate failures within the Montgomery County District t Attorneys office have caused a  complete and abso!ute denial of the Rule of law and all rights.

The Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has been personally ordered to neglect t the responsibilities of her office. Likely the botched investigations and abuse from Montgomery County Law Enforcement has caused a BOTCHED effort  in the Office of the Attorney General which has prevented the Attorney General from addressing the lawlessness.

This is caused pursuant to improperly enacted and unconstitutional Rule 1.6.

Any attempt to bring the matter before a federal court would find that the improperly enacted and unconstitutional Pennsylvania Rule 1.6 applies to lawyers in the federal courts and the Court of Appeals by way of local rules.

There is no escaping the deliberate concealed manipulation, interference and interception of the lawyers at every level of the court pursuant to Rule 1.6.

I would appreciate the immediate effort be made for me to meet with Governor Tom Wolf.

He alone can take action to remove this improperly enacted and unconstitutional law.

The Governor can call the Legislature to assemble to address the issue.

Only the Legislature has authority to suspend a law.

The leadership in the Legislature have prevented the issue from being presented, addressed and resolved.

The Supreme Court who was without proper authority to enact a law which affects substantive rights has caused it to be illegal for the Court to address the unconstitutional law either by petition or sua sponte.
Their own Confidentiality law requires the nondisclosure of their unconstitutional action.  Rule 1.6.

The volume of paperwork and torment being caused by Montgomery County is criminal, corrupt,unconstitutional, egregious, malicious, and unconscionable.

I appreciate any effort to secure a meeting with the Governor to explain the issues involved.

I am one man who survived the terror of having no protection of the law and then complete denial of constitutional rights.  I am competent.  I am under constant threat of abuse and oppression.  It is ALOT for one man to bear.  I beg your help.

I persevere,

Terance Healy

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