Yesterday, I attempted to arrange a meeting with Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Ferman. 

Her staff refused,  lied, made up false legal precedents and reasons, Hung up, transferred me to voice mails, transferred me to recordings, transferred me to dead voice mail devices, and threatened to have me arrested for harassing them  — but i was not calling them.  They  were answering the phone of an elected public official to whom I needed to speak.

A public official who has ignored every crime committed against me and supported every action in furtherance of those crimes.

I identified myself each time.  I asked to speak to Mrs. Ferman.  The then began their series of  inexplicable lies.  It also included pretending they hadn’t spoken to me before.

I ask your help.  Please contact the Office of the District Attorney and try to arrange the meeting.  610-278-3090

I have notified Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

I have notified Governor Tom Wolf. 

Where I have no protection under the law and no constitutional rights I can be terrorized further without escape, victimized without recourse, pushed to the point of suicide which is exactly the goal of the DA.

I get it, they don’t want to do anything. 

They fail to understand, I do not wish to be further victimized.

I tweeted the issues as they occurred. And into the evening to get the information to the AG and the Governor and the media.

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