I reported a crime. Several, in fact.  I included the procedures and laws violated by the court staff.

Apparently, Det Young investigated a different crime and found that it did not occur.  Do they laugh when they twist thing to allow crimes.  The crime which occurred causes a person to lose ALL CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS and any Protection of the Law because of Rule 1.6 Confidentiality – there is no recovery ever. 

This is how they filled the prisons.

The investigator never spoke to me, the victim, the complainant.

The investigator clearly never read my report on this web site.

Instead, the investigator only took the fraudulent statement of the person who committed the crimes and concluded that a different crime did not occur.

They really have little self respect, and an extreme disregard for the public when the investigators commit crimes in the furtherance of the original crime.

And they wrote a letter indicating that the person didn’t commit the alternate crime, and admitting to only getting info from the criminal.


Sick and twisted selective law enforcement.  When the crime syndicate is run by a corrupted District Attorney, the only exit is to commit the suicide.  Has anyone else noticed the rise in visible murder-suicides in Montgomery County?  Then there are the ones which are not publicized.

Ala worth noting are the visible deaths of confidential informants which are cause for widespread investigation but always with the same result.  Dead people with no reason to be dead (except they were abused by law enforcement).

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