To get a meeting with the governor, you must write a letter.

Every letter gets the same form letter.  They never read the letter.  The Gov never sees it.

The lawyers on the governor’s staff commit fraud in the furtherance pursuant to Rule 1.6

The lawyers on the governor’s staff commit fraud to prevent rectification pursuant to Rule 1.6

Their responses never speak to or address the issue…

THEY LIE.   Incorrect use of the word JURISDICTION is supposed to make it go away.

1. The Governor has the authority by the PA Constitution to call the Legislature to assemble to discuss an issue.

2.  The Legislature has the authority by the PA Constitution to suspend any law.

3.  The PA Supreme Court made it illegal for themselves, or lawyers, to correct the unconstitutional law pursuant to the very law which is the problem… RULE 1.6 CONFIDENTIALITY OF INFORMATION

Governor Wolf is not a lawyer obligated to confidentiality, BUT THE LAWYERS ON HIS STAFF ARE PERMITTED TO MISINFORM HIM.

The Senators and Representatives have all presented the issue to the Judiciary committee ALL MANDATED UNDER RULE 1.6 TO CONCEAL THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACTIONS OF THE SUPREME COURT.

When the Pennsylvania Supreme Court improperly enacted an unconstitutional law it made it impossible for the court to correct, or for any lawyer to correct.

These form letters are a complete fraud executed by the Governor’s staff to conceal the injustice.  The lawyers who write them refuse to discuss or meet or address any issue specifically… All symptoms of fraud!


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