On this day July 3 in 1986, I proposed to the woman who I married.  We had 2 children within a few years of that and were an amazing and unifying team…

20 years later, she destroyed it hiring the two most incompetent and unethical lawyers, Angst & Angst, in 2007 to tear our family apart.  Filing for divorce in 2007, the terroristic tactics of the team of lawyers, private investigators, local state and federal law enforcement, over 80 confidential informants, unethical and corrupt judges (now over 20 of them) without any interest in justice or law… It annihilated my entire family.

They continue to attack, terrorize, intimidate, harass and destroy any chance of my having any life or any future life.  Their corrupt orders can be manipulated into further corrupt orders… further lawlessness… further injustice.  

It has left me with no protection of the law, no constitutional rights, destitute, without insurance or welfare or opportunity for employment. 

And all those legal professionals are incapable of addressing the lack of jurisdiction of the courts to interfere, deny and prevent me from having any life liberty or justice.

Due to the deliberate, intentional and maliciously cruel defective and invalid  void order by Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio the entire court faces the loss of judicial immunity.  The court has acted without subject matter jurisdiction.  There is no retroactive correction for a lack of jurisdiction. 

Further fraud leveraged by Angst & Angst resulted in an order for over $300,000… It is also void because it is based on nested retaliatory orders issued when I notified the court of its error seeking correction.

False charges of terroristic threats and harassment have been alleged, but the criminal proceedings have ignored Pennsylvania Law,  rights protected by the US Constitution and waivers have been coerced under duress and direct threat of an improper arrest.

It gets deeper… Any relief exposes their crimes and rights violations.  Why would so many people join the attack?  Why would so many people perpetrate and perpetuate the situation?  Why would so many fail to take any action to help?

Rule 1.6 Confidentiality and Non-disclosure causes everyone who could address the crimes and injustice to be silent.  The one rule undermines the entire profession of lawyers, law enforcement, and the judiciary.  IN EVERY STATE AND FEDERALLY.

PROVEN UNCONSTITUTIONAL, RULE 1.6 was recaste into secret orders from unidentified courts which personally ordered Kathleen Kane ( Pennsylvania Attorney General) to confidentiality in a matter which she referred to as ‘the worst kept secret in Pennsylvania’.  Why ‘worst kept’?… Because every politician in Pennsylvania knows and does nothing.  Every lawyer knows and does nothing.  Every judge knows and does nothing.

While they have failed to address the responsibilities of their elected and professional office… I am isolated, destitute, homeless, accused, attacked and terrorized because I have somehow persevered to find the source of ALL AMERICAN INJUSTICE IGNORED.  The Confidentiality behind all American Injustice prevents life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

And I mark another year, where I am legally married, and  defectively divorced, preventing me from any future.

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