District Attorney Risa Ferman isn’t a prosecutor as much as a crime boss.  Her office had interfered with justice and the law.  She has stopped investigations into crimes against me.

In the last year the number of murder suicides which have cases in the family courts has become publicly undeniable.  Rampages, chains saws, gunshots… Dozens have been killed.

Risa Ferman uses those events to suggest she is tough on crime.  BUT, SHE IS PROVOKING THE CRIMES.  And where she has not been able to provoke me, she is now prosecuting deluded ideations of a paranoid criminal who stole my home.


The District Attorneys office has NEVER returned a call.

The District Attorneys office has NEVER provided an answer for the failure to prosecute.

The District Attorneys office has a policy of hanging up as soon as I identify myself… Or when they notice the callerid.

The Staff falsely indicates the DA has a conflict of interest… But, of course, she does. Risa Ferman wants to call me a criminal by provoking me to irrational actions. She has failed.

RISA FERMAN HAS FAILED FOR HER ENTIRE TENURE IN OFFICE. While terrorizing me. While using confidential informants to set me up. It turned out that her informants recognized the manipulations and showed more conscience than the DA. It’s not so easy to set up an honest person. SINCERITY can be a superpower.

Ferman has been able to get others to snap though. The deaths, the children left behind, the risk to law enforcement officers is apparently of little consequence… Ferman will use the emotions from prevents to promote herself. It’s a lie.

I have attempted to resolve every issue within the law and without trickery.

I walk in the front door and identify myself and the issue… This is something they cannot comprehend… Or address.

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