The Waiver of Arraignment is the trigger. I am not saying that they pull that trigger on everyone, BUT THEY COULD. The potential for the loss of all rights is created under a false pretense in a courthouse where resistance is aggressively addressed.

You can find the victims in the prisons fed from Montgomery County. Those other District Attorneys who have been aggressively attacking the Governor… Hmmm… maybe they have similar programs in their counties?

Where everyone who was forced to sign a Waiver of Arraignment could be the victim of the silence under Rule 1.6 Confidentiality.

I watched 100 people give up their rights the other day. I understand that event happens 2-3 times per week in Video Room #1 at the Courthouse. Most had no comprehension of what had occurred, BUT not one person left smiling. There was a feeling that something was wrong. They had somehow just made a critical mistake. They had no alternative. Sheeple?

I have witnessed that line numerous times over the years and never imagined it was the setup which could undermine anyone’s rights.

The Letter to Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

It is time to shut down the corruption of career lawmen who know how to destroy lives and screw with others.

Who is responsible for filtering the technology which prevents electronic communications from reaching our government? governor? attorney general? senators? legislators? law enforcement?


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