It is easy to confuse what is for what ought to be when what IS has been manipulated in your favor.

I have already experienced, documented and demonstrated the situation which has resulted in having NO PROTECTION OF THE LAW and NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS in cases in civil court. Where an injustice no matter how slight undermines the entire judicial system. I survived being terrorized. BUT, it never ends.

They have stolen everything. All I have is my freedom. They have come for it.

I exposed how Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information undermines the administration of justice.
Rule 1.6 confidentiality is unconstitutional.
Rule 1.6 has been improperly enacted by the Judicial branch.
The Judicial Branch has claimed authority to review the unconstitutionality of any law;
BUT, Where the judiciary have enacted the unconstitutional law
AND where the unconstitutional law MANDATES NONDISCLOSURE AND CONFIDENTIALITY by all legal professionals,

The unconstitutional RULE 1.6 CONFIDENTIALITY OF INFORMATION permits efforts to prevent any correction.

Where Rule 1.6 permits and conceals “fraud in the furtherance” and “fraud to prevent rectification”, those who indicate a lack of jurisdiction are mistaken and excused.

Rule 1.6 conceals the injustice it causes.

After the Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 was 1.6’d by the court clerks in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, the appeal was 1.6’d by the court clerks in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

Healy v Healy demonstrated the unconstitutionality in the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. The Attorney General was notified of the challenge to the constitutionality of a law.

Healy v Miller demonstrated the unconstitutionality in the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. The Attorney General was notified of the challenge to the constitutionality of a law.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has indicated that secret orders from unidentified courts prevent her, personally, from performing the responsibilities of the Office of the Attorney General.

The cases in the Superior Court of Pennsylvania demonstrate the illegal and unconstitutional actions of the Central Legal Staff which interfere with the administration of justice and deny constitutional rights and deny the protection of the law.

Those cases in the Superior Court were 1.6’d. Complaints to Law Enforcement about the violation of Pennsylvania Law and the US Constitution have been 1.6’d by lawyers at every level and division of law enforcement:
Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams
Bucks County District Attorney David Heckler
Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane
US Attorney Zane Memeger
US Attorney General Eric Holder

The Attorney General of Pennsylvania is responsible to address the constitutionality of any state law when challenged. The Superior Court of Pennsylvania has redacted the docket and prevented documents and orders filed in the case from being distributed – EVEN TO THE LITIGANTS.

Kathleen Kane, as a person, has been secretly ordered to permit the denial of my constitutional rights which includes the protection of the law.

I have informed Governor Tom Corbett, Governor Tom Wolf, and every member of the Pennsylvania Legislature.
I have personally delivered documentation to every Senator and Representative in Bucks and Montgomery County. There have been meetings with several where the issue was explained and understood.
I have informed every news media organization within Pennsylvania, and many with national and world coverage.
I have delivered the documentation to every major television organization in Philadelphia and New York.

I have been referred to as ‘the worst kept secret in Pennsylvania’.

I remain without any protection of the law and any constitutional rights are ignored.

I have persevered.

The case which documents the terroristic denial of rights and the law has been before twenty members of the Montgomery County Judiciary. EVERY legal professional (judge, lawyer administrator) since 2007 has failed to address the procedures, laws and rights which were being denied often citing a ‘lack of jurisdiction’.

When a legal professional has jurisdiction to act, but is mandated by an improperly enacted unconstitutional law to take no action, Rule 1.6 excuses their ‘fraud in the furtherance’ and ‘fraud which prevents rectification’ in any response. Rule 1.6 permits non-disclosure and confidentiality which also explain their failure to respond.

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has the constitutional authority to enact laws for general practice, procedure and conduct where ‘consistent with this Constitution sand neither abridge, enlarge nor modify the substantive rights of any litigant’. Article V Section 10(c)

Their authority may not ‘affect the right of the General Assembly to determine jurisdiction of the any court’.

When the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania improperly enacted Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information, any discretion which permits lawyers to commit fraud to conceal prior fraud or to prevent rectification of prior fraud became a MANDATE OF CONFIDENTIALITY AND NONDISCLOSURE (and inaction) which was no longer discretionary.

The Judiciary may not enact an unconstitutional law.
WHEN THEY DID, their unconstitutional law mandated participation by all legal professionals in a conspiracy which denies constitutional rights and the protection of the law.

WHEN THEY DID, their unconstitutional law prevented legal professionals from raising the constitutionality of their unconstitutional law.

WHEN THEY DID, all other avenues to address the injustice were prevented.

WHEN THEY DID, all other avenues to address their corruption were prevented.
– – COUNTY SHERIFFS and US MARSHALLS became convinced of a diminished responsibility within law enforcement.

– – LOCAL RULES in the Federal courts require legal professionals to follow the Rules of Professional Conduct within their jurisdiction as enacted by the state.

– – THE MCDADE-MURTHA Amendment requires ALL FEDERAL legal professionals (lawyers and investigators) to follow the Rules of Professional Conduct within their jurisdiction as enacted by the state.

WHEN THEY DID, the injustice rolled out state by state from New Jersey (1984) to Maine (2009). Most of the US population was affected within the first 5 years. The affect on the law and everyone’s constitutional rights was CONFIDENTIAL.

The failure to address AMERICAN INJUSTICE is the mandated nondisclosure of Rule 1.6 pursuant to Rule 1.6.

Legal professionals who takes an oath of office to preserve, protect, support, and defend the Constitution of the United States often are completely unaware of the Rule 1.6 MANDATE which requires them to ignore and participate in injustice.

Those government officials who are under no obligation of Rule 1.6 Confidentiality are advised by lawyers WHO ARE mandated to confidentiality, nondisclosure, ‘fraud in the furtherance’ and ‘fraud to prevent rectification’.

‘GENERAL PRACTICE, PROCEDURE AND CONDUCT’ for the administration of the courts should not include an aggressively enforced mandate of confidentiality and nondisclosure.

Rule 1.6 preempts every law and every constitution. Rule 1.6 prevents people from any corrective actions to address the lawlessness and unconstitutional actions.

The ‘person’ elected to the position of Chief Law Enforcement Officer within the state, the Attorney General, has been ‘personally’ instructed by secret orders from unidentified courts to neglect any action or investigative responsibilities of the Office of the Attorney General while mandated to nondisclosure of the matter.

Professional attacks, prosecution and threats to personal liberty by members of the Montgomery County Judiciary and Montgomery County Law Enforcement are the tools used to intimidate and prevent investigation and prosecution of corruption and perversions of justice.

Kathleen Kane has been the target of the attacks while failing to address what has been described as the ‘worst kept secret in Pennsylvania”

The tools of career professionals who are ‘schooled in how to really hurt you and screw others’,


Rule 1.6 causes their loss of integrity and reputation.

They can’t save themselves. BUT, I could.
They could stop attacking me. But, they don’t.

– –

They have initiated false charges within criminal courts… the unconstitutional injustice has already begun.

Constitutional rights denied.
Not following law or procedures.
Not signing any orders or notices.
They seek the suicide I will not provide.
Their agents follow corrupt orders. Nobody ever checks.

They have stolen everything. All I have is my freedom. They have come for it.

I persevere.

The same situation now begins in the Criminal Justice system. Their crimes becoming ever larger.

1) False Criminal Charges filed by a police officer
– – offering as witnesses the people who learned of the ‘crime’ from the police officer.
– – witnesses were people with whom I had never met, seen or spoken.
– – witnesses who are living in my home based on a fraudulent conveyance which police and the District Attorney refused to investigate.
– – witnesses who have benefited from that fraudulent conveyance by using their crime in a title insurance claim.
– – witnesses who have recently satisfied their Mortgage of $400,000
2) Warrant for Arrest based SOLELY on the testimony of a police officer who has conducted NO INVESTIGATION.
3) Three hearings where the Rule of Law was not followed or applied, left unaddressed when questioned.
4) Three hearings where Constitutionally protected rights were ignored, left unaddressed when questioned with no opportunity for review.
5) Outcome:

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