Where Secret Orders from Unidentified Courts compel the person elected to State Attorney General to deny protection of the Law and Constitutional Rights from One Individual Person… AND SHE DOES IT…
EVERY PERSON MATTERS … except Terance Healy. ( He’ll be dead soon! Nobody will stop it. )

While malicious prosecution commences suggesting that Terance Healy made terroristic threats.
– Malicious Prosecution
– Denial of Right to Counsel
– Denial of Right to Representation by a Lawyer
– Denial of Constitutional Rights
– Denial of the Law
– Improper and unlawful Preliminary hearings to move the case to Norristown


And they all go along with it.

The threat was a letter top the Governor to enforce the law, and included the Attorney General and the ENTIRE PA LEGISLATURE, and the County Sheriff.

The District Attorney, The LAWYER, who was NOT INCLUDED BECAUSE SHE HAS NEGLECTED THE LAW FOR YEARS IN THIS MATTER, was not included. There’s the perceived threat. Going above her head and above her corrupted judiciary threatens Risa Ferman and her run for Judge.

Hell, Anyone would have threatened someone after 10 years of that type of INJUSTICE.

BUT, Terance Healy survived it and persevered to find the root of ALL AMERICAN INJUSTICE is Rule 1.6 Confidentiality. An improperly enacted unconstitutional law in every state which denies people of their rights, and their reputation where lawyers may commit fraud to conceal their fraud.

Prevented from Federal intervention by the McDade Murtha Amendment.

Prevented from Federal Law suite or a Constitutional Challengwe where lawyers in the federal clerks office may commit fraud to conceal fraud and fake the docket and prevent appearance before any judges.

Where Kathleen Kane permits Terance Healy to be terrorized knowing that Montgomery County will kill him before they reveal the terror of the judicial farce before 20 members of the Montgomery County Judiciary.

I have never threatened to kill anyone… ever. But, who would believe that after what they have done and are doing to me. Montgomery County closes Court cases my murder suicide on a regular basis. You never hear the truth of what they have done… because they control the narrative. Or as Bruce Castor confessed in his New Years Manifesto ‘he controls the ink.”

They will kill me. Then, they wiull create a story but leave out their responsibility for the INJUSTICE.

But in Pennsylvania, EVERY PERSON MATTERS except Terance Healy

I am Terance Healy and I swear this all is true. I’ll be dead soon.
They will call it a suicide by cop.

I call it murder.

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