Rule 1.6 affects litigants when their case is affected by an injustice. The coercion of a WAIVER OF ARRAIGNMENT qualifies as an injustice which would trigger loss of protection of the Rule of Law and All Constitutional Rights.

This is how Rule 1.6 affects every unrepresented defendant in a criminal case in Montgomery County.

The victims of injustice rarely learn or recognize the trigger point where Rule 1.6 undermines justice. Yesterday, I witnessed the trigger point.

Whether you are aware of it, or not, RULE 1.6 undermines justice FOR EVERYONE.

Attorney General Kathleen Kane
Harrisburg, PA

Sheriff Russell Bono
Montgomery County Court House

District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman
Montgomery County Court House

With regard to #MJ-38118-CR-0000096-2015 (aka # 3151-15)

Yesterday, June 10, 2015, I appeared for an Arraignment as directed by NOTICE OF ARRAIGNMENT. Copy Attached.

Prior to the Arraignment I filed a STATEMENT OF DEFENDANT ON JUNE 10, 2015. Copy Attached. Clearly an arraignment was necessary.

The courts derive their jurisdiction by law. The courts lack jurisdiction in this matter, yet the District Attorneys Office has made NO effort to provide the courts with jurisdiction.

In Video Room #1, four women were aggressively and directly depriving each of the 100 people who arrived for a 9:30 Arraignment of their rights to the Arraignment. Under threat of Bench Warrant and Arrest the mandate to sign a WAIVER OF ARRAIGNMENT was coerced under duress from each person. There was no opportunity to address any issue, or receive any information relating to criminal charges. Copy attached.

These four women were depriving people of the Law (Rule 571) aggressively, under duress and without consequence in the Courthouse where duped into appearing for an Arraignment.

These four women were depriving the courts of jurisdiction by interfering with the administration of justice and coercing a waiver of an arraignment under duress. They were doing so boldly and without consideration of any affect of their actions upon the rights of the people and upon the courts.

These four women were stripping the people of their rights to be informed of the charges they face under direct threat where their actions would further pervert and undermine justice should a Bench Warrant be issued without any cause or jurisdiction based on the refusal to waive rights secured by the Laws of the Commonwealth and protected by the Pennsylvania Constitution and the Constitution of the United States.

Those who enforce the invalid orders issued without jurisdiction often do so without verification.
They place the lives liberty and freedom of people in jeopardy while affecting the integrity and reputation of law enforcement personnel. It undermines the judiciary.

I wish to file a criminal complaint and request immediate investigation by your office.

Terance Healy

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