The experience this morning in the Montgomery County Courthouse would defy even Webster, Funk, Wagnalls, and Roget to come up with the words to convey the experience.

The level of DON’T GIVE A SHIT would make The Honey Badger seem like Mother Teresa.

The absolute, deliberate and intentional coercion of people to sign away their rights or be arrested cannot be more exaggerated.

It has cast a new light on the lawyers reaction to the Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information.

Imagine a level of DON’T GIVE A SHIT so arrogant and pervasive that the most deliberately corrupt didn’t expect it was legalized in an unconstitutional law.

The word I can indicate to describe what I witnessed and was subjected to is… REPUGNANT.

Scheduling over 100 people to appear for a proceeding at the same time was just the tip of the disdain and disrespect shown to people who are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Even I can’t believe that the criminal courts are worse than the Family Courts. The level of DON’T GIVE A SHIT and complete lack of accountability for the coercion and duress can only be summed up in the sentence which was repeated over and over.

Sign the Waiver of Arraignment or I will issue a bench warrant for your arrest.
No Law. Sign the waiver…
No Rights. Sign the waiver…
No lawyers. Sign the Waiver…
No accountability. Sign the Waiver…
No judge. Sign the Waiver…

Where I had prepared a STATEMENT OF DEFENDANT ON JUNE 10, 2015 which indicated the complete breakdown of the law and constitutional rights in the lower court resulted in an undeniable and absolute lack of jurisdiction.

Without jurisdiction the court has no authority to order, or even hear a case. The order would be void and without force or effect. ENFORCERS DO NOT CHECK NOR VERIFY.

I was directly threatened that if I did not sign the form, a Bench Warrant would be issued for my arrest.

Somehow I had signed a document indicating I had received a NOTICE TO APPEAR FOR ARRAIGNMENT.
The notice is not signed by any judge.
The crime indicated on the document is “See Transcript”.
The Transcript has not been provided.
The document which I acknowledged accepting by signature contains the following sentence…


I had signed a contract to appear, where my failure to follow through would result in my arrest.
It was not a court Order signed by a judge.
There was never any Arraignment planned.
No judge was available.

Where I indicated that I had complied with the Notice to Appear, I was told if I did not sign the Waiver A Bench Warrant would be issued for my arrest.

Where I indicated to the nice woman that I would rescind my Acknowledgement. I was told that if I did not sign the form, a Bench Warrant would be issued for my arrest.

I actually had rescinded the Acknowledgement in my prepared Statement because it seemed a bit silly that I was duped into signing it.

IN DEFIANCE OF LAW, RIGHTS and JURISDICTION which indicate no responsibility or accountability, I was threatened that if I did not sign the form, a Bench Warrant would be issued for my arrest.

When the applicable law was requested, I was directly threatened that if I did not sign the form, a Bench Warrant would be issued for my arrest.

The Waiver of Arraignment has been misused in the courts to indicate a defendant’s submission to the jurisdiction of the court. Jurisdiction doesn’t work that way. Jurisdiction cannot be provided by waiver of the parties. But gt this, I am no longer dealing with the false criminal charges fabricated by the police. I’m going to jail if I do not sign a document which contradicts my filed statement and permits manipulation by misinformation. The listed crime: SEE TRANSCRIPT.

My personal freedom and liberty were being threatened by a clerk who without regard for any law or constitution threatened to have me arrested for not signing her form.

She was not joking.

While I read the waiver form, I asked her to read my prepared Statement.
ONLY THEN did she permitted me to cross reference the waiver with the Statement which completely contradicted the waiver and demonstrated the lack of jurisdiction of the lower court.

She got her form signed. Bench Warrant avoided. MOTION TO VOID THE WAIVER signed under duress and under threat of false arrest and false imprisonment added to the list.

I do not consider myself to be naive, but I sincerely had thought the Criminal Courts could not possibly be more corrupt than the Family and Civil Courts.


So unashamedly corrupt and lawless, that I can only imagine the shock when lawyers learned their “frauds” had been held confidential by an improperly enacted unconstitutional law.

They didn’t need a law to excuse and conceal their fraudulent, criminal and unconstitutional acts.


My case was assigned to Judge Carpenter.

Imagine when he reviews the motion to require Kathleen Kane to reveal the ‘secret orders from unidentified courts’ which prevented her investigation or action in the unconstitutional law in Healy V Healy and Healy v Miller.

Imagine Judge Carpenter having to order Attorney General Kathleen Kane to reveal the actions of Grand Juries which have served to suppress my court records, and investigative reports and search warrants and surveillance warrants which have terrorized my life since 2007.

Imagine Judge Carpenter unsealing the very documents redacted or prevented from the public in his clandestine and inexplicable attacks against the Attorney General.

Imagine Judge Carpenter when he realized that his continued direct prosecution of the Attorney General could trigger a lawful disclosure under Rule 1.6 – where a lawyer needed to defend themself in a legal prosecution.

Imagine Judge Carpenter waiting and unable to recuse without indicating the issues which will be provided in the Motion to have him recuse.


Isn’t it ironic … Don’t ya think.
Montgomery County Court of Commons Pleas – Philadelphia Traffic Court thanks you for making them appear just and ethical.


Over 73 Million people have watched the Honey Badger. Have a look.

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