Seems the Attorney General Act makes it illegal for Kathleen Kane to be a human being, or an AMERICAN who points out unconstitutional corruption. All the laws and constitutions do not matter. The oath of office – fuggedaboutit!

Seems that the Attornery General Act mandates a “lack of jurisdiction” which CONCEALS AND SUPPORTS INJUSTICE AND JUDICIAL CORRUPTION… violating the Constitution of the United States, the PA Constitution, her oath of office.. etc…

I am supposed to accept this HORSESHIT ANSWER while terrorized by 20 judges IN A DIVORCE!!! A divorce which cause the denial of ANY protection of the law and the loss of ALL constiotutionally protecteed rights. No future rights or law eirther… anyone may reference the case and win anything. Even criminal charges. This is the power a little corruption brings to the table.

Magnify it times 20.

Include Judge Carolyn “President of the Bar Association’ Carluccio – who voided immunity with a unlawful order, a clear lack of subject mater jurisdiction and obstruction of the Appeal.

Carluccio’s husband attacked the Attorney General through a Mystery Grand Jury while violating everything he was accusing others of doing!

A DIVORCE so corrupt it infected 20 JUDGES. Not big money. JUST MASSIVE INJUSTICE. A multi-year farce without procedure law jurisdiction or justice. Unrelenting terror and isolating harassment with intrusive confidential informants – drug addicted and HIV infected pawns of the District Attorney.

Ignoring a lack of jurisdiction by everyone everywhere… RIDICULOUS EXCUSES. Career law professionals schooled in how to really hurt you ansd screw others – Bruce Castor knows this. He abused that power and wants it back! His New Years Manifesto reads like a comic book villain confessing in the final page. BUT HE’S RUNNING FOR DISTRICT ATTORNEY!

BTW, NOT ONE OF THE TWENTY JUDGES ON THE MONTGOMERY COUNTY JUDICIARY let jurisdiction prevent them from abuse. And continuing to abuse the survivor who just regfused to kill himself and others.

When judges order Psych employees to do wellnes checks on the day they file their orders, and they have no idea why they are at your door… they are there to put the suicide into your head. Because your survival is becoming a problem.

These are the reasons that corrupt judges are hung by a rope until dead by the townspeople.
There is no fixing their terror and corruption. Civilized Pennsylvanians won’t do that… they won’t do anything… so the corrupt continue their terror… FEARLESSLY CORRUPT!

CAROLYN CARLUCCIO’S RECORD OF CORRUPTION AND UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR IS MASSIVE and demonstrates a level of stupidity which sghould have preventeed her being a judge of any authority. She lied in her courtroom motioning over her bench at an itme which was NOT THERE. Insisting it was. Even when I was 2 feet away and the document was over an inch thick. When she confessed to NOT having the document, the hearing was continued for her to review the document. No hearing was resumed but the secret cancellations were detected and rescheduled and secretly cancelled again. She has no need for hearings. She will make up whatever she wants. AND HAVE IT ENFORCED! (This includes other county odffices in her treason and corruption.)

The ATTORNEY GENERAL being the CHIEF LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER in the STATE ignores common sense, law school, ALL LAWS, the US Constitution and ANY AND ALL jurisdiction … to prevent any prosecution or end to corruption in the judiciary. Instead, she is ordered to participate. Surely, there is a better made up excuse… No?

The Chief Law Enforcement Officer in each County has been convinced of a diminished constitutional capacity – the Sheriff now protects the Corrupt Judges from their victims and provides taxi service betyween court and jail. Sheriffs get paid for this denial of their constitutional responsibilities. Going from a law enforcement professional elecgted to IGNORE THE LAWBREAKERS AND THE CONSTITUTIONS.

BULLSHIT! Clearly Bullshit.


Where they order the denial of mty rights preserved and protected bvy YOUR OATH and the US Constitution… it’s got no real power… unless you permit it.

Cases like mine in Montgomery County get worse… never better. The case is on the MURDER SUICIDE PROGRAM. Injustice until anger is provoked, then murderous rampage and suicide.

When I used their corruption to demonsterate how it manipulates AMERICAN INJUSTICE down to the RULE 1.6 Confidentiality which covers it up… The case went national. The CONSTITUTIONAL CHALLENGE OF RULE 1.6 was prevented by lawyers fraud in the clerk office. No hearings. No Judge involved.

Seems Justice and the Judiciary are held hostage by this American Bar Assocviation RULE which they knew was unethical when they removed the ‘fraud provisions” – they did it anyway and gave it to the state courts tol enact. No constitutional review. NO POSSIBILITY OF ANY REVIEW… because the courts say they decide that. Yes, Rule 1.6 just blew Marbury v Madison out of the water! POW!

And I will be murdered. It will look like suicide. How does Montgomery County use murder-suicides to resolve court cases? Ask Bruce Castor…

READ …Bruce Castor’s New Years Eve Manifesto 2015



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