Judge Andrea Duffy

Please provide proof of jurisdiction in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for Judge Duffy’s orders in the attached.

Please include each element of procedure required for subject matter jurisdiction.  This should include all documents issued up to and including the scheduling of the Arraignment which was hijacked by four clerks from Court Administration.

No need to reference participation in the fraudulent conveyance of the property at 110 Banbury Avenue; efforts involved in the initial fraud; the false allegations against the lawful owner; or the abuse of power under color of law which is further supported by the MORTGAGE SATISFACTION document which also appears to be a forged false document.

Judge’s statement of jurisdiction should be mailed to Terance Healy immediately.

Failure to provide the requested document will be evidence of a lack of jurisdiction to issue any orders in the matter and an admission to acting without jurisdiction AND abuse of power under color of law.

Thank You.

Faxed to Judge Andrea Duffy.
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