Computers are non functional. Few bootable options.

Tablet still dead.

Phones cant connect or type/spelling makes comm impossible.

Mortgage Satisfaction appears to be fraud forgery. What better way to satisfy a fake mortgage for a fraudulent conveyance? While accusing owner of threats?

Using a stupid fool of a cop to handle reports and accusations by proxy.

Invalid orders bycorrupted judges for bail and arraignment.

No arraignment BUT coerced under duress and threat to sign waiver. Evenwhere it contradicts statement filed before the proceeding which was never REAL.
Blame assigned to Court Admin – they are Judge Duffy’s bosses.

Judge Duffy IS JUST A LOWLY DISTRICT JUDGE who cant decide to wash her ass without Admin approval. Not cute when her corruption affects my constitutional rights AND she acts outside the law with NO jurisdiction. Yes, they really are THAT stupid and THAT corrupt.

Montgomery County Detectives assigned the case. Their secret boss will intervene? Again? As always.

And it seems there has been a suggestion that the Courts have blinked in the showdown with the Attorney General. Yes. Someones been reading the faxes that took 4 days to send out.

Justice is coming.

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