Fraudulent conveyance
False swearing
Title insurance scam

Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds successfully battled MERS.  Producer of documents like the following… Beginner level PowerPoint but with spellcheck turned off?


Fraud in the furtherance… Rule 1.6 nondisclosure only protects the lawyers. 

Judge without authority by law have no jurisdiction… and perpetuating frauds upon the courts does not provide jurisdiction.

Even Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio knows that there is no retro- active jurisdiction and she’s dumber than a steaming pile of dirt.
Her husband has tried to conceal her crimes ala Special Prosecutor.
The MontCo judiciary have tried piling on retaliatory orders.
The Central legal staff of the Superior Court have tried.
The Eastern District US clerks gave tried.
The Third Circuit clerks tried as well.
The county attacked the Attorney General for investigating (using a falsely leaked premise)
And the Pennsylvania DA’s attacked the Governor for exposing it from a perspective where no one gave a damn… Death row inmates.

But, they cannot turn JurisFICTION into jurisdiction… No matter how hard they try. NO MATTER HOW AGGRESSIVELY THEY RETALIATE.

Americans can tell the difference between MURDER and suicide by cop.

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