While Judge Duffy was ignoring my rights, the law and the crimes against me…
Parties were obtaining a payout from the title insurance.

I had documented the fraudulent conveyance, forgery and fraud to get my home back, to have my constitutional rights respected, and to once again have protection of the law.

INSTEAD: False Arrest, Malicious prosecution, Abuse of Power, Abuse of Power under Color of Law,

Denial of Right to Representation, Denial of Right to Counsel


I am ordered to Silence under threat of revocation of bail. Freedom of expression hindered.

There was no crime. They will throw me in jail for communicating their injustice.

After 9 years with No Protection of the Law and No Constitutional Rights enduring a judicial farce which involved 20 judges of the Montgomery County judiciary.

Rule 1.6 Confidentiality causes the judiciary to ignore inescapable injustice which denies life. It corrupts and steals the judge’s integrity. It terrorizes the victim.

When the Superior Court of Pennsylvania recognized the unconstitutionality of Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information, they ordered the individual named Kathleen Kane to take no action and to not disclose their order. They ordered the person elected to the office of Attorney General to neglect the responsibilities of her office… BUT JUST FOR ME BECAUSE I FOUND IT.

“Secret Orders from Unidentified Courts” ordered Kathleen Kane to deny and violate my constitutional rights and not disclose their order. Kathleen Kane has followed that order.

Without personal damages, Kane lacks standing to challenge that order. Kane remains silent even while taunted by the Montgomery County judiciary. They nearly blew it. Rule 1.6 Confidentiality is excused if a lawyer is defending themselves. It’s been very silent between Norristown and Harrisburg for the last 3 weeks.

Kane ignores the continuing injustice against me in Montgomery County because she has been SPECIFICALLY ordered to ignore the rule of law and MY constitutional rights.


Those issuing secret orders which deny my constitutional rights fail to address the terror they inflict. They neglect to present their order. GET THIS…, There is likely no evidence that any judge issued any order. There is only an order indicating a lawyer in the clerks office has seen such an order.

A derivative of the ‘per curiam’ deception. Are we supposed to believe this??? Instead of providing a copy of the judges signed order, you get a document which is signed by the clerk indicating that the clerk filed the copy signed by the judge. When you ask for the copy signed by the judge, it is DENIED.

I COULDN’T MAKE THIS UP. The clerk is a lawyer who is permitted to perpetrate fraud in the continuance of fraud which is kept confidential under Rule 1.6. Fraud to prevent rectification is also permitted and held confidential.

It happens in every jurisdiction. They 1.6’d the Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Then, they 1.6’d the appeal in the Third Circuit.

When they 1.6’d the appeal in Healy v XXXXXX, they additonally ordered Kathleen Kane to continue the conspiracy to deny the constitutional rights of Healy and mandated confidentiality. That confidentiality extends to the Norristown courthouse which prevents resolution of constant litigation which has lasted 10 years and corrupted 20 judges. (That’s why I ended up finding the unconstitutional law which terrorizes Americans in every state.)

I am one man. I survived the injustice… but they will never let it end. I have no future.

Judge Duffy thinks she is just a small time district judge without any necessity to know or follow the law or the Constitution.

Judge Duffy’s self-deprecating low self image and lack of awareness compromises my freedom.  I understand her style, but does she?  My constitutional rights START in her courtroom… They also started to be ignored in her courtroom.  That is something which future judges will be loath to address or fix while continuing on.  Its very serious to me because it affects me personally. 

Most people don’t have to worry about their rights so they don’t.  They are not near any courtroom.   But, when they do find cause to worry, TOO LATE.  The white guy is about to have a black experience.  One their white friends won’t believe… and their black friends will equate with just another day.

Nobody corrects the errors of the judiciary.  Waiting on appeal you suffer the misdeeds UNTIL they are corrected.  If you survive the struggle and the careless complacency of Americans.

The victim is terrorized until everything is lost… until there is no hope… and they commit suicide.

I wish I had the capacity to escape them. Their corruption shows no empathy, compassion or shame.

So Judge Duffy, this is another fine mess, eh?  That bullshit about me waiving rights because I appeared without a lawyer.  I was ORDERED to appear.  I filed my WRITTEN statement because I knew judges DO NOT LISTEN.  Your misquotes were contradicted by my signed by written statement. 

I bet she just didn’t feel it was worth her time to address the Constitution.  Sadly, you aren’t the only judge who doesn’t have time for the law or the Constitution.  YOU WANTED THE JOB.  YOU GOT IT.  SO WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU HAVE NO OBLIGATION TO DO IT WELL?  When people expect their rights yo be respected and THAT’S YOUR JOB, a rush to unconstitutional injustice is a difficult, near impossible thing to escape.  Rule 1.6 hides it so well, you didn’t even know it.

Judge Duffy won’t be affected. I will be. I will have to explain to the next judge what she did to me … Before that hearing even gets to the crime which I have been falsely accused of. The next judge who doesn’t have time to do his job properly will make it worse. No big deal. It can be corrected on appeal. BUT, THOSE JUDGES WORK ON THE MISCONCEPTION THAT THE LOWER COURTS DID THEIR JOB RESPONSIBLY. RULE 1.6 requires they ignore issues which affect the integrity of the courts.

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