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I begged for your help for 10 years.  You ignored the statewide denial of protection of the law and constitutional rights which you swore to protect. 

You participated instead.  Montgomery County retaliated with every available resource and action seeking to attain my suicide.

Resign.  You failed your constituents and your country.  I am ashamed at what you permitted to happen to me and others who were driven to suicide.

You were not mandated by law to ignore the issue which has caused tremendous injustice across the entire country. You lack any acceptable reason for your inaction, your failure, and your actions which provided aid and support to an organization which has undermined the state and federal government.

Thousands of children were jailed. Over 45 million people lost their homes. Riots erupted in major cities. You did nothing and you were informed of the problem and the resolution.

You did nothing. You endorsed corruption and injustice. You did nothing.

Resign. You have disgraced yourself, your family, your state and your country.


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