I challenge the Governor, the Legislature, the Pennsylvania District Attorneys, and the Sheriffs of Pennsylvania to stand up for justice and the US Constitution.


Until the judiciary acknowledges, addresses and corrects their corruption caused by Rule 1.6
the Legislature suspends the judiciary’s unconstitutional law
and provides for constitutional review of laws enacted by the judiciary.

I will personally request a Presidential Pardon from President Barack Obama on your behalf.

If you choose not to resign, you have chosen to remain an enemy of the US Constitution.
You have violated your oath of office and will be prosecuted.
You are an enemy of the nation.
You will be prosecuted for giving aid and support to an organization which has actively undermined the US Constitution and threatened the freedom of every American.

May God have mercy on your soul.

Those who have undermined the judicial branch in every state need the other branches to enable their continued injustice.


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