In a new years manifesto, Montgomery County Commissioner and former District Attorney, Bruce Castor ( @brucecastor ) confessed like a comic book criminal.

His sidekick and protege, District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman ( @risaferman ) is running to become a judge.  She has covered for the malicious crimes of the Montgomery County judiciary which has lead to monthly murderous rampages and murder-suicides.  NOW FERMAN WANTS TO BE ONE!!!

THEY HAVE FAILED TO ATTAIN MY SUICIDE… but they haven’t stopped trying for 10 years.  And they continue to attack.

The county attacks the State Attorney General  who us acting like an idiot by suggesting that secret orders from unidentified courts prevent her exposing the Montgomery County criminal syndicate hiding in plain sight within the Office of the District Attorney.

Hey, Kathleen Kane!  I am calling BULLSHIT! on your imaginary secret orders. 

As a matter of fact, I got secret orders too.  Mine say yours are horseshit!!

Mine say your imaginary secret orders are the corrupt invalid orders by people with no authority or jurisdiction instructing YOU to let Bruce & Risa terrorize a county and violate the Law, the Pennsylvania Constitution, the US Constitution… and the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Secret Orders from Unidentified Courts!! 
Yea… Well, my secret orders have a title…THE WORST KEPT SECRET IN PENNSYLVANIA. 
What do you call yours?



VOTE FOR BRUCE CASTOR!!  Bill Cosby has endorses him!


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