They have the ability to use their technology to destroy mine.

Devices get fried when I persevere.

When they accuse me of whatever it will be. Remember I am NOT BRADLEY STONE.
I AM TERANCE HEALY. I survived 20 judges, every level of court, and 10 of the most miserable and sad and lonely years to learn my destiny was fraudulent accusation where another lack of jurisdiction would not stop them. I endured their judicial farce… and persevered… so they will kill me for surviving their terror.

THEY LACK JURISDICTION… but they don’t stop for law or constitution or ethics or morality.

How much further is a person supposed to persevere when the entire state of Pennsylvania and every government official is referring to me as “THE WORST KEPT SECRET”.

You fail me and every other person terrorized by injustice.
You campaigned for a job you can’t handle or perform.
I am a victim of your fraud… and your fear.
You laugh at someone who begged for your assistance and believed in you.
May god have mercy on our souls.

God grant me the ability to change the things I cannot accept.

But, they will assassinate me first. No one will protect me. No one will stop them.

Career professionals who know how to destroy people. Who brag of it on Facebook… and THEN RUN FOR DA.
Bruce Castor was the DA who started my nightmare.

Thanks Kathleen Kane for letting this occur. You made a joke out of my despair and perseverance and trust..

They will send a cop to the house to protect me… he’ll shoot me dead in the process. LIKELY OTHERS.
There’s no guns here. Just beaten down victims with no future who they still will not leave alone. They will never leave me alive.

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