Terror is 9 years of being a victim.

Life without the protection of the Law is not a life.

Life without the rights secured by the Constitution is not life.

Life without any recourse or escape is not life.

Every effort to survive is undermined … and unexplained… and punished.

Every action you take is a threat.

Every action you do not do is your motivation – fuel for future supposed anger – because no one would tolerate what you have experienced without snapping out in anger.

Hope is futile.

Belief is mocked.

Perseverance is not understood.

After surviving nine years of terror – where there was no law, no civil right, no constitution, no procedure, no explanation, no escape and no end to the attacks…
… when you are not capable of suicide, there is no future.

There is no family.

There are no friends.

There are no holidays, birthdays, weekends, …

There is no caring.

There is no support.

My understanding of the situation, the reality, the perception, and the concealed, has enabled my isolation.

I understood that no one would want to be near the person who is attacked relentlessly in this manner to witness their destruction and stand there helpless.

I understood that any assistance would be quickly met with the attack spreading to involve the supporter directly.

I understood the frustration of people who yelled at me for surviving and doing something to survive when every effort was undermined… and unexplained.

I understood, recognized and documented the technology which is used to undermine every aspect of a person’s life. Simplisticly dismissed and ignored by everyone… they just don’t realize how pervasive the programming is… Edward Snowden knows. He knows WHY it is not safe for him to return to the US. He knows who is behind it all.

Where you have pursued every possible avenue and path, every last shred of possibility… and you been ignored, chided, insulted, mocked, laughed at, humiliated, intimidated…

My most sincere wish and prayer was for the capability to kill myself, quietly, painlessly, without drama, with consideration to the finder… I’m inexplicably hated by everyone yet I still wouldn’t wish the discovery of my suicide on anyone.

Every escape is denied… AND…. Every possibility of life is denied.

No one gives a damn… I will be tortured for the rest of my life without possibility of relief or escape of any kind.

This is not self-pity. I’ve done all the begging. This is the reality of my life in America undermined and overthrown. Without law or Constitution. It affects others, but they are content with the misinformation which directs them to hate target groups.

People who follow the law can and will be victimized because ONE LAW HAS UNDERMINED ALL OTHERS….

It has affected millions of lives.

It has stolen millions of lives.

There are millions more who ignore it. God bless those who are unaffected… because no one gives a damn once you are destroyed by it… without explanation … because any explanation would permit informed action … silence … ignore … non-disclosure … are all aspects of CONFIDENTIALITY OF INFORMATION.

INJUSTICE … unexplained … WRONG … unexplained.

Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information undermined each state judiciary and state government as it was enacted throughout the USA from 1984 to 2009. Injustice was no longer a rarity. Injustice occurred everyday. Those bound by Rule 1.6 KEPT THEIR MOUTHS SHUT. Rule 1.6 permitted lawyers to undermine every action to expose the unconstitutional law… AND THEY DID.

They still do. It affects me everyday… it has undermined my existence and stolen everything I ever had or believed in.

After 7 years of fear, terror, intimidation, and being victimized, I found one LAW which excused and allowed the annihilation of my existence without explanation. Two years of constant effort to expose a perversion of law which would be GONE immediately upon exposure.

When you are no capable of suicide under the most oppressive and extreme stresses and deprivations, and you persevere because you believe in PEOPLE, and you have documented the entire experience,… YOUR EXISTENCE THREATENS TO EXPOSE THE MOST MASSIVE FRAUD EVER COMMITTED UPON A NATION.

BECAUSE, RULE 1.6 does not permit your death. Rule 1.6 permits every crime but murder to be ignored, non-disclosed and confidential. Rule 1.6 requires your continued terror because they can’t kill you even when they have tried everything possible to coerce your suicide.

EVERY lawyer must conceal the unconstitutional perversion of law which has undermined the USA. The ethical policy which lacks ethics, morality or conscience. The Rules of Professional Conduct are not a minimum ethical standard for legal professionals. It is a sociopaths handbook of excuses which have been unlawfully enacted by judges held hostage within a judiciary compromised and prevented from addressing their own undoing.

Sociopath – person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience, and the inability for empathy.

Where sociopathic behavior is a professional ethical standard… you can see why the United States is self-destructing… without explanation…
Where the entire world is intimidated and threatened by a country whose government is ignored by it’s people…

Where INJUSTICE is ignored even when witnessed by the entire world…

Where People are so misinformed and denied truth… that a LAW which made it illegal to expose the LAW was wrong was enacted in every state… AND FEDERALLY.

It jailed children. It stole homes. It destroyed families. It caused suicides. It caused murders.
Americans failed to see the only persons profiting … the lawyers … The American Bar Association presented the LAW to the Jucidiary to enact … unconstitutional – collaterally – where the non-disclosure and confidentiality allowed the denial of the rights of the litigant.

INJUSTICE profits only one group… the membership of the American Bar Association.

Has any other professional organization overthrown a superpower to advance the cause of their membership?

Because I was incapable of suicide, I was able to see the question…
No response…. No explanation… The terror and the attacks continue. Without protection of the law and constitutional rights… survival is the best you can hope for… because they will do everything to you EXCEPT KILL YOU.

When Secret Orders from Unidentified Courts take an exposed unconstitutional law and re-caste it as a CONFIDENTIAL order for a person elected to the office of the Attorney General to neglect their oath and continue to deny and prevent a person’s constitutionally protected rights without explanation… while the victim is further terrorized with no recourse, no escape, no comfort, no future.

Persecution is my destiny while the people responsible to correct the unconstitution INJUSTICE … IGNORE.
While the liability for NOT acting threatens their own life, personally, professional financially…
Welcome to my experience. There is no exit while the US Constitution is ignored.

Try surviving for nine years… and finding the solution… and having the solution IGNORED… knowing you are destined for further persecution… and still not getting angry enough to snap.

Failure to compromise your dignity, principles and self-respect can only be perceived as threatening to those without any.

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