At the proceeding held two weeks ago, I respectfully asked the Court to relay the message to the ‘witnesses’ who were not permitted into the courtroom that I have never and was never at any time intending to suggest or cause them physical or emotional harm. Simply seeking enforcement of the law.

As a father, I could understand the necessity of protecting a family. I have sought the assistance of law enforcement and followed due process in every aspect.

It has been the failure of law enforcement to enforce the law and the impropriety of the judiciary which have prevented any resolution. It was their failure which was used to deny any visitation or custody because my wife was making the house unsafe and indicating that the house was unsafe and the police were doing nothing to stop her team of private investigators and ill-informed offices.

It is that failure which lead to the letter to the Governor, the Legislature, and the Attorney General requesting enforcement of the law.

The judge indicated that she would NOT relay the message. To permit the ‘witnesses’ some relief, I then requested that the DA relay the same message.

Yesterday, the DA indicated that she DID NOT relay that message. WTF? Fear-mongering? To create a case, which doesn’t exist… you frighten a family with small children and PREVENT COMMUNICATION to create a case? That is twisted and evil.

Officer Dougherty has created this nightmare for them and for me. He has a family living in an unnecessary fear which he has created. He has me in fear of further false allegations. He created the entire event. He exacerbated the entire event. He failed to investigate the theft/fraudulent conveyance of the property.

The DA has prevented the prosecution of the theft/fraudulent conveyance of the home.

Observing the District Attorney activities, it seems clear that many of the crimes which they prosecute are the ones they create and develop and control.
Dougherty and Furman
As I am not permitted to communicate with the witnesses, there is nothing I can do to allay the fears which have been created by a police officer who has terrorized my life since August 2007.
… and a DA who has prevented enforcement of the law when ANY AND EVERY crime has been committed against me.

Their disappointment is demonstrated in their effort to frighten a family to avoid enforcement of the law while continuing to harass me. Evil is not illegal, but these actions are inexcusable.

The failure to respect any constitutional right becomes more and more evident when they are trampled upon by the corrupt, the corrupted, and the corruptible.

The Governor and the Attorney General are being kept informed of the matter.

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