I am being stalked and followed by a printer. It watches everything I do and reports back.

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LOL… Really… You expect people to believe that?

When applying a ‘That’s Crazy” sticker permits the continued intrusion from any attention… It begs the question.

The “Spy Printer” only appears on the one device. Phones, computers, tablets, other devices…

The “Spy Printer” is always at it’s last bar in the range. (So, it IS following you. Other people’s tech doesn’t see it.)

The “Spy Printer” cannot be blocked, ignored or forgotten.

The “Spy Printer” cannot be avoided…. BUT, only one device sees it. (Perhaps the spyware or warrant only provided for one installation?) noseprinter

The “Spy Printer” actually followed me around Target today. (Yea. Technique is exposed. – Wireless maybe, but the extension cord would give it away. Always at the same distance, too.)

The “Spy Printer” is PRINTER DRIVER which can convert screenshots, or documents to be converted to portable format ala PRINT TO PDF. A compact format which permits transmission of your data easily, quietly, quickly.

Why can’t I prevent it from connecting to my device(s)?

Why did it also install two Google Keyboards on the device? One in Korean. The other in Chinese. I don’t have those keyboards. I can’t read those characters. WHAT A GREAT WAY TO CONCEAL TERMINAL ACCESS TO ANY DEVICE USING REMOTE ACCESS AND A KEYBOARD DRIVER. That may be why they continue to reinstaLL. Your technology has no way to prevent an intrusion which provides FULL CONTROL of your device.

This also occurs on any device, but I have copies of the Windows Registry which contained more Chinese coding and programming than english text. But, it was OK, because those Windows registry keys were protected and secured and not able to be removed edited deleted or prevented from reappearance. The Windows Registry could even flip the switch between YES and NO. And a Registry Key could replicate itself before during and after edit to prevent you from detecting the intrusion. This made the operating system completely useless to anyone trying to secure their equipment. Tech devices cannot be secured. That printer is not following me… because it only exists within my device. So the printer is following my tablet, or phone or kindle… Why? And Why can’t I prevent it?

What have you got to hide? Nothing really… but the intrusive unpreventable programmig made the technology IMPOSSBLE TO SECURE and VERY VULNERABLE TO COMPROMISE.

Persons unknown could put anything on your computer/tech and … How would you explain it being there? Every denial would be met with greater suspicion.

Those people involved in personal civil litigation like divorce and custody are most at risk for being setup. The tools available to an unscrupuloous litigant are cheapie cheapie. The courts play into the setup and will often rule based on false allegations anyway. It has always been a wonderment that a judge is going to take the word of a person attacking their spouse with whom they have had children… BUT DOESN’T IT SHOW THAT THE PERSON ATTACKING IS NOT A VERY GOOD JUDGE OF CHARACTER… they married the monster they are now lying to discredit.

The suggestion that a person who knows their technology is unsecure and vulnerable would suddenly take up a reprehensible ‘hobby’ which would be used to isolate and undermine a persons defense in ANY situation… The character assassination alone would be devasating… in the media… when met with the false allegation… It would destroy a person.

It does. It did.

I know several stories which corroborate that ‘possible’ experience. One of the strongest people I knew killed himself when faced with the allegations. I was prevented from finding out about his suicide for over a year. His family and marriage had survived difficult situations…. He and his wife had made it through. His daughters were his pride. His family was everything to him. He was pushed to suicide. It’s how they ‘handle’ it sometimes.

When people suggest my children are not afraid of the repercussions for them revealing the information they know about and participated in…. and that is the reason my kids stay away. It is dismissed quickly… the threat I have experienced is real and documented. My kids can read this web site. They see how far it has gone. 9 years and going. They know the truth.

One of their friends was dating/is dating that friend of mine’s daughter.

Suicide is the one thing I could not provide. It is the ‘out’ which the County law enforcement folks prefer. They can call the dead person crazy. They can pontificate about those whom they placed in harms way as being the innocent victims. In Montgomery County, you are more likely to be killed because of the corruption in the Family Court system. ISIS has a lower death count.

UNLESS, you believe that GOOGLE wants the world to use Korean and Chinese Keyboards exclusively and there’s a HP printer following my car.

So why is it that you cannot prevent a known intrusive device from being installed on your technology? AND ythe software which purports to secure your technology is 100% COMPLETELY INEFFECTIVE.

When your are prevented from defending your tech from an intrusive attack which can cause considerable damage… YOU GOTTA WONDER… WHY CAN’T I PROTECT AD DEFEND MY TECH FROM A SETUP? a Conspiracy? or even just paranoia – real or imagined?

The only answer I have come up with is a well known phrase. “Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.”

A bigger surprise comes next… the Rule of Law and rights secured and protected by the Constitution of the United States… They can be denied and prevented without repercussion… your life annihilated by the obstruction of justice… if you don’t kill yourself from the experience… you will learn that no one will help.

Seems the ABA made exposing unconstitutional injustice illegal FOR LAWYERS. In every state. To protect the integrity of the judiciary, they sacrificed American Justice in every state jurisdiction and federally. Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information causes a conspiracy of silence which denies every law, every rule, every procedure AND every constitutional right. … AND IT DENIES THE LAWYERS FROM DISCLOSING THE REASON AMERICAN INJUSTICE IS IGNORED BY EVERY LEVEL OF LAW ENFORCEMENT.

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