Terance Healy
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches


Where an improperly enacted unconstituional law allows an ‘injustice’ to create a conspiracy which denies equal protection of the Law and
denies rights protected and secured by the Constitution of the United States
created by a mandate of confidentiality and nondisclosure by all legal professionals
in every jurisdiction within every state and federally
from which there can be no relief or escape where further injustice and victimization is the only possible result and destiny.

Where this law has been enacted by the authority of the Judiciary without proper construction by any Legislature, without signature of any Governor, and without evidence of any constitutional review of the collateral effects on the rights of litigants,…

Pursuant to Article V Section 10(c) of the Pennsylvania Constitution the Judicial branch has authority to enact laws where “rules are consistent with this Constitution and neither abridge, enlarge nor modify the substantive rights of any litigant”, where there is no presumption of constitutionality offered within the Pennsylvania Constitution, the burden of demonstrating proper lawful authority to enact the law falls to the Judiciary to prove the case where they find their law is constitutional, or remove the improperly enacted law with immediate haste.

Where any law which has been enacted by the Judiciary can not be presented to deter, hinder, prevent or deny the above request where the constitutional authority to enact such a law affects the substantive rights of this litigant to seek review of this matter.

I petition the government of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and of the United States to demonstrate and prove the constitutionality of Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information


to remove the improperly enacted ‘law’ which is repugnant to the Constitution by which these actions are excused and ignored;
and to prosecute the American Bar Association, the organization which has profited greatly from this tremendous injustice while it’s manipulation of the judiciary, control of the administration of justice and denial and prevention of access to the courts has compromised and undermined the entire government of each state and federally.

In support of my Petition, I present the following cases for review where the law has caused unconstitutional injustice:
lincoln-memorial-and-the-needle-at-nightHealy v Healy
Healy v Miller
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v Healy

Luzerne County Kids for Cash and the Intrabranch Commission Report

The Nationwide Foreclosure Crisis

The Injustice in Ferguson
The Injustice in New York
The Injustice in Baltimore

Where membership of the ABA organizations which IGNORE their direct involvment in the injustice have deliberately misinformed the People and have misdirected responsibility for the injustice towards segments of the population or segments of law enforcement while directly profiting to the detriment of entire communities and populations.


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