If Officer Dougherty plans to present this entire web site in a court of law… IT’S GOING TO BE A LENGTHY HEARING.

If he is going to selectively paraphrase and suggest impropriety on my part based on the things he isn’t including – IT BEGS THE QUESTION…. What’s your motivation, Ger?

Abuse of Power Under Color of Law with Intent to Deny Constitutionally Protected Rights and the Protection of the Law becomes Racketeering when you have manipulated the District Attorneys office and other police departments into your Conspiracy.

When the judicial branch of government indicated they lacked jurisdiction, I wrote a letter to the Governor, the Attorney General, the County Sheriff, and EVERY Senator and representative in the Pennsylvania Legislature.

Imagine my surprise after sending the letter out to find that Dougherty took that document, paraphrased unnecessarily, and suggested it was a threat. The legal process in matters such as these is to go to the judiciary. Where the judicial branch cannot address the matter, the legislature and the governor need to be informed so that corrective measures can be taken. IT”S IN THE CONSTITUTION.

Dougherty then delivered the purported threat to his selected targets and fabricated the case.

Wrapping the letter in a hack which occurred to my web site… to get an ARREST WARRANT. Who did the hacking? Who’s spying on who? Who is using a falsified IP address which reports the Montgomery Township Police are in Jamison, PA? Repeated hack on devices for 9 years of surveillance…. NO PROSECUTIONS?

Terrorizing me at my mother’s home. Arrested from my home. No summons. It’s all about the terror. The Abuse of Power. Requiring the participation of Warrington Police as escort in your effort.

Failing to use the mail to deliver your fraudulent documents avoids MAIL FRAUD – a Federal crime… It also permit police to frighten and terrify my mother, and embarrass and humiliate her in front of her neighbors. ABUSE OF POWER to INTIMIDATE AND THREATEN.

The paperwork delivered on April 1, 2015 was incomplete.

The Suggestion or misconception that I would deny anything which I have authored is a HUGE MISTAKE.

Do you want to start at the beginning? Or simply list how many police investigations have been conducted? how many IGNORED?

The witness list will include the office staff of EVERY State Representative and Senator.

The witness list will include EVERY judge in the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas.

The witness list will include the courthouse staff of the Montgomery County Courthouse.

The witness list will include the courthouse staff of the Bucks County Courthouse.

The witness list will include the entire staff and judiciary of the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.

The witness list will include those in the District Attorneys Office who have ignored criminal complaints for 9 years.

The witness list will include those in the Montgomery Township Police who have ignored criminal complaints for 9 years.

The witness list will include those in the Montgomery County Detectives who have been directed to ignore investigations for 9 years.

The witness list will include the US Attorneys Office in Philadelphia.

The witness list will include the entire US Congress, Senators and Representatives, and their staff.

The witness list will include the Media silenced by the misdirection of law enforcement.

The witness list will include thousands more people who are aware of what has been referred to as ‘the worst kept secret in Pennsylvania.”

Discovery will include EVERY warrant for surveillance used to terrorize me and to undermine my life for the last 9 years, all approved my a misinformed judiciary.

Discovery will include testimony before Montgomery County Grand Juries which sought to suppress evidence and prevent investigations.

Discovery will include Secret Orders from unidentified Courts which prevent Kathleen Kane, the person, from her elected responsibilities as Attorney general.

Discovery will include all of the recordings where I was threatened and intimidated and DENIED THE PROTECTION OF THE LAW AND MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

The hearing will also include testimony in the form of the reading into the record of THIS ENTIRE WEB SITE.

When dismissed in Montgomery County District Court, the matter will move to The Eastern District Court of Pennsylvania and the list of Defendants will be massive – every participant in concealing the sedition by the American Bar Association pursuant to Rule 1.6 an improperly enacted unconstitutional state law which undermines every state and federal judiciary.

Rule 1.6 sacrifices justice along with the personal and professional integrity of every lawyer and judge obligated by it.

Attorney General Kane and Governor Wolf have been notified.

No Guns. No Chainsaws. No Violence.

The criminal injustice and constitutional violations of the Family Court system will be on trial.

Is Dougherty going to seek to arrest John Hancock based on the paraphrased Declaration of Independance?

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