bottrafficAstroturf… is fake grass roots.

I think we have seen examples… Bill Windsor? Grand jury movement? Self appointed attorney generals?

All sidelined … Faded …

The Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 continues.

Once you see Rule 1.6… You see it everywhere. Seeing things through Rule 1.6 glasses. Lawyers commit fraud to conceal fraud under a mandate of nondisclosure and aggressively enforced confidentiality pursuant to Rule 1.6. They call it ethical and is a part of their code of ethical conduct… in EVERY state.

American injustice exists because of one law improperly enacted and unconstitutional in every jurisdiction while held strictly confidential by every lawyer obligated to follow the rules of professional conduct … which is every lawyer.

Rule 1. 6 permits every crime and every act of fraud designed to conceal it further.

Of course it doesn’t do it directly. It just ignores the fact that it ever occurred in the first place. They lie and tell you they lack jurisdiction, or ignore any request for explanation, or indicate it is part of an ongoing investigation. The law and constitution is IGNORED without consequence or second thought.

10 minutes of youtube will open your eyes to the many ways the world is pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

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