1000840_549119881792184_30292053_nWhen did we stop being Americans?

If we focus on the one thing that unifies people instead of all the stupid little things that separate and divide, we can get a lot more accomplished in this world.

We would also see who’s behind it all… and who benefits from having everybody divided.

When the American Bar Association spread their Rule 1.6 Confidentiality, they took over the country… the law became ignored by the lawyers… the courts became ignored by the lawyers… The government became ignored by the lawyers… The rights of the people have become ignored. ONLY ONE PROFESSION IS PERMITTED AND ABLE TO CREATE THEIR OWN ECONOMY. INJUSTICE IS THEIR GOLDMINE.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane will have the opportunity to reveal what happened to the entire country in the coming weeks. Once she had become aware of what triggered INJUSTICE, she had no escape and has experienced the loss of intangible rights every American believes are protected. She has been attacked and prosecuted unfairly. She has been falsely accused where every allegation is unsubstantiated. She has been the victim of misrepresentations without any opportunity for defense by those who know the rules of confidentiality. Mandated to silence, she is the victim. Lawyers flip the script and accuse their victims of the actions they are initiating … It confuses. It doesn’t change the truth, but the tactics require effort to get to the truth.

Ordering the Attorney General of Pennsylvania to silence by a corrupt court order which deliberately orders her to participate in a conspiracy which denies the constitutional rights of American is wrong. The legal game of keeping her quiet is criminal, corrupt and seditious twisted applications of law – all actions of the corrupt and the corrupted to conceal their crimes.

Kathleen Kane has lost the protection of the rule of law and her constitutional right. Only now has the opportunity presented itself LEGALLY. Kathleen Kane can open her mouth and explain to the world what has happened in the United States.

A lawyer is not obligated to confidentiality when presenting a defense in a legal matter or disciplinary action. Kane has been ordered to appear in Norristown Pennsylvania to face charges. the opportunity has presented itself to expose the corruption in Norristown Pennsylvania. Those with no respect for the law who feign knowledge of the law have fallen into their own trap. Their corruption has become so twisted it will expose itself.

God Bless America, save us from ourselves, restore justice and release a judiciary held hostage and corrupted by the lawyers who have turned American Justice into a cruel game of liars poker. Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information denies and prevents justice and is unconstitutional.


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