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In light of my arrest on Friday, I may not explain everything publicly or I risk being jailed for violating a condition of bail. I am not responsible for the actions described in the Criminal Complaint.

I ask your trust and attention to what is happening. Visibility is a necessity which is being denied to everyone involved. I will be in touch with Governor Tom Wolf and Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General (not Kathy the person silenced and ordered not to act, but the government official with responsibilities defined by the Legislature who is required by law to act.)

Where disclosure is permitted if the victim of injustice is at risk of being killed, Rule 1.6 offers some ‘protection’ for me, others and (as Gov Wolf will expose) the prisoners on Death Row. That has been an unspoken condition which explains why I haven’t been killed. It does not necessarily have an indirect collateral effect.

Everything concealed by the grand juries and silencing orders is discoverable because of my arrest. All evidence in the possession of the Police and the District Attorney will now be required to be shared with me.

Even where the charges get dropped, that evidence will become available in the counter suit for abuse of power under color of law with intent to cause emotional distress and a conspiracy to deny my constitutionally protected rights.

Either my arrest was a well thought out method to expose this, or a huge error on the part of the police officer at the center of everything.

In the meanwhile, I still have no protection of the law and my constitutional rights are being ignored. I am sincerely asking people to post a comment indicating that they have seen this posting.

Please acknowledge that you have read this by commenting. You may share the post.

I promise to keep everyone informed as soon as I am not restricted by the bail condition.

My Most Sincere Thanks,


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