I can’t rest. I can’t sleep. The fear is back stronger than ever. The risk is greater.

It has been 9 years since Officer Dougherty lied and began a terror which attacked every aspect of my life. At that time, I was alone in my home. At risk. In fear. Alone.

Now I have to worry not only about myself, but my mother.

People get shot during arrests in America. One false move and they are dead. Everything that happens after doesn’t change anything. And the INJUSTICE IS IGNORED. These are facts.

Officer Dougherty is a terrorist acting under color of law AGAIN.

Officer Dougherty is a liar and a fraud AGAIN.

I learned how deep the lies will go.

The purported threat for which I was arrested was no threat, not sent to the supposed threatened. Never delivered in any threatening manner. The threat was made by the police wrapped in a hack to invoke fear. The police threatened the safety of a family and then accused ME of their action. I have always known the lengths they would go to attack me. THAT THREAT threat IS WELL DOCUMENTED ON THIS WEB SITE. That threat was ignored by police and every level of law enforcement. EVERY LEVEL.

BUT, a document did request the assistance of the Governor of Pennsylvania Tom Wolf, The Attorney General of Pennsylvania Kathleen Kane, the Montgomery County Sheriff Russell Bono, and the every Senator and Representative in the Pennsylvania Legislature.

It requested the assistance of the Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch of Government where the Judicial Branch had indicated a lack of jurisdiction. The document requested enforcement of the law.
Anyone who is threatened by the idea that a law would be enforced is a criminal. A terroristic threat has been created, my web site hacked to aid in that suggestion, and then delivered. The setup and fraud is clear and as real as the terror and risk which surrounds me.

BUT I KNOW THE REALITY OF FALSE REPORTS. I HAVE ENDURED FOR 9 YEARS BEING SLANDERED AND ATTACKED AND HUMILIATED. I am supposed to be ashamed by what they have done to me and remain silent and afraid.

Instead, look what I have found. ONE LAW WHICH UNDERMINED THE JUDICIARY AT THE STATE AND FEDERAL LEVELS AND CAUSES AND IGNORES INJUSTICE THROUGHOUT THE UNITED STATES. The CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS in America comes down to one improperly enacted law, unconstitutional in evey state which prevents law enforcement from acting. The American Bar Association behind it and profiting from it.

I never knew I was being attacked by 400,000 lawyers and their fraudulent manipulation of local, state and federal government authorities. BUT, HERE I AM. Had I thought that in 2007, I would have been dismissed as paranoid. BUT, HERE I AM.

Now, another attempt to discredit and attack me causes me to be unable to rest, unable to sleep, at extreme REAL risk, and my mother now in her 80’s under the same peril and risk.

FEAR PERPETUATED. 9 years of terror.

And my brother Brian Healy is still an asshole working against me. And no one challenges him for an explanation at to why HE MAINTAINS A RELATIONSHIP WITH MY WIFE. Even my father weeks before his death asked me – WHAT IS WRONG WITH “THE ASSHOLE”? That explanation defies logic and has not been provided.

I am careful not to embarass others, but I am living with my mother and as such I suffer the proximity of being a primary care-giver to an aging parent. When a third party, Brian, calls the police without any knowledge to attempt to effect my arrest in the weeks before this attack by Officer Dougherty… because I was attempting to maintain the temperature in the house during a cold winter. My mother has been hacking and coughing like a goose all night for the last week. A horrible sound which I’ve never heard before. When an aging parent gets pneumonia, they die. Sick because of living in freezing temps forcing her body to work harder than necessary… so the turning up of the heat in the home is logical, NOT cause for police action.

“You sat downstairs and allowed someone to freeze upstairs?” or “Your brother said your mother said you threatened to turn on her heater.”

I am supposed to be ashamed by what they have done to me and remain silent and afraid.

BUT, the accusations of paranoia are only just beginning… AGAIN.

THEY DID arrest me and take me from my home based on false allegations, weeks after the purported event and more than 12 hours after the issuance of an arrest warrant … imagine the search warrant and the flash bang devices … as they tear my mother’s home apart. WHY WOULD ANYONE THINK THAT THEY WOULD NOT DO SUCH A THING? Tell me again, who is threatening who? who is placing lives at risk? who is being terrorized? who is being denied protection of the law? who is being denied constitutional rights? I can prove, justify and explain every statement I make… AND I DO.

I know the script they are following…. I survived it the last time. The false stories where facts are ignored and everything is based on interpretations by people who are emotional and refusing to stop to address the facts. I know the experience. They twist it into ‘anger management’ skits in comedies, sitcoms and movies. It’s not funny. The first rule in those situations is to never let the target speak or explain. I know the difficulty of surviving the experience. I know how it plays out.

Every action to avoid the truth. Every action to avoid the law. Every action to avoid the cause of the problem. For 9 years… this has been my life.

Perhaps it is necessary to indicate that this girl in this clip is NOT a vampire but she plays one on TV. Listen to the threatening tone in her voice. [Sarcasm.] I ask you… is this any way to begin a “threat”?


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