The volume of correspondence being prepared this week is daunting. Their injustice clock runs on billable hours. Time slows when every hope becomes a further injustice and corruption. Where isolated from family and the milestones which build into a life, time stops.

Those who offer the Facebook meme versions of Let It Go, Get Over It, Move On, This Too Shall Pass… have failed to recognize I am surviving, nothing more. THIS TOO SHALL PASS was wrong in 2007. You did not believe me, trust my judgement, the logical fail, my rationale… they played you against me. Friendships waned.

No one wants to live a life void of joy where other people’s smiles make you wonder if you will ever have cause to smile again. Somehow, I persevere.

I have never done anything where the sole intent was to demonstrate that failure of a system or the person involved. That was always a consequence within their own control. I had no ability to cause people to do the right thing. At best, I could provide them the opportunity. Every response provided the chance for explanations which were not provided, or were deliberately concealed.

A stranger lies. The lie is contrary to reason and lacking any necessity or motivation. When asked to explain, they panic acting fearful and threatened – – You made no threat, but someone else has. When asking for an explanation, the answer “I need my job” demonstrates the intimidation involved. Their supervisors never responded. Everything – ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING – and EVERYONE at the courthouse was ‘affected’ by the corruption and injustice… and fearful of exposing it further. They knew the retaliatory realities of judges and lawyers. I was learning that reality.

Every proceeding and action in the divorce from 2007 forward had been affected – manipulated by secrecy, failure to apply the law, no explanations, no resolutions. Every injustice was a FARCE which when exposed resulted in the recusal of the judge and another judfge assigned. Twenty Judges have been directly involved in the matter with each sacrificing their integrity for the failure of the prior judges – mandated by Rule 1.6.

Farce is not an overly broad generalization. It is fact. Evidence is the court record, the hundred of documents filed.

I was being prosecuted/terrorized to the fullest extent of every law and court order and defending against every false allegation held accountable to know and follow every procedure and law. Any, every and All failures by my wife, and her attorneys, to follow the law, procedures, due process, court orders, courtroom protocol were excused without consequence or warning for continued failures. Their deliberate failures lead to the situation which is undeniable. The judge to issued an order in the clear absence of subject matter jurisdiction, a defective and void order which is void ab initio, evidence is clearly demonstrated in ‘the court record’. BUT the lawyers still present the defective order for enforcement… successfully… even on appeal, successfully… leveraging the exposure of the corruption of the court for further injustice while preventing any resolution. Rule 1.6 Injustice. FOREVER.

Everything was undermined by the necessity to NOT REVEAL the secret, or prevent discovery. EVER. No law. No rights. No justice. None. EVER. FOREVER. No kidding. FOREVER. Another reality to learn because no one would believe it. Myself included.

The Rule 1.6 mandate of non-disclosure and confidentiality survives the death of the attorney. Forever.

Believe it. No justice. No escape. Ever. Forever.

Those who continue to undermine the US Constitution have been (and will be) compelled to public actions which they will not be able to deny or ignore or conceal or obfuscate. “Through their own words, they will be exposed.” If one person had done the right thing at anytime, the situation would not have been able to continue. No one helped. So many people working against me in violation of the law and procedures. What could possibly cause so many people to fail without explanation or reason… It’s their fault I found RULE 1.6 which undermined everyone and everything and every law including the US Constitution.

The law is clear about who may be held responsible for their failures to perform the responsibilities of their government office and whether they may be litigated professionally and PERSONALLY.

I have no other alternative but to present the illegal actions to persons who are in government positions where they recognize the corruption of the judiciary and DO NOTHING to address the wrongdoing. The lawyers and non-lawyers have no long term protection by and through an unconstitutional law and the corruption concealed by it…. except that the entire government has participated and concealed the corruption of the undermined judiciary under the false impression that it is better than addressing the problem…. which is HUGE.

Americans must set pride aside, acknowledge the past injustice and rectify the government for the future.

Every. Person. Matters.


“The truth is sometimes a hard pill to swallow. It sometimes causes us difficulties at home and abroad. It is sometimes used by our enemies in attempts to hurt us. But the American people are entitled to it, nonetheless.” – Sen. John McCain

By its terms, US Section 1983 imposes liability without defense on state and local officials who, acting under color of law in their individual capacity, deprive plaintiffs of rights created by the Constitution and federal law.
The Problem arises where Rule 1.6 being unconstitutional is No Law. A nullity.
IT WAS, UNTIL IT ISN’T. AND THEN, it never was.

Unconstitutional secret secrecy is Rule 1.6 INJUSTICE.

While Rule 1.6 is mandating a conspiracy to deprive a person of rights and requiring the participation (or inaction or disinformation) of everyone required to follow it, there is no excuse in the ‘Liability Game’ for the actions which clearly deprive a person of their rights by a person who is sworn to protect their rights and who knows that their own actions are unconstitutional and repugnant.

PROFESSIONALLY – certain immunities apply to the organizations and officials involved in government, PERSONAL LIABILITY is another issue where a person knows better and has the responsibility to effect a change. The LAW has allowances built into the construction of the law which addresses the purpose and explains the reasoning and the proper application for the judiciary. No law violates the US Constitution.

The government is constitutional where allowing for review of constitutional questions by the judiciary. The Public Trusts the Judiciary. A necessity so essential that they trusted it would not be violated. Corrupt judges were hung because we trusted them.

A problem exists where there is no way to tell the judiciary that A LAW THE JUDICIARY ENACTED is unconstitutional. Done outside the normal legislative construction of a law, there was no construct, no explanation, no review, no reasoning, … and no legislative immunity for the authors. The law mandating non-disclosure and confidentiality did not permit ANY lawyer to address the unconstitutional aspect or effects, and concealed fraud in the furtherance to prevent the situation from being rectified or exposed.

Injustice has thrived based on disinformation which distracts from the problem law. A perceived prideful judicial arrogance is leveraged while interference with the administration of justice conceals the violation of the public trust and the loss of judicial independence. Two essential elements have been surreptitiously removed from the US Justice system – the known point of failure was always the judiciary. The judiciary had been undermined and held hostage by the American Bar Association by a law which required that information be concealed… that the violation of the public trust be concealed… the loss of judicial independence was concealed… everything they were doing to conceal it was also concealed. Everything leveraged to the benefit of their membership – who had no idea how it broke, but knew something was not right. Everyone noticed the government was ‘ignoring’ the US Constitution.

When an individual person is participating in actions which they know to be wrong, and quite UNCONSTITUTIONAL, the law expects and requires them to do the right thing. They can be held professionally and personally responsible for their actions, or the failure to act, even where an unconstitutional law had them violate a person’s rights.

The US Constitution does not provide any allowance for the denial of rights protected by the US Constitution. Any law which attempts to deny rights is No Law, a nullity, and provides no protection for participation in unconstitutional acts.

But, you must bring the case to the Judiciary. The judiciary who enacted the unconstitutional law, the nullity, in violation of the US Constitution AND THE CONSTITUTION OF EVERY STATE. You must bring the humiliatingly embarrassing case of AMERICAN INJUSTICE to those responsible for the INJUSTICE.

ONE OTHER THING, that unconstitutional law, Rule 1.6, mandates that they do nothing to expose that unconstitutional aspect. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure by judges, lawyers or legal professionals. Rule 1.6 permits/requires further acts of fraud to prevent exposure, or where disclosure would rectify the matter.

Rule 1.6 permits/requires the failure to indicate that Rule 1.6 is the reason that you cannot have justice pursuant to Rule 1.6. Rule 1.6 will undermine the law and the courts while any attempt is made to address the unconstitutional results.

PENNSYLVANIA – The judiciary shut down the Attorney General in defiance of law, procedures, separation of powers, etc… They clearly realized that it was not just about the inappropriate relationships which delayed the prosecution of Jerry Sandusky, Kathleen Kane was about to blow the lid off of the INJUSTICE game – NATIONALLY! Two cases which by law required the Attorney General’s attention as an unconstitutional state law would be demonstrated in the appeals. In the Superior Court of Pennsylvania – Healy v Healy and Healy v Miller.

For example. You own a house. That house is illegally sold.

The law is clear. If you have possession, you file QUIET TITLE. If you do not have possession, you file EJECTMENT.

You file Ejectment and it is dismissed because you do not have possession. An error in application of law. On Appeal, it is affirmed. No Reconsideration. The judiciary neglects to address the proper law, neglects to apply that law to the situation, and neglects to address the issue. The ‘elephant in the room’, INJUSTICE, is being concealed pursuant to Rule 1.6. The court is mandated to conceal that Rule 1.6 is causing further Rule 1.6 injustice.

It defies logic. It defies common sense. They write pages, yet miss the mark. BECAUSE, the unconstitutional law requires that the unconstitutional law not be disclosed.

To conceal the judicial quagmire, the court staff intercepts and intervenes handling the matter without the involvement of the judiciary. Are the staff protecting the judges from the liability for unconstitutional actions? … or holding the judiciary hostage by preventing the judge from the decision?

The criminal, and unconstitutional, interception and interference with the administration of justice and the forgery and fraud by the court staff are in the furtherance of a fraud, Non-Disclosure is mandated pursuant to Rule 1.6 Confidentiality. The court staff are professional lawyers who know their actions are violating the state and federal law and the US Constitution.

Where the court may not have believed when you indicated that the case would expose a constitutional issue, their own unconstitutional actions quickly convinces them.

(CONSIDER: Secret Order/Unidentified Court which prevents investigation and responsibilities of the Office of the Attorney General.

Where an unconstitutional law is a nullity, a court order must be followed while appealed even when improper, unlawful and unconstitutional. The ‘secret’ court order creates a liability, professionally and personally, for the Attorney General who is being required by court order to participate in a conspiracy to deny constitutionally protected rights.

Multiple actions to silence Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane are carefully exposed to the media. Without any allowance for explanation, the Attorney General must be silent or risk a contempt action for violating the court order. Two court orders – one for each appeal in Superior Court.

GRAND JURY SECRECY becomes an issue where allegations are ‘leaked’ suggesting violations by Kathleen Kane, personally and professionally as Attorney General. No explanations or details. Speculation is widespread misdirection, it is no coincidence that my cases are in Montgomery County.

CALL FOR IMPEACHMENT: A call is made to the Legislature to impeach Kathleen Kane for non-enforcement of an unconstitutional law – the Marriage issue – and the ‘speculation’ of the Grand Jury leaks.

EVERYTHING IS ABOUT THE SILENCING OF KATHLEEN KANE – under whom the ‘monkeywrench’ was thrown which undermined a Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 in the federal courts after every state attorney general intentionally defaulted. A very similar situation where everything was handled by the court staff without any evidence of judicial involvement. Reported to the US Marshalls and the DOJ, US Attorney general Eric Hodler and US Attorney Zane Memeger. SILENCE.)

Prosecution of the court staff would expose the unconstitutional effect of Rule 1.6 which has resulted in YOUR loss of any protection under the law AND loss of rights protected by the US Constitution. No PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW. NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. NO KIDDING.

The Crimes and Constitutional offenses were reported. I am still awaiting the investigation by
1) Zane Memeger, US Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania
2) Seth Williams, District Attorney for Philadelphia
3) David Heckler, District Attorney for Bucks County
4) Kathleen Kane, Pennsylvania Attorney General
5) USPS, United States Postal Inspectors – Mail Fraud
6) the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania

Their silence is unexplained. AG Kathleen Kane couldn’t even say WHY she is being silent.

The Silence of Lawyers regarding an unconstitutional law which results in INJUSTICE, leaving people with no protection under the law while denying and ignoring rights protected and secured by the US Constitution with no opportunity for relief or resolution.

The Rules of Professional Conduct require lawyers to report this to the Judiciary. It is the law. If they did, it was not disclosed at any level. Rule 1,6 non-disclosure trumps that requirement. Rule 1.6 trumps every law, every constitution, every reform and mandates that it be concealed and any explanation prevented.


THAT IS WRONG. Ask a lawyer… but, they probably won’t tell you. (At best you may hear ‘attorney-client privilege’ blah blah. It’s not called attorney-client privilege. It is called Confidentiality of Information.)

AS FOR THE NEWS MEDIA??? Draw your own conclusions about the control of the news media in the US.

THE PENNSYLVANIA LEGISLATURE HAS THE ONLY AUTHORITY TO SUSPEND A LAW WITHIN THE COMMONWEALTH OF PA. While they not acting on the ‘worst kept secret in Pennsylvania’ people are suffering an incomprehensible injustice which is difficult to explain and they are killing themselves. Suicide is logical where there is no hope.

Where there may seem to be no hope, there is still a Constitution of the United States of America. Somewhere along the way, the Judiciary neglected the trust placed in them by the People. The Public Trust – The lawyers ripped of it’s head. shit down it’s throat and raped it leaving it for dead. Big mistake. HUGE. EVERY PERSON MATTERS.

The list of available immunities is considerably longer than one might believe. Judicial Immunity, Absolute Immunity, Absolute Judicial Immunity, Prosecutorial Immunity, Witness Immunity, Legislative Immunity, Qualified Immunity (Executive Officials), Established Law, Reason and Discretion. One thing which they all have in common… THERE IS NO IMMUNITY FOR VIOLATING THE CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED RIGHTS OF AMERICAN PEOPLE.

What has been happening is that Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information has prevented disclosure of the constitutional violations and prevented resolution of the crimes where it would expose that they are keeping a secret pursuant to their secret Rule 1.6 – which hides in plain site buried by cross references throughout the Rules of Professional Conduct – a minimum ethical standard which lacks ethics, morality and lawfulness – presented to every state Supreme Court and enacted into law at the behest of the American Bar Association.

The American Bar Association knew what they were doing when they deliberately removed the fraud provisions from Rule 1.6 in 1983. INJUSTICE IS A GOLDMINE – the ABA membership is the beneficiary to their unconstitutional law which holds a judiciary hostage – removing judicial independence from the judge and requiring injustice continue unexplained without resolution.

To the ABA,
Close your doors now. Shut Down your corrupt and seditious organization… including the affiliates in every jurisdiction of state and federal judiciary. You tried to save the integrity of your profession by writing a code of ethical conduct, and you deliberately failed – at a considerable profit for some members but sacrificing any integrity, respect or honor for the remainder.

Rule 1.6 Peek-A-Boo Injustice cannot be concealed by an apathetic population who does not want to believe or accept that 48 million people lost their homes, thousands of children were jailed in Luzerne County, and people were murdered in Ferguson and New York without anyu opportunity for JUSTICE, or any relief from further injustice.

To the government officials who, once notified, are personally and professionally liable for their participation in the conspiracy to deny Americans of constitutionally protected rights.

oprahDo you really want me to bring you all into a courtroom to demonstrate Rule 1.6 INJUSTICE again. I have the confirmations of receipt by every state attorney general, every state governor, every senator in every state, the US Congress, the entire Pennsylvania Legislature, every sheriff in Pennsylvania, every judge in every court in Bucks and Montgomery Counties… It’s not called the ‘worst kept secret in Pennsylvania’ for nothing.

Is it your preference that Rule 1.6 be demonstrated in a courtroom before your very eyes… To see no protection under the law? To see denial of constitutional rights?

“They can’t do that” going over and over in your head. “The judges are NOT supposed to do that.”

“They are ignoring the law, the constitution, civil rights, human rights, … They can’t do that. BUT, THEY DID. He was correct.

He has no protection under the law and every constitutional right is being ignored. Why?

The judge just threw his case out of court but didn’t indicate a reason, and explanation or any support in applicable law.

Rule 1.6 Confidentiality does not permit the judge to indicate that the current injustice was necessitated to conceal prior injustice pursuant to Rule 1.6 – – to conceal prior injustice before that… and before that…

Rule 1.6 has broken and undermined the entire judiciary and JUSTICE. Improper law? enacted by Judiciary without authority? no review for constitutionality? not constructed as law? no legislature? no governor signed it? enacted in every state? included in federal district courts (Local Rules)? included in federal Court of Appeals (Local Rules)? mandated to every federal government lawyer (McDade-Murtha Amendment)?

Did no one realize that the ABA Rule – the ethical standard for lawyers – lack ethics? morality? legality?
or was every lawyer mandated to non-disclosure by Rule 1.6 and prevented from explaining what they meant to Congress when they indicated that McDade Murtha would have a disastrous result for the country.
Did Rule 1.6 prevent the lawyers testifying before Congress from indicating that the state ethics laws lacked any ethics?
… and permitted, endorse and required lawyers to participate in fraud in the furtherance of fraud?
… even where it would rectify a prior fraud?
… preventing every federal government lawyer from any action which exposes, investigates or prosecutes judicial corruption and injustice within the state courts… in every state … even where constitutional rights are concerned.

Your lawyer just congratulated you on the ‘BIG WIN’
…but you are not permitted to discuss the issue … or the case pursuant to Rule 1.6 Confidentiality
… if you do, you would be prosecuted for your part in a conspiracy to deny the constitutional rights of an American
… your hearing would not be publicized
… your accidental suicide will be on the front pages – ‘Defender of the Constitution’
(This ironic award title is a standard practice by the American bar Association…. sometimes there’s cash too.)
It’s just not even funny when it is true.

By neglect you encourage endorse and conceal an egregious violation of the Public Trust which harms Americans.
There is no valid excuse for unconstitutional acts. That is treason.

The non-lawyer Legislators have an obligation to every American which cannot be ignored by an unconstitutional law.
The non-lawyer legislators cannot ask their lawyers to advise them while their lawyers are obligated to commit fraud to conceal the injustice.

It is so wrong… affecting so many people… there is no argument offered … no explanation… no justification,… no apology.

Surprise America!! – Your country was overthrown by lawyers 30 years ago. About fucking time you noticed. eh?

Americans must set pride aside, acknowledge the past injustice and rectify the government for the future.
Every. Person. Matters.

SHUT RULE 1.6 DOWN NOW. Suspend this unconstitutional law and vaccinate the entire country… so this never happens again.

I will “GO FULL OPRAH” commencing litigation against every government official that ignored this matter for the last 9 years. Silence and Non-response will not provide any defense or immunity when you are on the wrong side of the US Constitution.

Where the courts sacrifice integrity to conceal the injustice, everyone loses.

The only person getting paid will be your lawyer who is relying on his non-disclosure and license for fraud in the furtherance to conceal the constitutional violation of his client.

As a person without any protection of the law and experiencing the denial of rights protected by the constitution, I have no choice but to persevere. I have demonstrated my ability to persevere through injustice since 2007.

County Court documents and transcripts were not available or presented for the recent appeal. The ‘court’ ignored without explanation.

A mountain of evidence seems to have been concealed by Montgomery County, a grand jury investigation may have been misdirected by a special prosecutor with a potential conflict of interest (being married to a judge and President of the Montgomery County Bar Association resulting in the unavailability of the evidence.

The failure of a prolonged investigation designed and determined to destroy a man which prevented any protections under the law while excessive and improper informants, handlers, private investigators, and detective shared surveillance products throughout the courts and every level of law enforcement contributed the inability of law enforcement to correct the errors and wrongdoing.

Secrecy is the thing that makes every evil far worse than it would have been.

The damage continues while I am denied any life, protection of the law and constitutional rights.

The efforts to conceal their injustice (court order found in 2010 after 3 years) has been an evil far worse than the initial injustice.

Twenty (20) judges, multiple courts. multiple appeals, federal constitutional challenges, every level of state and federal law enforcement, state and federal government, all prevented from any effort to help by a secrecy which overwhelmed and intimidated.

Only a sociopath, who was a lawyer, could have calculated and manipulated every situation and liability into one unconstitutional law – which mandates silence and permits continued terror.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane:

I am coming to pry open your secret court orders. We have not spoken a single word to each other, yet I believe in you still.

My belief in people is the source of my perseverance, and my challenge to trust again.

Americans must set pride aside, acknowledge the past injustice and rectify the government for the future.
Every. Person. Matters.

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