“The question before Pennsylvanians is this: Is Kathleen G. Kane, the first woman to be elected as the state’s attorney general, the victim of angry men who targeted her after she exposed their pornography habits? ” – The New York Times

Answer: Yes


“It’s time for the smears and illegal leaks about me to be challenged”

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane, today announced the creation of a new website called “www.TruthAboutKathleenKane.com.”

“The purpose of the website,” she said, “is to challenge, finally, all the smears, false accusations, and illegal leaks from the grand jury process that has investigated me for eight months on the utterly baseless and false accusations that I illegally leaked grand jury information.”

Attorney for Kathleen Kane, Lanny Davis added, “The political and biased nature of this investigation is demonstrated by the undeniable fact that this special prosecutor has investigated the AG concerning illegal leaks that in fact never happened, while ignoring more than six months of illegal leaks from his grand jury process.”

More truth-y is what Kane is not disclosing while ORDERED to be silent.

The Pennsylvania District Attorneys are seeking public attention to an issue, BUT, its a distraction from what Gov Wolf is about to discover. Why have some District Attorneys teamed up against the Governor and the Attorney General? after all those years as AG and Governor, Tom Corbett’s people seems lost without him. Maybe even afraid.
sethdistractedHow do you explain to a governor that the prisoner on death row faces no real risk of execution, because an injustice may only be concealed where there is no risk of death.

If they learn of intent to execute, the law obligates DISCLOSURE of the injustice and their fraudulent efforts which have concealed it.

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