Under PA Law, there are two methods to address the issue of title and ownership of property.
If you are in possession of the property, you file a QUIET TITLE.
If you are not in possession of the property, you file an EJECTMENT.
Homeless since 2011, with patience and perseverance, I played their game. Rule 1.6 secretly and silently affects everything.

The corruption of the court is it’s own undoing.

Ejectment filed in August 2013.

Ejectment filed again in October 2013.

March 2014. The Court dismissed ejectment because I was not in possession of the property. An error which can be addressed on appeal.
– – the concealed issue is the exposure of their invalid deed,
– – the fraudulent conveyance
– – presenting the void and defective order issued by Judge Carluccio
– – the invalid court order cannot permit/excuse a crime
– – in the clear absence of subject matter jurisdiction, absolute judicial immunity is not available and exposes the entire bench, 20 judges, 8 years of litigation, a complete farce, liability for damages and releif.
– – improper use of the invalid order by county offices.

THE LOGIC FAILURE: THE COURT CANNOT ATTAIN RETROACTIVE JURISDICTION FOR THEIR INVALID ORDER. Ignoring only exacerbates everyone involved while preventing any resolution. FOREVER.

MY MOTIVATION: The victim loses the protection of the rule of law and all constitutional rights without resolution. FOREVER.

JUDGE’S MOTIVATION: Liability. Exposure of corruption and injustice and terror. Injustice. The egregious violation of the public trust.

December 2014. The Superior Court affirms the lower court.
– – adding chaos: there is no evidence of any judge being involved in their ‘decision’.
– – The staff lawyers… is it Interference or Intervention?
a) Follow the law, the lower court is exposed.
b) Ignore the law, the judges are acting without immunity.
c) Commit Fraud, legal staff intercepts and ‘plays judge’.

c) Commit Fraud

FRAUD – the lack of accountability and responsibility concealed by unsigned documents, failure to hold proceedings, and documents which violate EVERY judicial canon.
– Fraud in the furtherance of fraud under Rule 1.6
– UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACTIONS and a failure to explain pursuant to Rule 1.6 proves Rule 1.6 is preventing constitutional rights. GOTCHA!!!

Recognizing this interference with the administration of justice, criminal complaints have been filed… with county, state and federal law enforcement… and filed with the court.

Escalate? NO.

The Supreme Court of PA can select which cases it reviews. Escalation would only delay gaining possession, the courts have acted to delay long enough. The refusal of jurisdiction is an acknowledgement of the corruption, lawlessness and injustice.
There is no point in exposing the injustice to the Supreme Court forcing the sacrifice of their integrity to conceal the corruption of the lower courts.
The Supreme Court will follow Rule 1.6 because the Supreme Court enacted it. (Unconstitutionally)

Supreme Court review of the dismissal would only return the matter to the lower court for hearings and a further delay.

Undisclosed, Rule 1.6 is actively corrupting every decision.


Judicial branch has indicated a lack of jurisdiction. Their affirmed lack of jurisdiction prevents them from action, and intervention as I retake possession of my home. As I have legal title to the property, an Ejectment cannot be filed against me by a non-owner.

Let’s go home!

Where required to Quiet Title, I have requested the assistance of the Governor, Attorney General and the Sheriff to regain possession of my home. Because, the people who are trespassing there sure are not gonna do it.

stick-me-with-a-fork-im-done-tracy-glantz“THE RULE 1.6 THING”
The law is clear.
The judges are wrong in indicating their lack of jurisdiction,
BUT… it isn’t what they are saying that causes their lack of jurisdiction.
It is what they are NOT saying.

Pursuant to Rule 1.6 Confidentiality, they may not disclose actions which will adversely affect the integrity of the court. If they indicate Rule 1.6 is the basis for their improper decision, they confirm the unconstitutional aspect of Rule 1.6 preventing the rule of law and constitutional rights.

The courts do not have jurisdiction because Rule 1.6 MANDATES non-disclosure and confidentiality where exposure adversely affects the integrity of the judiciary.

Rule 1.6 prevents the court from revealing that their lack of jurisdiction is necessitated by their corruption to conceal their corruption.

Thankfully, the Judiciary has removed themselves from the issue of possession. A full year lost… more litigation to come. But, taking back the house is likely to attract news media attention and expose Rule 1.6… I’m not restricted by unconstitutional law, nor improper court orders pending appeal, nor grand jury secrecy… and I’ve got a secret that’s been called the worst kept secret in Pennsylvania. Your Welcome, PA. Justice is Coming.

Any application of Rule 1.6 demonstrates it is unconstitutional.
Disclosure is irrelevant where non-disclosure is evident. If it’s not there… there’s your proof.

Their improper decision is based on an unconstitutional law which is not indicated because THE LAW mandates non-disclosure, and if revealed it would expose that THE LAW is unconstitutional.

Rule 1.6 is concealing the corruption it causes and the improper decisions it requires without any indication that it is being applied pursuant to itself… because Rule 1.6 is unconstitutional.

An unconstitutional law is no law. A nullity. Without any effect. As if it never existed. … and can not be the basis or justification for action or inaction.

So a Law which does not exist, and can never have existed,
is concealing the crimes and unconstitutional actions and judicial corruption
which it has caused and permitted
while concealed and mandated to be held confidential.
AND… THAT LAW can’t be removed for the same reasons.

The Legislative branch did not write the law.
Non-disclosure is mandated of the lawyers in the Legislature. DO NOT ASK JUDICIARY COMMITTEE TO REVIEW. DUH!

The Executive Branch did not sign the law.
Where Gov Corbett was a lawyer non-disclosure is mandated.
Where Gov Wolf is NOT a lawyer, those he would consult are lawyers and non-disclosure is mandated.
Where the Attorney General is a lawyer, non-disclosure is mandated.

BUT, an unconstitutional law is no law. There is no mandate for non-disclosure by lawyers… where they recognize and understand the unconstitutionality of the ‘law’.

When Attorney General Kathleen Kane recognized and understood the Unconstitutional effect of Rule 1.6, she was permitted to address it, and actually mandated by the Rules of Professional Conduct to address the issue.



Two secret court orders from unidentified courts require the attorney general to neglect the responsibilities of her office and expose her to personal liability. SILENCE!

The court orders must be followed while their impropriety is appealed. SILENCE!


A grand jury calls the attorney general to testify. Grand Jury secrecy requires the silence of the attorney general. SILENCE!


Lawyers and Prosecutors and District Attorneys commence a barrage of disinformation to which the ‘silenced’ attorney general may not respond. The same people who participated in and/or failed to address the corruption since 2007. From Montgomery County and the Attorney General’s office – under Tom Corbett and Linda Kelly all those requests by phone, letter and EMAIL for HELP were ignored. Lots of email.


The Montgomery County Grand Jury, run by Judge Carluccio’s Husband, and the Judge who jailed Drexler, which has not indicated what they are investigating. As it could be any topic – this requires the silence of Kathleen Kane with regard to EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to do with Terance Healy and Rule 1.6.

The unpublished presentment is ‘leaked’, but nothing can be confirmed or discussed. Everything is speculation which is fully extrapolated by lawyers who know the attorney general is ‘silenced’. Clearly, these LAWYERS know and understand how to manipulate under Rule 1.6. Montgomery County Commissioner Bruce Castor, explained it concisely:

“Career lawmen think strategically. They don’t go for the immediate gratification
of a personal attack, instead preferring to set the board up just right and
striking at the precise moment where the object of the attack cannot recover.”

“you don’t go to war with a person who spends his/her professional life figuring how to [screw] others…”

In 2007, Bruce Castor was Montgomery County District Attorney while unprosecuted terroristic technological intrusions into my life and family were reported and fully documented. Castor ignored and prevented federal authorities from investigating.

Under Rule 1.6, they may commit fraud and actions in the furtherance of fraud to prevent disclosure and resolution of prior frauds while mandated to non-disclosure and confidentiality. AND THEY DO.

Separation of Powers???

Unconstitutional law concealed by improper SECRET court orders which prevent the Executive Branch (Attorney General) from enforcing the laws of the Legislative Branch. images

SECRET COURT ORDERS FROM UNIDENTIFIED COURTS. Yes, looks like… quacks like… that duck is Rule 1.6.

The Judicial Branch has usurped the full power of the government but cannot reveal how they did it.

The Executive and Legislative branches cannot address THE LAW which they have not written.

The Judicial Branch enacted it without authority… but they can’t disclose that either.


The American Bar Association

The One Law which Overthrew the Government… was written by the American Bar Association while holding the Judicial Branch hostage while leveraging decisions and perpetuating injustice in the best interest of their membership. Injustice is a goldmine.

The Pennsylvania Legislature must act to suspend the unconstitutional law so that honest and ethical lawyers who have not been tainted by corruption can lawfully address the unconstitutional law improperly enacted by the Judiciary.

Only the Pennsylvania Legislature has the constitutional authority to suspend laws.

Only the non-lawyers in the Legislature can act without violating the law until it is not law.

Having to follow an unconstitutional law, until it is declared unconstitutional (nullity, blah blah) FAIL! RULE 1.6 REQUIRES NON-DISCLOSURE AND CONFIDENTIALITY BY LAWYERS AND LEGAL PROFESSIONALS – a deliberate built-in defense to conceal it’s unconstitutionality and require participation in injustice.

    Governor Wolf,

    Order the Legislature to assemble for a presentation of Rule 1.6 – an improperly enacted unconstitutional law which corrupts the judiciary and causes injustice while defying exposure through it’s own mandatory confidentiality – a self-defense which prevents correction, suspension or edit.

    Senators and Representatives who are lawyers will sit silently. Rule 1.6 mandates their silence.

    Suspend Rule 1.6, directly and where included by reference within any other law.

    Watch the results… Rule of Law. Constitution. US Constitution. Justice.

    Every. Person. Matters.



Ignoring only exacerbates everyone involved while preventing any resolution. FOREVER.

The victim loses the protection of the rule of law and all constitutional rights without resolution. FOREVER.

The injustice can be played by anyone… FOREVER. (Concealed by Rule 1.6)

There is no allowance for retroactive jurisdiction. The order will always be invalid.

Rule 1.6 prevents exposure and resolution while denying a person of their rights and any protection of the law. Rule 1.6 will always be unconstitutional.

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