The PA District Attorneys attack the Governor who knows their corruption hidden by Rule 1.6

For whatever reason, they are taking this scrutiny VERY personally. They may revert to the womb when the Rule 1.6 story exposes their violation of the Public Trust for … 30 years. Professionals, pretend to be Professionals. Their reaction is not surprising – when a bully gets exposed – they often break. Their victims laugh at their behavior. …and tweet.


@DADaveFreed tweeted:

    Tom Wolf was elected Governor, not King. He is misusing the concept of a death penalty reprieve. @PennsylvaniaDAs will fight this action

Philadelphia DAO @Philly_DAsOfc tweeted:

    ..the ppl most grateful for this “moratorium” on capital punishment are the guiltiest, cruelest, most vicious killers on death row.

Terance Healy @TeranceH tweeted:

    @Philly_DAsOfc @PennsylvaniaDAs INJUSTICE- 30 years Rule 1.6 conceals the violation of the Public Trust & undermines CONSTITUTION #TrustLost

Atop that high horse do they think Rule 1.6 is a cloaking device?

Their press release includes mentions of people already convicted and those not yet tried. They suggest they are saving society while a governor who places a moratorium on the death penalty places people at risk.

The Governor wants to review the list, not remove the Death Penalty. That seems the respectable thing to do…

The District Attorney reaction – not so respectable, and somewhat heavy on the paranoia – but they know the Governor is aware of Rule 1.6 Corruption and Injustice.

THEY MUST KNOW because they have used it to prevent the Attorney General from speaking, or performing investigations and other responsibilities of the Office of the Attorney General.

Seems they were in on the secret – two secret court orders which silenced the AG about an unconstitutional law. They added a grand jury threat and a threat to impeach. There’s been no explanation of those secrets. WHY IS NO ONE ASKING ABOUT THE IMPROPRIETY???

When violating a person’s constitutional rights, the CLE training has been effective within the Pennsylvania District Attorneys. The Psychology of Confidentiality?? ANSWER: IGNORE THE PERSON and ignore the rule of law.

The District Attorneys have concealed Rule 1.6 corruption and injustice
… which violated the Constitutional rights of Pennsylvanians for 30 years.
… have attacked and threatened PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane while she is ordered MUTE
… they believe the only beneficiaries are people on death row.

People do not give a damn about people in prison. And we in PA have seen some prison abuses… which THEY ALL IGNORED.


They didn’t see the signs… EVERY _______ MATTERS, They were everywhere. The People have noticed the INJUSTICE. Mebbe Y’all need a mirror AND a television.

In recent years, there have been many exonerated from Death row within the US. A review is not out of the question… as a matter of fact, for a Governor who knows the track record on civil rights and constitutional violations of those who purport to ‘preserve protect and defend the Constitution” might be inclined for a more aggressive review. Gov Wolf has been in office only a few weeks. He’s not ignoring… Enjoy the attention.

District Attorney Problems

Mine started with Bruce Castor ignoring me.
Risa Vetri Ferman ignored the crimes along with the corruption
David Heckler was no help, even once I moved to Bucks county. (Well, evicted, but more on that soon.)
Seth Williams has ignored the crimes and constitutional violations of the court staff.
So has David Heckler and Zane Memeger.
Kathleen Kane was ordered to ignore it… TWICE (LOL, Civil Rights? LOL. WTF.)

The investigation into my life started under Castor and continued under Ferman with advice from Heckler ignored by 3 Attorneys General, and 2 Governors – even where one had been an AG and all the surveillance on the books approved by Superior Court of Philadelphia and off the books handled by private investigators.

Whats a lot of intrusive surveillance shared with judges and your wife and her lawyers and your kids when you are at the lowest pointy in your life, and begging for them to investigate THEIR INVESTIGATION.

With no suicide, and no murders, and no crime prosecuted, what a waste of county resources, and eight years of undermining every aspect of a life. Well, that judge fuk’d you over and everyone had to hide the order and those crimes and the warrants and the crimes etc… Well, we had no excuse – it wasn’t personal that your life was annihilated…

Anyway, it all started under Bruce Castor. It’s his fault we terrorized you.

THEN, YOU FOUND OUT HOW WE LEGALIZED CORRUPTION AND CRIME AND INJUSTICE. To be honest WE DIDN’T EVEN GET IT. But, it worked like a charm, once ignored, victimized, without rights and no laws to protect you or anything you owned, we just IGNORED EVERYTHING. How did you figure out it was a law?

NEW RULE: DO NOT CHANNEL DA’s… it conflicts with humanity and defies logic.


1901860_646326345414783_384204306_nY’all did see what Bruce Castor had to say… Right? The New Years Eve Manifesto?

“you don’t go to war with a person who spends his/her professional life figuring how to [screw] others…”

The crazy bastard wants to be elected DA again. He attacked Bill Cosby in the media AFTER FAILING TO PROSECUTE HIM, or indict him.

When we know a Montgomery County Grand Jury could indict a ham sandwich if instructed by the DA.

If the allegations are true, Bruce seems to believe them. Bruce Castor left a man on the street to drug & rape 35 women??? Minimum – He oughta get Cosby’s endorsement in the new campaign…


Could his innocence be revealed… I can’t imagine. After terrorizing that cop’s wife for 30 years… I always had the feeling that may have been why they didn’t execute him. Time will tell.

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