I have reported the judiciary held hostage situation within the Superior Court of Pennsylvania to all proper law enforcement authorities to investigate and prosecute.

    US Attorney Zane Memeger, Eastern District of Pennsylvania
    Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams,
    Bucks County District Attorney David Heckler,
    PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane,
    The Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, and
    the USPS Postal Inspectors, Philadelphia (Mail Fraud).

They have done NOTHING. They are compromised and leveraged to conceal their participation in the conspiracy to undermine the Judicial Branch of each state Government and the Federal Judiciary. They are members of the organization profiting from the corruption and INJUSTICE.

The hostages have repeated contacted with only one person. One may still have principles – fewer, if any, skeletons in her professional closet – nothing to leverage.

“something that’s been on my mind. But I’m very confident that
the truth will come out and that justice will prevail.”

– Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane


A judge has issued an order to the Attorney General of Pennsylvania which prevents identification of the court, the case and the issue.

The ‘unidentified’ have ordered the attorney general to conduct no investigation and neglect the responsibilities of the Office of the Attorney General.

These ‘unlawful and corrupt’ actions impose a personal liability upon the individual for that compromise of principles and law and the Constitution of the United States.

Bear in mind, THAT PERSONAL LIABILITY will be decided by another court – another judiciary held hostage where the failure to compromise could result in the personal loss of EVERYTHING.
(Secure your personal assets. Consider filing for Divorce?)

The judiciary held hostage was coerced to issue an improper and invalid order. A demonstration that ‘judicial independence’ is compromised.


Another unidentified judge has issued a SECOND ORDER to the Attorney General of Pennsylvania which prevents identification of the court, the case and the issue.

The demands are the same – conduct no investigation and neglect the responsibilities of the Office of the Attorney General while RISKING EVERYTHING KATHLEEN KANE OWNS PERSONALLY.

The hostage judges have issued another improper and invalid example that the Judiciary is undone – no law, no constitution, no ethics, no procedure. No explanation of what has necessitated their pre-emptive efforts. Preventing the unidentified issue before it is presented to the courts. Constitutional separation of powers does not allow for this broad overreach into the authority of the Executive branch.

The judiciary held hostage calling attention to the situation.


A Grand Jury has accused the individual, Kathleen Kane, of compromising grand jury secrecy even where she had not taken any part in the investigation, had not been called to answer questions by that grand jury, and was under no requirement to maintain grand jury secrecy.

The threat of incarceration for actions which violate no law. There are no facts available.

The information available has been ‘leaked’ by a second grand jury investigating the breach within the earlier one.

A grand jury is widely known as the ‘tool of the prosecutor’ where a ham sandwich could be indicted upon the simple request of the prosecutor. Indictment is not conviction.

The grand jury has not been assembled lawfully. Yet, ‘leaked’ portions of a secret presentment attack Kathleen Kane calling for an indictment – BUT pass that responsibility to the District Attorney who indicates the issue will take months to review.

The threat of incarceration – against the freedom of the attorney general is clear. Everything else could not be further obfuscated from public view, applicable law and fact. All delayed to permit speculation which undermines the attorney general who cannot say or do anything while those secret orders are appealed.


One state legislator persists in the effort seeking to remove the attorney general from her elected office. He has failed to accept that an unconstitutional law is NO LAW, a nullity. He has failed to accept that multiple Federal Courts have indicated the law was unconstitutional. He has failed to accept that the Attorney General is not required by law to compromise her principles to defend a state law which is unconstitutional.

The threat of impeachment is improper. It is misinformation and manipulation of the public based on bigotry and hate. It neglects to indicate that the Attorney General was correct when indicating the law was unconstitutional.


A constitutional challenge was filed in August 2013 and served upon Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane and the attorneys general of each state to address the unconstitutional collateral affect where a law causes the loss of any protection of the law and the loss of rights secured and protected by the Constitution of the united States.

Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information of the Rules of Professional Conduct had been improperly enacted into law by the state supreme court where their authority to enact law existed only where their law did not affect the substantive rights of a litigant.

Enacted in 1987 in Pennsylvania, Rule 1.6 Confidentiality has prevented and denied litigants of their rights and the protection of the law while mandating non-disclosure and confidentiality by lawyers and all legal professionals. Every state had enacted the Rules of Professional Conduct into law from 1984 (New Jersey) to 2009 (Maine).

Americans noticed the lapse of the US Constitution, however lawyers and legal professionals were mandated to confidentiality and non-disclosure of the source for unconstitutional acts and INJUSTICE.


In Montgomery County Pennsylvania, HEALY v HEALY and HEALY v MILLER had appealed to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania for relief from invalid orders which fail to apply the rule of law, and from defective and void orders issued in clear absence of subject matter jurisdiction which have been repeatedly enforced.

The terror inflicted by twenty judges upon the unrepresented non-lawyer defendant was unexplained and without any basis in law. The judiciary annihilated every aspect of his life. Every action had one unifying aspect – the silence.

From 2007 through 2013, every proceeding, every ruling, every action, every failure to follow procedure, law and constitution; every action to conceal information, every false report; every false allegation; every failed investigation by state and federal agencies; EVERYTHING pointed to Rule 1.6 Confidentiality preventing disclosure and permitting acts in the furtherance of fraud which prevented any resolution ever.

    The ‘fraud provisions’ had been removed from the Rules of Professional Conduct – the code of ethical conduct – lacked ethics, lacked morality, endorsed fraud, prevented any recourse, while demanding non-disclosure and confidentiality (Rule 1.6).

Challenge to the Constitutionality of a State Law

Where the appeals to the Superior Court would present the challenge to the constitutionality of a state law, the Attorney General was notified and prevented from action by a ‘secret order… and another secret order. The docket indicates superior court activity which has not been provided – kept ‘secret’.

The Attorney General neglected the responsibility for involvement in the matter.

Where an earlier grand jury may have caused information to be removed from the public view, many documents were missing from the court record sent to the Superior Court from the Montgomery County. Requests for the production of the missing items were ignored, and remain unexplained.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane recognizing the unconstitutional affect of Rule 1.6, with no necessity to abide by an unconstitutional law for confidentiality and non-disclosure, was SILENCED by an improper secret court order.

And SILENCED further by another secret court order.

And SILENCED further by the threat where anything she said could be alleged to be part of a grand jury investigation.

And SILENCED further by the presentment of ‘leaked speculation’ and the pending threat of undisclosed documents.

The Proper Authorities

The fraud and forgery of the Central Legal Staff – obstructed violations of procedure, Pennsylvania Law and the US Constitution demonstrated the unconstitutionality of Rule 1.6 within the Superior Court – reported to US Attorney Zane Memeger, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams, Bucks County District Attorney David Heckler, PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane, The Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, and the USPS Postal Inspectors (Mail Fraud).

NOTHING… Without obligatory silence per an unconstitutional law? Where only ONE been contacted and ordered to neglect and ignore the responsibilities of their office? Why are ALL neglecting their duty and responsibilities?

The carefully worded statements of Kathleen Kane indicate her awareness of the broader scope of the matter.

    “I am shocked at the level of public corruption.”
    “I am shocked at how deep it goes.
    I am shocked at how powerful it is.
    I have never seen anything like this. It’s breathtaking.
    It has been described by the people familiar with what is happening as shameful.”
    “But, if this can be done to me as Attorney General, the chief law enforcement officer of the 5th largest state in the country, I am sickened to think what can and may be done to regular, good people who don’t have the resources that I have to challenge it.”


The American Bar Association, and affiliates, who have intervened and intercepted to deny and prevent exposure of their sedition and the resulting INJUSTICE within the state and federal courts..

They are the authors of Rule 1.6 who promoted it to every state and the US Congress and have affiliates in every level and jurisdiction of the state and federal courts.

The membership who profited from INJUSTICE and controlled by members which include the district attorneys and the US attorneys who ignore the complaints of criminal and unconstitutional corruption within the courts – their actions pursuant to unconstitutional Rule 1.6 Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality.

An organization who perverted and twisted the judicial branch of every state government by the requirement of SILENCE while leveraging the shame and humiliation of an egregious violation of the Public Trust to undermine JUSTICE in the United States.

10584105_10152469853859398_6925911722687697300_nAn organization whose members undermined a Constitutional Challenge in the Eastern District Court of Pennsylvania where improper actions had resulted in an unsubstantiated dismissal with no evidence of ANY judicial review resulting in the continuation of unconstitutional actions and INJUSTICE in every state – NATIONWIDE – while solely attributed to the purported actions of Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane.


Kathleen Kane, the individual, has been set up and is responsible for concealing and preventing resolution of a national conspiracy to deny the constitutional rights of EVERY American without availability of any immunity.

By its terms, Section 1983 imposes liability without defense on state and local officials who, acting under color of law in their individual capacity, deprive plaintiffs of rights created by the Constitution and federal law.

“Career lawmen think strategically. They don’t go for the immediate gratification of a personal attack, instead preferring to set the board up just right and striking at the precise moment where the object of the attack cannot recover.” – Bruce Castor, Montgomery County Commissioner and former District Attorney in a New Years Eve Manifesto against Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

Kathleen Kane filed for divorce in December 2014, securing her family’s assets during an aggressive attack against her principles while indicating “something that’s been on my mind. But I’m very confident that the truth will come out and that justice will prevail.”


I believe that no one involved in this corruption has arrived there of their own will, BUT, once they involved they have no available way of removing themselves from the situation. They are obligated by an unconstitutional law which the are mandated to conceal by law. They also have no standing to challenge the law which did not directly affect their rights.

Don’t hate the lawyer. DO HATE the unethical unconstitutioal law by which they must abide and are required to conceal… Where they are permitted to commit fraud to prevent disclosure, there are some who seem mandated to do so. This is a corrupt and unjust law.

Don’t hate the judiciary. The undermined judges lost their judicial independence. They were required to sacrifice their integrity. The judges have been humiliated by their corruption and injustice and unconstitutional acts. The independence to make the decision was imaginary where required to conceal prior injustice and corruption.

Judges Lack Jurisdiction/Authority

The lack of judicial independence causes their every decision to have been made without proper jurisdiction. Without lawful authority or power to act, every decision was an act of treason. Plea agreements were preferable to acts of treason which deprived people of their freedom. Plea Agreements – having people put themselves in jail was better than ACTING WITHOUT AUTHORITY. If the people ever found out, there would be …

The state supreme courts – they blew it. Violating the public trust, they overreached their constitutional authority and enacted unconstitutional and unethical laws into existence. A corrupt law among them prevented them from correcting, acknowledging or resolving their grievous error. Where there was no authority to enact the laws, there was now a mandate to conceal their violation. Those supreme court justices responsible have likely retired and died leaving the judiciary undone, the US Constitution ignored, and the government in jeopardy.


The American Bar Association, and affiliate organizations, provided their members with training to intervene, intercept and conceal the corruption and injustice of the undermined judicial branch. The ABA had complete control of the judicial branch. Every lawyer and legal professional under their control with discipline at their sole discretion – well, the sole discretion of THEIR state supreme courts. The lawyers in the legislature, and the judiciary committees, kept the legislators out of the ‘business of the courts’.


Where not removed entirely from existence, the sheriffs were convinced of diminished responsibilities by lawyers and judges. The Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the county was relegated to taxiing prisoners and providing security of the judges/courtroom. The injustice and corruption of the judges would require they be protected. The sheriffs provided support for the illusion of judicial independence. District Attorneys usurped authority under a title Chief Law Enforcement Professional.


The US Congress made a similar error in trust called the McDade-Murtha Amendment. Testimony to Congress was affected by Rule 1.6, those testifying to congress were not permitted by law to provide full information. Indicating the disastrous result while neglecting to reveal that requiring all government attorneys to follow the state ‘Rules of Professional Conduct’ was blindly ignoring that the ethics laws enacted in the states were not ethical, moral, legal or just. This Amendment prevent the federal government from intervening where the loss of constitutional rights was required to be concealed by Rule 1.6 Confidentiality.


The ABA never imagined a Pro Se defendant annihilated by their corruption and injustice would survive to identify, document and expose their sedition to very lawyers and judges compromised and participating in systemic corruption and injustice without reaon or explanation.

Neither did I. BUT, where I was left with no choice but to persevere, I DID.

“Wait until they realize what you have discovered.”

I brought the Constitutional Challenge of rule 1.6, the corruption and the loss of integrity to the Judiciary who failed to recognize themselves. The minions intercepted and intervened… a new realization and awareness of their actions which had been previously unexposed. Believing they disposed of the pro se cases because the people were non-lawyers, the staff were obstructing and preventing the only party who could lawfully expose the unconstitutional corruption and injustice AND restore the integrity of the judiciary.

The Court Clerks/Staff provided the persistence of the CONTROLLED corruption and injustice. It was NOT systemic.


I notified the American Bar Association, and all affiliates, to cease and desist all operations in September 2014. There has been no response.

I persevere.


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