The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has made it illegal to remove an unconstitutional law they enacted (without authority).

The Pennsylvania Legislature has the exclusive constitutional authority to SUSPEND a law.

Lawyers are permitted and encouraged to say or do anything which will prevent the situation from being rectified. All fraud in the furtherance of their effort is excused and held confidential… UNLESS, they kill someone.

Improperly enacted and unconstitutional
– ONE LAW – “undeniably unconstitutional”
undermined the judiciary and usurped their authority
mandating confidentiality and excusing fraud to prevent exposure.
Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information.

The recipe that hooked the American Judiciary – judges can’t get enough.
They can’t control themselves and can’t say why.

Prepare allowing to quietly simmer for 30 years.

DO NOT BRING TO FULL BOIL or you won’t be able to keep the crowds away.

Add additional fraud, as required, to maintain consistent base and extend the recipe.

Caution when serving to young children – they don’t say how you make it, but won’t keep the secret – Luzerne County Kids for Cash.

Over-sharing can result in widespread foreclosures, homelessness and incarceration without possibility of release.

If you are feeling suicidal thoughts and tendencies, loss of relationships, financial hardship, your paranoia is real and not imagined. [CONFIDENTIAL]

Will NEVER cause death (without full disclosure). It won’t kill you and we won’t say why!

It would be illegal if they tried!


It required two ‘secret court orders from unidentified courts’ to keep PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane from saying anything more.

The ‘unidentified court’ could not order the Attorney General as that would violate the law which established the Office of the Attorney General and the PA Constitution. (Overreach into The Legislative and Executive Branches)

The ‘unidentified court’ ordered the person, Kathleen Kane, to silently comply and participate in the denial of constitutional rights AND denial of the rule of law while facing the FULL LIABILITY WITHOUT IMMUNITY. A litigant had PROVEN the Judiciary undermined and usurped by the ABA had violated his rights concealed by Rule 1.6 confidentiality.

The litigant, Terance Healy, had survived A Terroristic Divorce of incomprehensible injustice and corruption before 20 judges in Montgomery County, PA. Unexplained and ignored pursuant to Rule 1.6 confidentiality. Rule 1.6 Injustice. UNCONSTITUTIONAL INJUSTICE IGNORED.

Rule 1.6 unconstitutional – improperly enacted into law – when proven to be ‘no law’ was written into those ‘secret orders from unidentified courts’ to continue the denial of his rights, with liability and blame placed specifically upon the person Kathleen Kane, NOT the Attorney General.

Where the personal liability had already been created by fraud committed in her name to conceal the Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 in federal court and served to EVERY state attorney general. They had DEFAULTED.

Kathleen Kane, the person, faces full liability without immunity for the denial of the constitutional rights and INJUSTICE towards EVERY AMERICAN because fraud in her name concealed by confidentiality was committed to conceal the unconstitutionality of “Rule 1.6 Confidentiality”.

Rule 1.6 INJUSTICE and CORRUPTION. … has been enacted in EVERY state. AMERICAN INJUSTICE.
Only the American Bar Association has the resources and motivation and the ‘judiciary’ and membership to overthrow government. Edward Snowden saw so much more than Americans have been told.


Available in EVERY state each with it’s own flavor but called the same name – RULE 1.6 Confidentiality of Information – SO UNCONSTITUTIONAL IT MIGHT COME CLOSE TO KILLING YOU! (but it won’t because that would require disclosure.)

Since 1998, the ‘Federal’-style has been ‘the secret indulgence you gotta taste to believe” of government investigators and lawyers in every department and agency.

Copyright 1984-2009 & 2015 by The American Bar Association. Strictly and Aggressively enforced.
Violation will be alleged to DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, DEA, The Secret Service and local and state law enforcement (intermittently, concurrently and chaotically).

Made available through the state supreme courts. See where your state joined the INJUSTICE!


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