February 3, 2015

Governor Wolf
225 Capitol Bldg
501 North 3rd Street
Harrisburg , PA 17120

Kathleen Kane
Office of the Attorney General
11 N 3rd St
16th Floor, Strawberry Square
Harrisburg , PA 17101

Sheriff Russell J. Bono
Montgomery County Court House
First Floor
P.O. Box 311
Norristown, PA 19404

Under Pennsylvania law, a fraudulent conveyance has occurred with regard to my property at 110 Banbury Avenue, North Wales, PA. I ask your assistance in regaining possession of the property where the judiciary has indicated a lack of jurisdiction to address, resolve or rectify the matter.

Documents recorded with the Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds demonstrate the deficiencies and frauds which occurred during the criminal transaction. Additional documents demonstrating the fraud have been filed with the Prothonotary.

Where a property owner is resident on the property, an Action to Quiet Title would permit the court to address the fraudulent conveyance of the property and rectify/resolve/remove the improperly recorded documents.

Where a property owner is not resident on the property, an Action in Ejectment is required to remove the trespassers from the residence and rectify/resolve/remove the improperly recorded documents.

The Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas has indicated a lack of jurisdiction and improperly dismissed an Action in Ejectment. On Appeal, the Superior Court of Pennsylvania has purportedly affirmed the lower courts decision
without any review of facts; and
without indication or support according to an applicable rule of law; and
without evidence of any judicial review of the issues presented on appeal; and
without any proceedings or hearings on the matter; and
while failing to address the issue of the appeal; and
neglecting every motion properly prepared and filed with the appellate court; and
failing to explain and produce ex parte communications/documents/orders and subsequent manipulation and concealment in the court docket.

The litigation causes lawyers representing the Defendants to be subject to sanctions where they have failed to present any defense; and neglected to offer evidence of proper ownership; and have no justification in law. Their actions have served to delay the resolution of the matter, denying the plaintiff of his home and property while demonstrating a lack of judicial independence and a corruption which adversely affects the integrity of every judge and every court.

The challenge of an unconstitutional law was indicated with evidence demonstrated by actions in the lower court. Additionally, The interception and interference by the legal staff of the Superior Court violate Pennsylvania law, federal law and the US Constitution.

A complaint of the unconstitutional and criminal actions of the court staff has been filed with
United States Attorney Zane Memeger, as the offenses occurred within the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.
Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane, as the offenses occurred within Pennsylvania and as required by the Rules of Appellate Procedure the attorney general must be notified where an appeal will challenge the constitutionality of a law.
Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams, as the offenses occurred within the city and county of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Bucks County District Attorney David Heckler, as I am a resident of Bucks County, PA.
The United States Postal Inspectors, Philadelphia, as the forged and fraudulent documents attributed to the judiciary were delivered through the use of the US Postal Service.
The Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, as the actions violate the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Attorney General Kathleen Kane has been ordered to SILENCE by two secret court orders from two unidentified courts. Where these orders additionally prevent investigation and require an improper negligence for the functions and responsibilities of the Attorney General, Kathleen Kane’s failure might be ‘explained’. But, what of the others who have neglected their law enforcement responsibilities and participation in a conspiracy to interfere with civil rights (42 USC § 1985, 18 U.S.C. § 241) under color of law (18 U.S.C. § 242).

Additionally, the following have been notified of the unconstitutional Pennsylvania law which has been improperly enacted by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania where their authority requires laws ‘consistent with [the Pennsylvania] Constitution and neither abridge, enlarge nor modify the substantive rights of any litigant.’ PA Constitution Article V Section 10(c)
– Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett
– The Senators and Representatives of the Pennsylvania Legislature
– The elected Sheriffs of Pennsylvania
– The Senators and Representatives of the US Congress
– President Barack Obama
– Pennsylvania Supreme Court Chief Justice Ron Castille

A Constitutional Challenge had been filed in federal district court and served upon the state attorney general in every state and territory, with notice to every state governor, as the same unconstitutional law has been enacted in every state and affects constitutionally protected rights of litigants while denying any protection of the law.

Improperly dismissed after default by every state attorney general, the United States Marshall service was notified along with the US Department of Justice and US Attorney General Eric Holder. An appeal to the Third Circuit Court affirmed the district court’s dismissal while unsubstantiated by any dismissal doctrine and neglecting the facts associated with the matter.

Absent any available recourse within the judicial branch to address the theft by fraudulent conveyance of my property;
Having identified and demonstrated the unconstitutional collateral affect of the Rule 1.6 mandated non-disclosure and confidentiality by every legal professional;
With the resulting participation by the above-named persons, and all lawyers and legal professionals, in a conspiracy which denies constitutional rights, obstructing justice and denying the rule of law while neglecting any effort to address, remove or suspend the unconstitutional law;
I seek your assistance to regain possession of the residence which will permit me to file an Action to Quiet Title to resolve and rectify the fraudulent documents filed with the Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds.


Terance Healy

Governor Wolf
Pennsylvania Legislature
Pennsylvania Supreme Court
Internet (www.work2bdone.com/live)

Healy v Miller 2013-29976
Healy v Miller 900 EDA 2014

Notice Complaint of Unconstitutional Actions
Letter: Zane Memeger
Letter: Seth Williams
Letter: Kathleen Kane
Letter: David Heckler
Complaint: US Postal Inspectors
Overview of the Constitutional Challenge to Rule 1.6

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