As Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane was setup with massive nationwide liability (and filed for divorce in December 2014)…

Those in the Pennsylvania Legislature may want consider haste in their actions… either to suspend Rule 1.6 and restore the US Constitution and the Rule of Law… or to file for divorce to protect their family’s assets in a lawsuit where they have failed to act… Failing to act for years even after being notified of the unconstitutional law improperly enacted without authority by the PA Supreme court.

Those pictured below could have helped… instead they made things worse… intentionally ignoring the issue created a much larger liability for everyone.


Besides authorizing official capacity suits against state and local officials for structural injunctive relief, 42 U.S.C. § 1983 authorizes claims against those officials in their individual capacity for compensatory and punitive damages.

By its terms, Section 1983 imposes liability without defense on state and local officials who, acting under color of law in their individual capacity, deprive persons of rights created by the Constitution and federal law.

Would you like to know more…


The nationwide corruption and injustice caused by the AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION’s unconstitutional Rule 1.6 has been aided and abetted by persons from Pennsylvania within the Legislature, the US Congress, the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, …

McDade, Murtha, Ridge, Thornburgh, Casey…

It’s embarrassing for Pennsylvanians and at the same time Pennsylvania can fix this national constitutional crisis.

pa85The Pennsylvania Legislators should address their ability to correct the corruption which has undermined the judiciary within every state and federally.

Imagine the corruption which spun out of the mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania being exposed and ended by a presidential candidate with roots in the area. A strong person who has stood tall and faced adversity and public scrutiny like no other American has ever experienced. The opportunity rises for the Justice President to announce their candidacy…

America re-Starts Here.


Go in peace. Go in kindness. Go in love. Go in faith.
Leave the day. The day behind us, day is done. Go in grace.
Let us go into the dark. Not afraid, not alone.
Let us hope by some good pleasure safely to arrive at home.

I will retake possession of my home in March 2015.

Those who assist me will be welcome to take any items which have been left behind in the house.


Trespassers: Pack your things, your secret orders and your judiciary held hostage. Leave my property, or remain at your own peril.

The fraudulent documents, improperly and repeatedly filed with the county Recorder of Deeds have no force or affect. There is no allowance within the law for ‘secret orders from unidentified courts’, or unconstitutional acts, or farce.

The fraud fails based on the direct provision within the US Constitution.

    All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

I will stand my ground with the law to support me while backed by people who have sworn to preserve protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

The courts have indicated they lack jurisdiction to decide the matter. The statement affirmed by the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. Reconsideration denied. The fraud intended to deny and prevent my recourse has removed the judiciary from any involvement. Their indicated/affirmed lack of jurisdiction prevents ANY effort to affect my regaining possession.

Justice is coming… I have invited the governor, the attorney general and the sheriff to accompany me. Not afraid, not alone, safely to arrive at home.

The Executive branch has been asked to enforce the law. The Legislative branch has been notified. The Judicial branch remains compromised and undermined.

“Secret orders from unidentified courts’ improperly prevent individuals from their elected duties and responsibilities while being appealed. Where an unconstitutional ‘law’ has been discovered and fallen only to be re-caste and concealed within ‘secret orders’ from ‘unidentified courts’ serves to demonstrate the corruption of a judiciary held hostage and compelled to unconstitutional acts absent any force or effect or authority.

When considering the US Constitution, you should be advised accordingly, defiance is futile,

Terance Healy

The Governor, Attorney General and Sheriff


The Pennsylvania Legislature – Senators and Representatives

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“The question before Pennsylvanians is this: Is Kathleen G. Kane, the first woman to be elected as the state’s attorney general, the victim of angry men who targeted her after she exposed their pornography habits? ” – The New York Times

Answer: Yes


“It’s time for the smears and illegal leaks about me to be challenged”

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane, today announced the creation of a new website called “www.TruthAboutKathleenKane.com.”

“The purpose of the website,” she said, “is to challenge, finally, all the smears, false accusations, and illegal leaks from the grand jury process that has investigated me for eight months on the utterly baseless and false accusations that I illegally leaked grand jury information.”

Attorney for Kathleen Kane, Lanny Davis added, “The political and biased nature of this investigation is demonstrated by the undeniable fact that this special prosecutor has investigated the AG concerning illegal leaks that in fact never happened, while ignoring more than six months of illegal leaks from his grand jury process.”

More truth-y is what Kane is not disclosing while ORDERED to be silent.

The Pennsylvania District Attorneys are seeking public attention to an issue, BUT, its a distraction from what Gov Wolf is about to discover. Why have some District Attorneys teamed up against the Governor and the Attorney General? after all those years as AG and Governor, Tom Corbett’s people seems lost without him. Maybe even afraid.
sethdistractedHow do you explain to a governor that the prisoner on death row faces no real risk of execution, because an injustice may only be concealed where there is no risk of death.

If they learn of intent to execute, the law obligates DISCLOSURE of the injustice and their fraudulent efforts which have concealed it.

31f17ab (copy)


What if every citizen of Ferguson, MO could sue the one person responsible?

What if every PERSON who has experienced INJUSTICE – their rights denied, no protection of the law – could sue the one person responsible?

What if every police officer who suffered a loss of personal integrity to conceal a grievous ‘error’ could sue one person who permitted the situation?

What if every victim of Injustice who has been ignored could sue the person who allowed the situation to go unresolved FOREVER?

What if an ENTIRE NATION experienced and witnessed INJUSTICE, and with a cause for relief could demonstrate the damages and attribute it to ONE person?

President, NO. Judge, NO. Congressman, NO. Politician, NO. Prosecutor, NO. Police, NO.




THE EFFORT WHICH SET HER UP… serves to expose those responsible.

    “Career lawmen think strategically. They don’t go for the immediate gratification of a personal attack, instead preferring to set the board up just right and striking at the precise moment where the object of the attack cannot recover.”
    “you don’t go to war with a person who spends his/her professional life figuring how to [screw] others…”

Any litigation could never be successful – no rights, no law, no justice – all evidence and facts ignored according to the law. One law.
bigstock-Young-handsome-businessman-in-45198436STOP RIGHT THERE…

To those people waving the parchment and suggesting “THEY CAN’T DO THAT.”

“This constitution, shall be the Supreme Law of the Land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the constitution or laws of any state to the contrary notwithstanding.” U.S. Constitution, Article VI, paragraph 2.

“All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.” (Marbury vs.Madison, 1803.)

“The Constitution is just a god damned piece of paper.” (George H.W. Bush)

Those who “wave” the Constitution often fail to recognize that asserting the Constitution with it’s full power requires a person the have proper standing, damages, a cause for relief, and a party who make a change.

Short’n’sweet: You have to fight your own battle. It’s illegal for a lawyer to act.

Injustice and corruption prevailed… as ‘one law’ was enacted in each state. Discretely… from 1984 (New Jersey) to 2009 (Maine). Only the biggest stories made the news, yet, lacked any explanation… while also lacking any prosecution.

bushchaseOn August 8, 2013, Terance Healy, Todd Krautheim on behalf of the United States v. Kathleen Kane, Pennsylvania Attorney General and the attorneys general of the United States approached the federal court with a Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 – ONE LAW improperly enacted in Pennsylvania, and every state. With standing, damages and a cause for relief which could be addressed by the attorneys general, the matter was dismissed, appeal denied, reconsideration refused because of fraudulent filings, submitted late and without any factual basis, on behalf of Pennsylvania Attorney General, Kathleen Kane AFTER DEFAULT by every state.

The ‘one law’ being challenged permits attorneys to commit fraud to prevent exposure, and to prevent rectifying. The documents in the cases were forged and fraudulent. Lawyers must abide by the law until it was unconstitutional, unless they had ‘standing’ themselves.

Since September 9, 2013, EVERY AMERICAN INJUSTICE creates a liability for Kathleen Kane without defense or any immunity available.

By March 2014, the cases from the federal challenge were in Superior Court of Pennsylvania. Where paperwork may have been previously disregarded, something changed. The necessity of the Constitutional Challenge became more evident. A review of the case would present damages – fraud committed by someone in the Attorney General’s office in her name. unknown-comic Secret order from unidentified Court #1.

Other appeals proceeding through Superior Court challenged the constitutionality of the ‘one law’. Secret order from unidentified Court #2.

Court records and files had not been sent to Superior Court from Montgomery County. The Superior Court dismissed – (fraud by court staff lawyers) – unsigned decisions without basis in law. Demonstrating the unconstitutional effect of the law which was being challenged.

Grand Jury ‘leaks’ target Kathleen Kane for a violation based on speculation.

Grand Jury Investigation widely discussed seeks to prosecute Kathleen Kane for violating a grand jury where she did not participate and had no obligation of secrecy.

Grand Juries can be used to secure investigations and documents. Any investigation by the Attorney General into the cases in Superior Court may have encountered ‘unavailable documents’ and unavailable warrants for ‘surveillance’ which would have been signed by the Superior Court. While the appellant had never been prosecuted, all evidence of investigations INTO him while he filed complaints about crimes and intrusions which were ignored could have been ignored. BUT, NOT BY AN ATTORNEY GENERAL WITH STANDING AND DAMAGES.

About the secret orders from unidentified courts, Kathleen Kane has indicated…
– “We are not investigating. I cannot investigate.”
kathleenkane– “I am being stopped from performing my duties as Attorney General.”
– “My office is being stopped from certain investigations.”
– “And we are being stopped even from telling why.”
– “My hands are tied and this will be frustrating for you because it is just as frustrating for me.”
– “My hands are tied because there are court orders which don’t allow us to say certain things which I believe the public needs to know.”
– “I am shocked at the level of public corruption.”
– “I am shocked at how deep it goes.
I am shocked at how powerful it is.
I have never seen anything like this. It’s breathtaking.
It has been described by the people familiar with what is happening as shameful.”
– “But, if this can be done to me as Attorney General, the chief law enforcement officer of the 5th largest state in the country, I am sickened to think what can and may be done to regular, good people who don’t have the resources that I have to challenge it.”

Mid-December 2014, Kane made the following statement:
“something that’s been on my mind. But I’m very confident that the truth will come out and that justice will prevail.”

Then, she lawyered up. Among her team is a lawyer with experience in financial impact of litigation and asset protection. It is logical to expect Kane to protect her families assets, and her husband’s business, from the liabilities created in her name by fraud which she cannot expose or prosecute because it requires non-disclosure pursuant to Rule 1.6 Confidentiality.

PaDomaKane understands constitutional challenges, and the law. Where she refused to enforce or defend a law which was unconstitutionally prohibiting same sex marriage in Pennsylvania, she was supported by the federal courts decisions and the subsequent retreat by Pennsylvania in the matter.

Rule 1.6 placed a duty on the Kane which had to be followed. Once she had standing to challenge the Rule herself, personally and as Attorney General, that duty to the law could be excused as unconstitutional.

IMAGINE a ‘secret order from unidentified courts” arrives requiring all the confidentiality and non-disclosure of the unconstitutional law, written into an order which must be followed while being appealed..

Secret Orders issued to Kathleen Kane, the person, preventing her from performing the duties of the Office of the Attorney General.

Secret orders NOT issued to the Attorney General, whose duties are defined in law constructed, written and approved by the Legislature and signed by the Governor.

The improper order creates a liability for her failure to perform the duties of the office to which she was elected. This could subject her to impeachment. Justified, but caused by the unidentified court.

The liability for actions subsequent to the Constitutional Challenge’s improper dismissal starts on service in some jurisdictions, and has not limit in others. Where her ‘action’ resulted in the dismissal of the DEFAULT by every state attorney general, every injustice committed and concealed by Rule 1.6 non-disclosure and every fraud in the furtherance committed and concealed causes her personal liability to grow.

KathleenKane-ThankYouCardAn UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW IMPROPERLY ENACTED IN EVERY STATE is causing Kathleen Kane to be deprived of the very thing which she championed for others.

Her marriage.

“If the statute is unconstitutional it must fall. When the statute falls the defendant officers are left “standing naked, as individuals clothed with no power emanating from the state, and thus viewed and considered alone as individuals assuming to act under the guise of law where no law exists; . . . ”

Where Rule 1.6 directs the Confidentiality of Information for lawyers and legal professionals, the two secret orders from unidentified courts which require non-disclosure and confidentiality suggest the court’s acknowledgement of the unconstitutional law and order

Where there is no duty or obligation to abide by an unconstitutional law, the secret orders issued to Kathleen Kane recreate the full force and effect of the unconstitutional confidentiality with specificity.

Fortified with standing to challenge the unconstitutional law personally, it has required a Grand Jury Conspiracy to be created to prevent exposure.

Consider this… Healy v Healy is a divorce. This is not a criminal matter. Only in the Family Courts can a person who has committed no crime lose everything, INCLUDING their constitutional rights and any protections of the law. I am trying to survive their corruption and injustice, but they resent my failure to commit suicide. The efforts to undermine and prevent every possible resource for emotional support and health is twisted. That their efforts were unlawful and well documented, is a damning indictment of the Montgomery County Judiciary. Safe from litigation to hold them responsible where a person without rights and no protection of the law could never prevail in court. The effort to assert my rights continues… and the documents get longer…

Yet, the seems to be an extreme amount of effort to ignore and prevent, and TO SILENCE Attorney General Kathleen Kane. Secret orders protecting confidentiality and mandating non-disclosure. Must be hiding somethin big… 30 year conspiracy, sedition, rape of public trust… CHECK!


WHO IS PREVENTING JUSTICE? What is their motivation? How are they getting away with it?

The author of Rule 1.6, the American Bar Association.

Their motivation is to conceal their undermining of the judiciary which caused a loss of judicial independence to make decisions based on the rule of law.

31f17abThey get away with it, because the the law affects lawyers who are controlled by the Rules of professional Conduct enforced by the judiciary whom they ‘own’.

Controlled locally by District Attorneys who panic when a governor questions why prisoners on death row have not been executed? The answer to that question is something the DA’s may not answer pursuant to Rule 1.6. Following the law, the ONLY situation which REQUIRES disclosure is where someone is to be killed. Seems they know how to identify the victims of injustice under Rule 1.6 – undeniably unconstitutional and concealing corruption and injustice since 1984.

Preventing information – confidentiality – ignoring without explanation… is the kind of disrespect you might have for a god-damned piece of paper when ONE LAW enacted which required lawyers to IGNORE could even be used to ignore the US Constitution…. maybe even leverage a decision to give your boy a job.

A demonstration of how undermined the judiciary have become, … and an education system which may not have left children behind, but failed to tell them how to ‘swing’ the full force and effect of the US Constitution.



The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has made it illegal to remove an unconstitutional law which they enacted (without authority).

The Pennsylvania Legislature has the exclusive constitutional authority to SUSPEND a law.
PA Constitution, Article I Section 12

Lawyers and judges are permitted and excused to say or do anything which will prevent the situation from being rectified. All fraud in the furtherance of their effort is excused and held confidential… UNLESS, they plan to kill someone.

Fraud permitted to conceal injustice which is endorsed, accepted and unexplained while concealed pursuant to Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information…

… DENIES the Rule of Law…

… DENIES rights secured by the US Constitution…

… and DEMONSTRATES (whether indicated or not), that non-disclosure pursuant to Rule 1.6 is unconstitutional. It is no law. A nullity…

… AFFECTING substantive rights, the state Supreme Court LACKED AUTHORITY under the state constitution to enact into ‘law’…

    “…, if such rules are consistent with this Constitution and neither abridge, enlarge nor modify the substantive rights of any litigant,…” PA Constitution Article V Section 10(c)


The judiciary also LACKS AUTHORITY to issue ‘secret orders from unidentified courts’ which seek to continue the effect of an unconstitutional law upon a person…

    SERIOUSLY, changing the hiding place does not make something constitutional, even where designed to avoid challenge by preventing standing by the person improperly ordered.
    Where non-disclosure excuses non-disclosure, it is evidence of Rule 1.6 Confidentiality.

… by REQUIRING A PERSON elected to the Office of Attorney General to neglect the duties and responsibilities of the office which are defined by properly constructed law written and approved by the Legislature, then signed by the Governor…

… by requiring the failure to investigate and enforce the law and prosecute crimes…

… while demanding unlawful and unconstitutional actions and participation in conspiracy…

… with FULL PERSONAL LIABILITY for their actions without any DEFENSE or IMMUNITY where those actions DENY AND PREVENT THE RIGHTS which are secured and protected FOR EVERY PERSON by the Constitution of the United States.

When hidden within the Rules of Professional Conduct, Rule 1.6 is unconstitutional.

When hidden in ‘secret orders from unidentified courts’ confidentiality and non-disclosure is unconstitutional.

Any effort to prevent, obstruct or deny, the US Constitution is treason.

Will it be necessary for me to seek relief from every person who has failed to preserve protect and defend the state Constitution and the Constitution of the United States; even where they have taken a public oath to do so?

Besides authorizing official capacity suits against state and local officials for structural injunctive relief, 42 U.S.C. § 1983 authorizes claims against those officials in their individual capacity for compensatory and punitive damages.

By its terms, Section 1983 imposes liability without defense on state and local officials who, acting under color of law in their individual capacity, deprive persons of rights created by the Constitution and federal law.

The public interest requires decisions and actions to enforce laws for the protection of the public. Public officials, whether governors, mayors or police, legislators or judges, who fail to make decisions when they are needed or who do not act to implement decisions when they are made do not fully and faithfully perform the duties of their offices.

“Equal Protection of the Laws” – FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT
All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any state,
WHO, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any state legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any state, to support the Constitution of the United States,
SHALL have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.

    Where the government of the United States has become undone, the NON-lawyers have the opportunity and obligation to act to restore the US Constitution and the government by informing the state legislatures of the Rule 1.6 quagmire.

Article VI, Paragraph 2 of the Constitution is commonly referred to as the Supremacy Clause. It establishes that the federal constitution, and federal law generally, take precedence over state laws, and even state constitutions.

Unconstitutional Rule 1.6 non-disclosure and confidentiality is repugnant. It can conceal no lack of authority, nor avoid the full effect of law, where presented or suggested in support (declared or non-disclosed) of actions which are ignorant of the Constitution.

Rule 1.6 broadly excused actions which are ignorant to the US Constitution by lawyers. EVERYONE who alleged an accusation of an UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACT learned of non-disclosure and confidentiality and could proceed no further.

Undeniably unconstitutional – a law which made it mandatory to conceal that it was not lawful. Enacted in every state. The Public Trust has been violated by those responsible for the abomination which they disguised as ETHICS – while lacking any ethical, moral or lawful principles.

    “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.” – Fifth Amendment

Without Rule 1.6, will The American Bar Association take “the Fifth”?
Does leaked speculation from grand juries now indict government officials improperly ordered to silence? Where preventing any investigation of injustice involving the wife of the special prosecutor?
Where her actions remove absolute judicial immunity for an entire county bench?

Where every effort which extended the injustice of Healy v Healy sought to avoid resolution/litigation by involving as many people in the effort to conceal the corruption. Instead, their law abiding actions demonstrated the unconstitutional law which had undermined them all … and has been used to conceal corruption and injustice throughout the US.

THE US CONSTITUTION WILL NOT BE IGNORED… and certainly not by an unconstitutional improperly enacted state law… A judiciary undermined, usurped, and held hostage must be liberated and their independence and integrity restored in the name of Justice where EVERY PERSON MATTERS.

We the People, in order to maintain a more perfect union, re-establish Justice to ensure domestic tranquility.

“The US Constitution Rebooted.”

The Obama Legacy could be restoring the US Constitution and the Judiciary. An Executive Order instructing the State Legislatures could keep Pennsylvania’s difficult reboot from occurring in every state.



The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has made it illegal to remove an unconstitutional law they enacted (without authority).

The Pennsylvania Legislature has the exclusive constitutional authority to SUSPEND a law.

Lawyers are permitted and encouraged to say or do anything which will prevent the situation from being rectified. All fraud in the furtherance of their effort is excused and held confidential… UNLESS, they kill someone.

Improperly enacted and unconstitutional
– ONE LAW – “undeniably unconstitutional”
undermined the judiciary and usurped their authority
mandating confidentiality and excusing fraud to prevent exposure.
Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information.

The recipe that hooked the American Judiciary – judges can’t get enough.
They can’t control themselves and can’t say why.

Prepare allowing to quietly simmer for 30 years.

DO NOT BRING TO FULL BOIL or you won’t be able to keep the crowds away.

Add additional fraud, as required, to maintain consistent base and extend the recipe.

Caution when serving to young children – they don’t say how you make it, but won’t keep the secret – Luzerne County Kids for Cash.

Over-sharing can result in widespread foreclosures, homelessness and incarceration without possibility of release.

If you are feeling suicidal thoughts and tendencies, loss of relationships, financial hardship, your paranoia is real and not imagined. [CONFIDENTIAL]

Will NEVER cause death (without full disclosure). It won’t kill you and we won’t say why!

It would be illegal if they tried!


It required two ‘secret court orders from unidentified courts’ to keep PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane from saying anything more.

The ‘unidentified court’ could not order the Attorney General as that would violate the law which established the Office of the Attorney General and the PA Constitution. (Overreach into The Legislative and Executive Branches)

The ‘unidentified court’ ordered the person, Kathleen Kane, to silently comply and participate in the denial of constitutional rights AND denial of the rule of law while facing the FULL LIABILITY WITHOUT IMMUNITY. A litigant had PROVEN the Judiciary undermined and usurped by the ABA had violated his rights concealed by Rule 1.6 confidentiality.

The litigant, Terance Healy, had survived A Terroristic Divorce of incomprehensible injustice and corruption before 20 judges in Montgomery County, PA. Unexplained and ignored pursuant to Rule 1.6 confidentiality. Rule 1.6 Injustice. UNCONSTITUTIONAL INJUSTICE IGNORED.

Rule 1.6 unconstitutional – improperly enacted into law – when proven to be ‘no law’ was written into those ‘secret orders from unidentified courts’ to continue the denial of his rights, with liability and blame placed specifically upon the person Kathleen Kane, NOT the Attorney General.

Where the personal liability had already been created by fraud committed in her name to conceal the Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 in federal court and served to EVERY state attorney general. They had DEFAULTED.

Kathleen Kane, the person, faces full liability without immunity for the denial of the constitutional rights and INJUSTICE towards EVERY AMERICAN because fraud in her name concealed by confidentiality was committed to conceal the unconstitutionality of “Rule 1.6 Confidentiality”.

Rule 1.6 INJUSTICE and CORRUPTION. … has been enacted in EVERY state. AMERICAN INJUSTICE.
Only the American Bar Association has the resources and motivation and the ‘judiciary’ and membership to overthrow government. Edward Snowden saw so much more than Americans have been told.


Available in EVERY state each with it’s own flavor but called the same name – RULE 1.6 Confidentiality of Information – SO UNCONSTITUTIONAL IT MIGHT COME CLOSE TO KILLING YOU! (but it won’t because that would require disclosure.)

Since 1998, the ‘Federal’-style has been ‘the secret indulgence you gotta taste to believe” of government investigators and lawyers in every department and agency.

Copyright 1984-2009 & 2015 by The American Bar Association. Strictly and Aggressively enforced.
Violation will be alleged to DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, DEA, The Secret Service and local and state law enforcement (intermittently, concurrently and chaotically).

Made available through the state supreme courts. See where your state joined the INJUSTICE!



This morning, the Pennsylvania Senators were advised of the continued injustice, loss of constitutional rights with no protection of the law which is ignored and concealed by Rule 1.6 Confidentiality without possibility of relief.

I am not trying to gain defendants for a federal lawsuit against all of those people who conspired to deny my constitutional rights? even when not excused by an unconstitutional law?

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has made it illegal to remove an unconstitutional law they enacted (without authority).

The Pennsylvania Legislature has the exclusive constitutional authority to SUSPEND a law.

Lawyers are permitted and encouraged to say or do anything which will prevent the situation from being rectified. All fraud in the furtherance of their effort is excused and held confidential… UNLESS, they kill someone.

Welcome Senators to Rule 1.6

This is bigger than one man’s rights. This is a national issue – an egregious rape of the public trust. A judiciary held hostage. Judges sacrificing integrity to conceal injustice.

All accomplished by ONE LAW improperly enacted preventing the constitutionally protected rights of a litigant.

The requirement for non-disclosure and confidentiality, with permission to commit fraud in the furtherance and fraud to prevent it from being rectified – also held confidential demonstrates the power of the law to avoid public attention.

Whistleblowers call it RETALIATION. Litigants see CORRUPTION.
Defendants experience INJUSTICE. Lawyers call it ‘attorney-client privilege’.

Robert Kutak called them the ‘fraud provisions’ and “necessary”. They were removed from the ABA’s Rules Of Professional Conduct after Kutak’s sudden heart attack.

RULE 1.6 Confidentiality of Information – the actions under the rule boil down to “fraud in the furtherance of fraud, concealed” whether indicated, or held confidential when not.


Fraud to prevent any resolution has the Pennsylvania Attorney General ORDERED by two secret orders from unidentified court to conduct no investigation and ignore the duties and responsibilities of the Office of the Attorney General.

The improper secret orders cause Kathleen Kane to be subject to personal liability for damages and relief. There is no defense or immunity where a person is denying constitutionally protected rights.

Any law which would require that is unconstitutional. No law. Court Orders are not permitted to deny constitutionally protected rights. Tangible secret or imaginary, that’s unconstitutional.

Kathleen Kane’s liability is personal. The mandatory participation in the denial of rights, the conspiracy to deny rights, failure to perform the duties of the Attorney General and a long list of other offenses.

The law does not allow a secret order to affect the ‘OFFICE’ of the Attorney General.

These orders are personal. Creating a personal liability. The lawyers have clearly indicated they are representing Kathleen Kane, the person, and NOT the Attorney General.

I understand ‘personal’ and recognize that an order issued to Kathleen Kane requiring ‘confidentiality of information’ acknowledges the unconstitutional Rule 1.6 removing it broadly. Immediately ordering the same ‘confidentiality of information’ upon Kane – excluding the litigant and requiring non-disclosure leaves Kane without standing to challenge constitutionality of the improper secret order.

Is something still unconstitutional when you can’t see it? Of course, it is.

Where Rule 1.6 had been concealed within the Rules of Professional Conduct while it undermined the courts, sacrificed the judge’s integrity and every decision was cruel farce. The unconstitutional law was found, documented and raised to the attention of the court where it continued to corrupt, pervert and deny justice and constitutionally protected rights.

Now, ‘UNCONSTITUTIONAL Rule 1.6’ has been renamed ‘secret orders from unidentified courts’, and part of those orders is the requirement to conceal the orders. It took 30 years to find it last time it was hidden.

Is something still unconstitutional when it is concealed? Of course, it is.
The US Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land and any law which deprives a person of protections of the US Constitution is no law. The same applies to Orders and to ‘secret orders’.

It was the collateral effect of the confidentiality which caused the loss of rights and deprivation of the rule of law… which provided my standing to challenge it. Standing is personal.

Without damages and a cause for relief, Kathleen Kane would have lacked standing to challenge Rule 1.6 and was additionally prevented by Rule 1.6 from disclosure. I had the damages and cause for relief and no mandate of non-disclosure which allowed standing to challenge it.

The renamed “secret orders from unidentified courts’ placed the same mandates upon Kathleen Kane as Rule 1.6 with one addition – an order of confidentiality and non-disclosure.

The ‘secret orders’ require Kathleen Kane to participate in actions known to have caused the loss of MY rights and the deprivation of the rule of law FOR ME. Kathleen Kane may not have personal damages sufficient for standing to challenge the secret order WHILE MANDATED to actions which deprive me of my rights.

I am prevented from challenging the unconstitutional effect of a ‘secret orders from unidentified courts’ where the order is concealed, hidden and prevented from discovery by design.

It took 30 years, and 8 years of injustice, ignored rights, denied and prevented any custody or visitation without explanation, complete disregard and failure to follow the law, with courts conditional enforcement of orders against me to the fullest extent while dismissing every attempt which would benefit me, conducting what could only be described as a judicial farce which involved the entire Montgomery County Judicial Bench and utilized every available county resource to annihilate my life until based on the idea that people obey bad laws, I found the ONE LAW which when applied trumped every other procedure and law including the US Constitution… concealed within the Rules of Professional Conduct which applied to lawyers and legal professionals, a law which I did not have to follow had collaterally annihilated my life.

Homeless, destitute, a lifetime of possessions stolen or thrown away with no recourse but to return to the corrupted with expectations of justice which completely contradicted the experience. Injustice prevailed.

Without protection of the law and while constitutional rights are ignored, there can be no expectation of relief. I survived. I found their bad law. I proved it. They dismissed facts and denied my efforts. Their loss of integrity was epidemic, the injustice was not systemic. The corruption and injustice all centered on ONE LAW – which caused the injustice while preventing any escape.

The discovery should have been welcomed by a judiciary held hostage without independence and madated to ignore the law and the facts while spreading injustice. Where required to participate in efforts to conceal the sedition and those responsible for undermining the judiciary in every state and federally.

I am only trying to survive a divorce. I had no expectation or reason to think that I would discover that the entire government of the United States had been effectively overthrown by the American Bar Association through misuse of authority and abuses of power demanded of judges held hostage by court staff permitted to commit fraud in the furtherance of fraud and fraud to prevent a situation from being rectified. EVER.

There was no reason to believe I deserved the mistreatment and disrespect, and no reason for the failures of everyone from whom I sought help… until I found ONE LAW which explained it all.

Recognizing the unique situation where I had standing to address this abomination – improperly enacted without authority by the state supreme courts, I persist and persevere.

Placing the same CONFIDENTIALITY OF INFORMATION within corrupt ‘secret orders from unidentified courts’ prevented from my discovery and hidden from my view while growing an expanding liability for the person who was ordered by the unidentified.

Did the best legal minds in the country… 400,000+ membership… Did you expect another 30 years for just hiding Rule 1.6 and renaming it ‘secret orders from unidentified courts”?

Their tremendous disrespect aside…. AMERICA HAS NOTICED THE INJUSTICE.
The ‘worst kept secret in Pennsylvania’ is not going anywhere.

The Brilliance of Governor Wolf is to be appreciated. I’m alive. I saw the issue instantly.

Fraud in the furtherance, the law excuses and conceals it, and mandates non-disclosure.

The victims of judicial misconduct, corruption and injustice survive to be further attacked.
No escape, the available outcome 1) Homeless/Destitute 2) Incarcerated or 3) Suicide.

Disclosure is permitted where the target will be killed.

No wonder the District Attorneys responded with aggression and paranoia on Friday.

The folks on Death Row who have not been executed … ALIVE.

Because disclosure is permitted if they are to be killed, the victim of injustice lives.

How can the DA explain when prevented by Rule 1.6 from explaining?
Good luck with that. Maybe you can get ideas from the Bruce Castor manifesto.

Kane’s involvement in the conspiracy to deny rights goes back to the Constitutional Challenge in Federal Court where actions (purported to be on her behalf) AFTER DEFAULT BY EVERY STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL, resulted in unsubstantiated dismissal of the matter.

It was 1.6’d.

The participants undermining the matter were committing fraud in the furtherance of fraud to conceal the unconstitutional LAW and it’s injustice. While demonstrating their ability to interfere with the administration of the courts, obstruct justice, and deny access to the courts,…

Rule 1.6 would require non-disclosure of the fraud committed in the name of the Attorney General… it would also prevent prosecution of the crime.

The only way for the Constitutional Challenge to be successful was for a DEFAULT by the attorneys general, and a ruling by the judge.

The DEFAULT was appropriate where any action by the attorneys general would violate Rule 1.6 – disclosure is not permitted. Also, it would not be a decision made by the judge obligated by Rule 1.6 confidentiality. A declaration of UNCONSTITUTIONAL would abide by the law until it wasn’t a law.


The staff violations were unexplained YET revealed a JUDICIARY HELD HOSTAGE by lawyers permitted to conceal their fraud even when by the very LAW being challenged. The staff were members of the organization responsible for providing the law to the supreme courts to enact.

There was no review by a legislature or signature of a governor, and there could be no review by a judiciary embarrassed by their action which violated the public trust and the US Constitution.


A situation which the judiciary could not reveal pursuant to Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information of
the Rules Of Professional Conduct, a minimal ethical standard for the legal profession which lacked ethics, morals and legality where it permitted fraud to conceal prior fraud and to avoid rectifying the situation and mandated confidentiality.

Concealed by Rule 1.6 while attributing responsibility to Kathleen Kane creates a personal liability and provides standing where it has affected the rights of every American, in every state.

The secret orders cause liability to grow to such enormous proportions, that to protect their families assets, a person might consider filing for divorce.

Kathleen Kane stood up for everyone’s right to marry. Personally, and as Attorney General, Kathleen Kane would not support an unconstitutional law.

NOW, events involving ANOTHER UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW is causing her to be deprived of the very thing which she championed for others. Her marriage.

… She cannot say because that would violate secret court orders. SECRET COURT ORDERS? When did this become acceptable? legal? ethical? moral? It’s not acceptable, it’s ignored.

This is AMERICA where the judiciary has been undermined, their authority usurped, and the US Constitution ignored. American Injustice.


Real, imaginary, signed? No one knows.

If those secret orders are signed, the judge may have done so under duress, a coercion concealed by Rule 1.6 as fraud in the furtherance.

Where unsigned, they exist as another concealed fraud in the furtherance to prevent any examination of the Rule 1.6 corruption.

Where there is no logical reason for the judiciary to want to remain corrupted, undermined and without the necessary independence to decide a matter. The sacrifice of their integrity has been great and the country has witnessed the INJUSTICE.

Evidence of Control of the Judiciary … or … a Cry for Help from a Judiciary Held Hostage.


The media is not a hostage, but it is being controlled. The media’s failure to present the Rule 1.6 issue has been clear. They were told by their lawyers not to present the story.


Everything points to the beneficiaries of INJUSTICE, the American Bar Association, the author, with affiliated organizations and members at every court within every jurisdiction. Their membership having the ability to undermine the administration of justice before or after a judge’s decision, and to prevent and deny judicial involvement altogether while all lawyers and legal professionals are mandated to participate in the non-disclosure and confidentiality under Rule 1.6… or the LOCAL RULES… or the McDade-Murtha Amendment.

Every legal professional, lawyer, government lawyer and inspector mandated by ONE LAW to conceal the sedition – the usurpation of the authority of the judicial branch in every state and federally – while it denied the rule of law and ignored rights secured by the US Constitution and delivered INJUSTICE.

I imagine it startled some people when
On August 8, 2013, pro se litigants with standing and a cause for relief which could be addressed by the state attorneys general walked into District Court in Philadelphia to challenge an unconstitutional law which by mandating non-disclosure and confidentiality by legal professionals caused a collateral denial of their rights secured by the US Constitution and without representation by legal counsel obligated by confidentialitysought to restore the integrity of the judiciary, and the reputation of lawyers and
to return to their litigation in the state courts with their rights available and no longer denied, ignored, prevented and concealed.

They lawyers had written it so that the lawyers could never fix it.

Governor Tom Corbett was prevented from assembling the Legislature to address this matter as he was obligated as a lawyer to non-disclosure.

Governor Wolf is not similarly prevented.

To the Pennsylvania Senate:
I wanted you to do your job, follow your oath, take action.

Did the lawyers scare you off?
This law does permit fraud in the furtherance… and actually permits, endorses and conceals everything and anything except KILLING A PERSON.

PLEASE RECOGNIZE THE ENORMITY OF THIS ISSUE… and be aware of the liability of the informed where their obligations are neglected and causing unconstitutional injustice nationwide.


(The lawyers in the legislature will not participate by law.)

JUSTICE is waiting on your prompt attention to this matter.



How do you explain to a governor that the prisoner on death row faces no real risk of execution, because an injustice may only be concealed where there is no risk of death. If we learn of intent to execute, we may no longer conceal the injustice and any fraudulent efforts which have concealed it.

Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information.

If you want to conceal something evil, put it inside something boring.

The previous post about the Pennsylvania District Attorneys started out ‘light’ – some humor at the grand drama. Lady with a crazy face asking if they had no self recognition or perception… and it finished with a breakdown of the District Attorneys who have failed me personally. It was through their inaction that I realized the loss of any protections under the law. Every crime reported to the township police, the county detectives, or the DA’s office was ignored outright OR the response was that their boss instructed them to do nothing.

There was no doubt about the crimes. BUT, they would not say any reason for NOT investigating/prosecuting. Car theft, identity theft, custody violations, burglary – involving minor children, computer intrusions, home intrusions, private investigators, fraud, false allegations to police, … and more. ALL committed against me and IGNORED at the direction of the District Attorney.

The reports of corruption and constitutional violations of several judges when reported to township police went nowhere. The evidence of the court documents PROVING their crimes were ignored because that person is a judge and if a cop takes the complaint, the judge will retaliate. Yes, I understand that, they are retaliating against me for surviving their retaliation.

Improperly enacted and unconstitutional – ONE LAW
has undermined the judiciary and usurped their authority
while mandating confidentiality and excusing fraud to prevent exposure.
Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information.

fermanI have no admiration for Risa Ferman. I find her involvement with childrens aid organizations a potential for conflict of interest involving human trafficking and placing children in jeopardy. As a judge, she would have more ability to conceal lawlessness and corruption. Her record indicates failure to enforce the law while concealing judicial corruption. Why would she be any different with MORE power and less oversight? Her failures since 2008, demonstrates no understanding of good and bad, right and wrong and selective disregard for constitutional rights and the rule of law.

The District Attorneys usurped the authority of the Sheriff – the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the County – and began referring to themselves as Chief Law Enforcement Professional in the County. The authority of the Sheriff was diminished out of necessity. The Sheriff was the only non-lawyer in law enforcement with authority to investigate and arrest – their jurisdiction pre-dates the constitutions and is only affected when specifically indicated within a law that the sheriff has restrictions or limitations regarding enforcement. Otherwise, The Chief Law Enforcement Officer has full authority while relegated to transporting prisoners and guarding the hostages who occupy the bench. They need protection because they have no independence, no jurisdiction, no power, BUT still present the illusions while denying justice without explanation.

It was easy and discreet to convince the Sheriffs of diminished authority than to re-write every law, or amend the constitution. November 25, 1997, the Attorney General informed the sheriffs. There were cases brought to courts where case law was misrepresented to substantiate the ruling – THAT then became the cited case. The Judiciary decides what the constitution does and does not mean – they are permitted to error. This time because it was necessary to remove the last remaining non-lawyer with any authority from law enforcement. Where the judiciary could not remove the corrupting law without violating it, they concealed it.

Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information

Rule 1.6 CONFIDENTIALITY OF INFORMATION controls and maintains the non-disclosure and silence of lawyers and legal professionals. It does so without regard for the effect on the constitutional rights of litigants without obligation to abide by the law while its collateral effect prevents disclosure, mandates confidentiality and excuses fraud to conceal fraud to conceal fraud… all confidential to them, while known to the litigant, they are obligated to IGNORE..

Once a victim experiences judicial corruption and injustice, Rule 1.6 prevents the rule of law and constitutional rights. FOREVER.

Rule 1.6 victims faces only 3 possible outcomes… 1) Homeless/Destitute 2) Incarcerated and 3) Suicide. There can be no life when a person can be attacked at any time and have no recourse, no protection, no escape. It’s unimaginable and hard to explain, because that is not supposed to even be possible. Rule 1.6 is about keeping things quiet.


The moratorium on executions and the review of Death Row Cases requested by the Governor was explained – multiple hearings mis-used courts and stalling processes occurring post sentencing. The exoneration of prisoners nationwide has been a shock.

PROSECUTORIAL IMMUNITY. The law allows prosecutors to do anything to get a conviction – within or outside the law, the prosecutor can’t be prosecuted for such crimes, deliberate or intentional or malicious or corrupt. Those issues are reported to the Disciplinary Board and IGNORED.

Where Prosecutors are protected from prosecution, why would they respond to Gov Wolf’s announcement as they have done.

    – Aggressive.
    – Misinformation.
    – Disinformation.
    – Indicating a Cause For Public alarm and fear.
    – Listing the major reported crimes – sentenced and not yet heard.
    – Calling out the police widows – their grief is not a tool – it is disrespectful to upset them with misinformation.
    – The tweets suggesting the governor lacks authority, or is acting like a king,

the extremes of their grandstanding are absurd. They know what is at stake.

The ‘worst kept secret in Pennsylvania’, where the lawyers can’t explain the law which mandated their confidentiality and non-disclosure while mandated to non-disclosure and confidentiality by the law.

The Silence of Rule 1.6 is not something to ignore while lawyers are allowed to lie to get you to ignore it.

The public knows who is on death row. Once they are there, no one cares. No one gives a damn about anyone in prison. If a person in prison has anyone who does care, that person is required to explain to everyone everywhere. They know most don’t listen or give a damn how they waste their time trying to exonerate any prisoner. Against those incredible odds, it has happened. More frequently than is acceptable. How does a society apologize to a man improperly jailed for decades, subjected to the indignities of prison life, the disrespect by everyone??? Society is grateful those select winners have not been angry and retaliated. In itself, that’s remarkable.

The Governor is seeking a conversation which the District Attorneys cannot have and are not permitted to explain.

The Attorney General has a court order preventing investigations, prosecutions and involvement and is not permitted to explain.

The Governor has made no accusation or expectation for the review. He explained his reasons.

His attorney general is afflicted by court orders – secret orders from unidentified courts which expose her to personal liability and REQUIRE her neglect of the duties of her office but deny any explanation.

The Attorney General cannot share the orders, … are they secret, or imaginary? Pennsylvania Courts do not operate like that. The courts are transparent and open, which reinforces their judicial independence to reach just and lawful decisions.

The Governor asked about the people in prison who no one cares about.
The Attorney General is moot with an overactive imagination, or secret orders indicating she is fearful of speaking.
The District Attorneys are paranoid and highly confrontational and calling names.

THE DA’s have clearly over reacted… WHY?

“What’s not being said” – IS the issue.

I’m sane (with papers) permit me to explain because it all started when I found this one bad law. Rule 1.6 I call it the needle in the haystack of injustice. I’m allowed to talk and have done so often to excess. Here goes…


Rule 1.6 Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure results in the victims of injustice losing all protection of the law and their rights secured and protected by the US Constitution are ignored. IGNORED by every in law enforcement, lawyers and the courts.

This casual open neglect by judges and prosecutors is reported everywhere by people who don’t understand why the judges and lawyers are getting away with it.

Lawyers don’t like to take some cases, because they have no chance of winning where they are required to maintain CONFIDENTIALITY and cannot explain the injustice. If they get hit with litigation from a client, the judge realizes their misconduct was due to Rule 1.6 confidentiality and lets the lawyers slide. The realization likely occurred in an ex parte conversation.

The injustice grows… from the first instance. Rights were lost at that point. Never regained. Everything ignored to conceal the error/crime/injustice. The lawyers are getting paid anyway until the person runs out of money. Self representing while fraud is permitted to conceal fraud puts a litigant in a court where the only person needing justice is the person denied it to conceal prior injustice without explanation.

It’s not buddy lawyer and buddy judge. Rule 1.6 mandated non-disclosure and confidentiality even conceals fraud to conceal fraud. It is not personal. It is not what you said, or what you did not say. You cannot affect the continued injustice you receive. Every lie ever told may be offered as explanation while they are not permitted to disclose the truth.

    Rule 1.6 requires non-disclosure of acts in the furtherance of fraud to conceal fraud. The fraudulent efforts to cover up the injustice are required to be kept confidential. The fraud cannot be prosecuted because it, and effort to conceal it, must remain confidential.
    Rule 1.6 requires non-disclosure of information which would rectify the fraud and efforts to conceal are permitted endorsed excused and held confidential.

To the victim of injustice, there is no escape from further injustice. Escape can be imagined. But the reality can occur at any moment where the prior injustice can be leveraged for further injustice WHILE REQUIRED TO BE CONCEALED. It’s bad because there was no way out then. You cannot control it. They cannot control it. If someone uses it, you will lose every time. They cannot say why. (Most don’t know why it works, they just know it works.) It may undermine the remainder of your life. #INJUSTICE #CORRUPTION

Most people are safe. Injustice is not supposed to occur, the judge is responsible to guard against it. Often, lawyers negotiate the situation into something else entirely, an agreement. The victim of injustice is ALWAYS in jeopardy. You have no protection of the law. People may commit crimes against you and suffer no consequences. Not paranoia, this is reality.

The protection of the law and civil/human/constitutional rights are things which you only seek when you need them. EVERYONE KNOWS THE BASICS. BUT, most do not know that there’s a LAW which makes it OK to ignore, and REQUIRES that the law and your rights be ignored. IF you get any explanation, it can be horseshit (fraud in the furtherance). If it didn’t make sense. The law excuses every non-sensical illogical misinformation when concealing injustice. The person making it up is under no obligation to tell you truth when the law says they can’t reveal the injustice.


The victim of injustice may not be killed.

The victim of injustice may not be killed. Disclosure is MANDATED in that instance. ALL PRIOR CONFIDENTIALITY AND NON-DISCLOSURE IS NOT APPLICABLE.

But as long as the victim of injustice is not to be murdered or killed, Rule 1.6 confidentiality is aggressively enforced.

Suicides do not void confidentiality.
– You may be tormented to that decision by non-disclosed fraud and injustice. It’s the choice of the person to commit suicide. It is not murder. Suicide does not end Rule 1.6 Confidentiality and non disclosure… it only stops further injustice.
If the victim is dead already, there’s no disclosure permitted. Confidentiality starts to conceal at that initial injustice. #Ferguson
– So when a lawyer misguides a grand jury about an innocent victim being shot, the lies, misinformation and disinformation are permitted. It is called fraud in the furtherance to conceal prior injustice/fraud/corruption.


The injustice described above is concealed according to the law. That law applies to lawyers and legal professionals ONLY. They must follow the law, unless the KNOW that it is unconstitutional to them.

Unconstitutional to you does not provide standing for a lawyer to challenge the constitutionality. The lawyer can’t litigate unconstitutional to you while the law is the law; because, the law requires non-disclosure and confidentiality of lawyers.

You could do it yourself, BUT the court staff follow the law and they can intercept and interfere. The judge may not ever see it, or

YOU DID NOTHING TO CAUSE THIS PROBLEM. Most likely, when the trigger occurred, you were not informed at all. Everything just stopped being lawful.

Everyone must follow the law.

Confidentiality prevents District Attorneys from any effort to remove the law.
District Attorneys follow the law. The DA’s did not enact the law, and they cannot change the law.

How do you explain to a governor that the prisoner is on death row and faces no real intention to execute the death sentence.

An Injustice is keeping the prisoner on death row alive. BUT, if we learn of intent to execute, we may no longer conceal an injustice and any fraudulent efforts which conceal it.

So maybe they don’t belong on death row? Under Rule 1`.6 we can’t say unless he’s going to be killed.
What was the Injustice? We can;t say. Rule 1.6 mandates non-disclosure and confidentiality.

By not executing a prisoner on death row and where there is no real intent to kill the prisoner, Rule 1.6 Confidentiality and non-disclosure conceals fraud and injustice.

Keeping a victim of injustice alive on death row permits RULE 1.6 to conceal the ‘fraud’ that there is no real intent to execute.


While there is no intent to kill, non-disclosure and confidentiality are mandated.

The Secrets are safe, unless the victim is going to be killed.


Where a prisoner on death row has been there for a prolonged time and no execution has been scheduled, the liklihood of there being an undisclosed injustice or corruption involved in the case is very strong.

EVERYONE MUST FOLLOW THE LAW… and lawyers and legal professionals are following Rule 1.6.

Lawyers cannot have anything to do with the review of the case? We can, but we would have to conceal the corruption and injustice. It would be kind of pointless I suppose.


Rule 1.6 may concealing the injustice of a person who lost protection of the law, and their rights, and is incarcerated.


Rule 1.6 may concealing the injustice of a person who lost protection of the law, and their rights. Likely destitute/homeless as any crimes could take everything they owned and be ignored.

The cruelty of Rule 1.6 is that it prevents justice by mandating silence to keep the victim under attack, and prevents their death which would relieve them of further misery.


Where the lawyers silently conceal the courts injustice and corruption, there is no protection of the law and constitutional rights are ignored.

KIDS FOR CASH… thousands of families, children jailed, no law no rights.

COMMISSION REPORT… lawyers mandated to not reveal Rule 1.6 Confidentiality failed to see the silence was mandated by law.

Foreclosures based on fraudulent documents… lawyers silently observed the courts injustice. Once the fraud was committed in the court, it could not be addressed.

The lawyer could conceal their client, non-existent or who could be themselves, forging fraudulent documents, all frauds in the furtherance of fraud prevented the rule of law and constitutional rights. Preventing prosecution where it would expose the injustice and corruption.

Could this be why no one was prosecuted during the Foreclosure Crisis, while robo-signed fraudulent documents were known to have been used, yet the courts allowed the foreclosures. Where lack of standing was ignored to conceal injustice.

Rule 1.6 INJUSTICE is the Constitutional Crisis Americans are witnessing.

If you want to hide something evil, do it inside something boring.


RULE 1.6 IS THE LAW. It is an aggressively enforced mandate of Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure.

Rule 1.6 trumps every law – no protection under the law.

Rule 1.6 trumps every right and privilege secured and protected by the US Constitution.

Rule 1.6 is Confidentiality concealing injustice from which there can be no relief.
– Lawyers cannot help you while mandated to participate against you.

Purporting to be necessary, and ethical, it is often suggested to be only “attorney-client privilege”, but is far broader and cross referenced throughout the ‘Rules’. One law enacted in each state which must be followed by federal attorneys and investigators and is part of the local rules in federal courts.

The Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 – GOT 1.6’d

The District Court was unprepared for the pro se litigant with evidence proving Rule 1.6 UNCONSTITUTIONAL
– Dismissed. Unsigned, Unsubstantiated. Fraud in the furtherance by lawyer in the clerks office.

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed and did not permit Reconsideration.
– Affirmed. Reconsideration Denied. Unsigned. Efforts to witness the delivery of the case to the judges resulted in the US Marshalls being called. The Marshalls were already aware of the ‘problem’ – like the sheriffs have been convinced of diminished responsibilities

Rule 1.6 Challenge got Rule 1.6’d.

The Constitutional Challenge was pre-emptory, and intended to prevent the corruption and loss of integrity within the higher PA courts.

Not until the lower court cases were before the Superior Court of PA did Rule 1.6 play before out before our eyes in Superior Court.
The supporting evidence of unconstitutionality occurred in the lower courts, and the Attorney General notified that it would be involved in the Appeal.


The Central Legal Staff demonstrated a judiciary held hostage. The activities of the court staff – violations of Appellate Rules, PA law and interfering with the administration of the courts, obstruction of justice, et al. The actions were on the record. While every document must be submitted through the staff, the dismissals and responding documents were clearly not the product of the judiciary .Unsigned and violating the judicial canons, neglecting applicable law. When challenged for evidence of judicial involvement, failure to comply and failure to explain would indicate Rule 1.6 non-disclosure.

Using Rule 1.6 to conceal their violation of my constitutional rights, PROVED THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL AFFECT OF THE LAW. Rule 1.6 had the collateral affect of denying a litigant of constitutionally protected rights and privileges and denied the protection of the law.


Where the lower court acted in the clear absence of subject matter jurisdiction, in violation of Pennsylvania law, and issued a defective and void order, obstructed a primary appeal, failed to provide court records, et al. there would not be any availability of absolute judicial immunity. This judge neglected every aspect , and prevented any resolution. She retaliated with cruelty, and irreparable damage. She’s exposed 20 judges ion the lower court to the loss of immunity. Yes, there were 20 judges in the matter. No, not rich. Destitute now. Just didn’t suicide, like he was supposed to.

If the Superior Court Judiciary concealed up for the actions of the staff, they faced liability due to the lack of absolute judicial immunity caused in the lower court.

The level of fraud in the furtherance in Healy v Healy may have been very extreme. So much so that it caused him to discover Rule 1,6 was at the center of everything. 8-9 years now, and going…

Criminal Complaints

Requests for signed documents were ignored, the court informed of the offenses/complaint, and complaints sent to the Us Attorney and the District Attorney of Philadelphia and Bucks County, and the Attorney General of PA, and others.

Appellate procedure/law required the Pennsylvania Attorney general be notified of the challenge to the constitutionality of the law being an element of the appeal. Healy v Healy(Carluccio), Healy v Healy(Page) and Healy v Miller(Weilheimer) were some of the appeals.

Two unidentified court orders from unidentified courts silence the AG, and prevent her investigation and responsibilities of her office. They are under appeal. Little is known about the documents. There is also a grand jury issue which is silencing the attorney general – from Montgomery County – same as Healy v Healy and Healy v Miller.

There are documents entered into the dockets and removed which have not been provided to the parties. The Court responded with an Order, but did not copy the Appellant. Requests for production of the documents are DENIED. No Signatures.

The Attorney General now well informed of the unconstitutional effect, Rule 1.6 is no law, and provides no mandate for confidentiality and non-disclosure as a lawyer. HOWEVER, two secret court orders from two unidentified courts mandate her silence. They must be followed until appealed and removed.

There is no allowance for the courts to issue secret orders on cases which are not heard obligating person who are not a party to the action.

The law is the law until it is not the law.

Until declared unconstitutional or suspended by the legislature, Rule 1.6 permits fraud to conceal fraud. Rule 1.6 conceals fraud in the furtherance or to prevent rectifying the fraud, so secret court orders must be followed.

Without necessity to adhere to an unconstitutional law, the courts have issued two secret court orders which must be obeyed until they are stricken on appealed. The court orders mandate the participation of Kathleen kane in the violation of constitutional protected rights from which there can be mo immunity or protected from demands for releif. A conspiracy to deny and prevent constitutional rights is created and evidenced by the documents. The orders require Kathleen Kane to violate her oath of office and the responsibilities and duties of the Office of the Attorney General. The Orders prevents her from exposing the documents or discussion.

While ther has been no official confirmation of the documents relating to my cases or appeals, the possibility of coincidence is null.

Powerful secret orders… summed up by Kathleen Kane as follows:

    “I am shocked at the level of public corruption.”

    “I am shocked at how deep it goes.
    I am shocked at how powerful it is.
    I have never seen anything like this. It’s breathtaking.
    It has been described by the people familiar with what is happening as shameful.”

    “But, if this can be done to me as Attorney General, the chief law enforcement officer of the 5th largest state in the country, I am sickened to think what can and may be done to regular, good people who don’t have the resources that I have to challenge it.”

The DA’s know what the Governor may find.

The DA’s know what the Governor may find. They will not be permitted to explain. Innocent persons on death row with no escape. The inability to explain, silenced by LAW, will be unacceptable, and embarrassing and revealing. Rule 1.6 will be further exposed to the pubic, but not by lawyers.

Those who attack the silenced Attorney General will be seen under a different perspective.

So far, THE DA’s have failed to investigate and prosecute the Superior Court Staff. IGNORED pursuant to Rule 1.6.

They are participating in a conspiracy to deny constitutional rights, based on a law which when proven unconstitutional involves them in the federal crime. They are refusing to investigate and prosecute the crimes and the unconstitutional acts. Their professional responsibilities creates a personal liability.

They continue to participate in a conspiracy to deny constitutional rights, a federal offense, because of their participation in preventing constitutional rights.

THERE IS NO EXCUSE for denying a person of the constitutional rights, or participating in a conspircy to deny rights.

Yes, the law gets very spun around under Rule 1.6


There is no legislative immunity available for the authors who were not member of the legislature, or those supreme courts who improperly enacted and unconstitutional law.

Rule 1.6 was enacted nationwide from 1984 to 2009, promoted by the American Bar Association as a code of ethics while they knew it lacked ethics – they removed the ‘fraud provisions’ – their membership and affiliates exist in every jurisdiction of state and federal courts.

While enacted by the state supreme courts, they could not repeal according to their own law.

The judiciary have been held hostage ever since. Concealed by their participation which sacrifices their integrity, the injustice caused by the inability to escape a law which was their undoing. Lawyers preventing the judges from escape when the unconstitutional law was challenged.

The ABA is a trade organization with its purpose to promote the profession. They earned their membership piles of money, at the cost of the professional reputation. Injustice is a goldmine. Justice – not so much.

Holding the judiciary hostage after they violated the public trust and leveraging continued injustice for Americans in violation of the US Constitution where it benefited their members financially. The sedition of the American Bar Association will go down as the biggest scandal in US history… as soon as we can discuss it. The lawyers are not talking, and not allowing the courts to address the issue.

Justice is Coming.

Did anyone else notice that the Attorney General had no comment on the moratorium? The Chief Law Enforcement Officer? The lawyer who represents the Governor and the Commonwealth?

Do you suppose those secret court orders extended somehow to prevent effort which will expose Rule 1.6 in any way? There is no explanations for her failure to address the issue in Superior Court FOR THE THREE APPEALS and others.

Documents submitted on her behalf in the Constitutional Challenge create a liability for her for conspiring to prevent the constitutional rights of EVERY AMERICAN. The lawyers removed 55 attorneys general from the challenge docket AND the appeal.

One heck of a PERSONAL liability builds while the court orders are appealed. So that’s why she got those high falootin lawyers… thje whole country has her in their sights, and the courts are creating her liability, preventing her actions and silencing her.

It’s a shame the courts and lawyers cannot say anything of this Rule 1.6
unless they recognize it is unconstitutional. Secret court may need to print alot of secret orders. Secretly of course.

Darryl Metcalfe – Kanes got bigger concerns than bigots trying to impeach her. Seems you are continuing to prevent and obstruct constitutionally protected rights, and lamenting a proven unconstitutional law.

Standing can be tricky… It is personal. It requires direct effect. I had it and it was dismissed anyway, Rule 1.6’d.

A Report on Death Row could reveal cases… possibly standing for the Gov?

Or maybe just the evidence the Legislature needs to suspend the law.
Constitutionally The Legislature has the only authority to suspend the law.
PLEASE STOP ASKING the judiciary committees – they are lawyers mandated to commit fraud in the furtherance to conceal it.

greenleafThat’s why Stewart Greenleaf refuses to talk to me, and his office was informed of the terror of my divorce for years. He knew the terror… so it had to be a law that made him ignore a constituent begging for help. Me finding Rule 1.6 after 7 years of litigation harassment and terror show Greenleaf is not a total ass, he just a corrupt evil politician that helped hide this for 30 years.

stephensTodd Stephens believes people don’t have constitutional rights unless the judge says so. He made me laugh. How many years did he work with District Attorney Bruce Castor to become that misinformed? Lawyer Stephens wins Funniest Fraud in the Furtherance. Where it made him out to be completely and totally stupid, he was just being a disrespectful asshole because the law required it.

Are you stupid, or are you a lawyer
(committing fraud on the furtherance)
who thinks that I am?

Still waiting for that meeting with the other local officials…
How am I ever going to litigate against all of those people who conspired to deny my constitutional rights? even when not excused by an unconstitutional law? I’m ashamed for them… on the wrong side of an egregious rape of the public trust and unwilling to save the judiciary from their captors and restore their integrity.
I wasn’t trying to gain defendants, I wanted you to do your job, follow your oath. Why did you get into politics if you didn’t believe in the US Constitution? Did the lawyers scare you off? Do you realize HOW HUGE this issue is?


intimidation5Rep. Katherine M. Watson
Rep. Marguerite Quinn
Rep. Todd Stephens
Rep. Tina Davis
Rep. Scott Petri
Rep. John T. Galloway
Rep. Thomas Murt

intimidation_tool_01_smRep. Steven J. Santarsiero
Rep. Frank Farry
Rep. Paul Clymer
Rep. Gene DiGirolamo
Rep. Bernie O’Neill
Rep. Kate Harper

images (3)Sen. Bob Mensch
Sen. Robert Tomlinson
Sen. Charles McIlhinney
Sen. Stewart Greenleaf

IntimidationCongressman Mike Fitzpatrick
Senator Bob Casey
Senator Pat Toomey



Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information.
If you want to conceal something evil, put it inside something boring.


The PA District Attorneys attack the Governor who knows their corruption hidden by Rule 1.6

For whatever reason, they are taking this scrutiny VERY personally. They may revert to the womb when the Rule 1.6 story exposes their violation of the Public Trust for … 30 years. Professionals, pretend to be Professionals. Their reaction is not surprising – when a bully gets exposed – they often break. Their victims laugh at their behavior. …and tweet.


@DADaveFreed tweeted:

    Tom Wolf was elected Governor, not King. He is misusing the concept of a death penalty reprieve. @PennsylvaniaDAs will fight this action

Philadelphia DAO @Philly_DAsOfc tweeted:

    ..the ppl most grateful for this “moratorium” on capital punishment are the guiltiest, cruelest, most vicious killers on death row.

Terance Healy @TeranceH tweeted:

    @Philly_DAsOfc @PennsylvaniaDAs INJUSTICE- 30 years Rule 1.6 conceals the violation of the Public Trust & undermines CONSTITUTION #TrustLost

Atop that high horse do they think Rule 1.6 is a cloaking device?

Their press release includes mentions of people already convicted and those not yet tried. They suggest they are saving society while a governor who places a moratorium on the death penalty places people at risk.

The Governor wants to review the list, not remove the Death Penalty. That seems the respectable thing to do…

The District Attorney reaction – not so respectable, and somewhat heavy on the paranoia – but they know the Governor is aware of Rule 1.6 Corruption and Injustice.

THEY MUST KNOW because they have used it to prevent the Attorney General from speaking, or performing investigations and other responsibilities of the Office of the Attorney General.

Seems they were in on the secret – two secret court orders which silenced the AG about an unconstitutional law. They added a grand jury threat and a threat to impeach. There’s been no explanation of those secrets. WHY IS NO ONE ASKING ABOUT THE IMPROPRIETY???

When violating a person’s constitutional rights, the CLE training has been effective within the Pennsylvania District Attorneys. The Psychology of Confidentiality?? ANSWER: IGNORE THE PERSON and ignore the rule of law.

The District Attorneys have concealed Rule 1.6 corruption and injustice
… which violated the Constitutional rights of Pennsylvanians for 30 years.
… have attacked and threatened PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane while she is ordered MUTE
… they believe the only beneficiaries are people on death row.

People do not give a damn about people in prison. And we in PA have seen some prison abuses… which THEY ALL IGNORED.


They didn’t see the signs… EVERY _______ MATTERS, They were everywhere. The People have noticed the INJUSTICE. Mebbe Y’all need a mirror AND a television.

In recent years, there have been many exonerated from Death row within the US. A review is not out of the question… as a matter of fact, for a Governor who knows the track record on civil rights and constitutional violations of those who purport to ‘preserve protect and defend the Constitution” might be inclined for a more aggressive review. Gov Wolf has been in office only a few weeks. He’s not ignoring… Enjoy the attention.

District Attorney Problems

Mine started with Bruce Castor ignoring me.
Risa Vetri Ferman ignored the crimes along with the corruption
David Heckler was no help, even once I moved to Bucks county. (Well, evicted, but more on that soon.)
Seth Williams has ignored the crimes and constitutional violations of the court staff.
So has David Heckler and Zane Memeger.
Kathleen Kane was ordered to ignore it… TWICE (LOL, Civil Rights? LOL. WTF.)

The investigation into my life started under Castor and continued under Ferman with advice from Heckler ignored by 3 Attorneys General, and 2 Governors – even where one had been an AG and all the surveillance on the books approved by Superior Court of Philadelphia and off the books handled by private investigators.

Whats a lot of intrusive surveillance shared with judges and your wife and her lawyers and your kids when you are at the lowest pointy in your life, and begging for them to investigate THEIR INVESTIGATION.

With no suicide, and no murders, and no crime prosecuted, what a waste of county resources, and eight years of undermining every aspect of a life. Well, that judge fuk’d you over and everyone had to hide the order and those crimes and the warrants and the crimes etc… Well, we had no excuse – it wasn’t personal that your life was annihilated…

Anyway, it all started under Bruce Castor. It’s his fault we terrorized you.

THEN, YOU FOUND OUT HOW WE LEGALIZED CORRUPTION AND CRIME AND INJUSTICE. To be honest WE DIDN’T EVEN GET IT. But, it worked like a charm, once ignored, victimized, without rights and no laws to protect you or anything you owned, we just IGNORED EVERYTHING. How did you figure out it was a law?

NEW RULE: DO NOT CHANNEL DA’s… it conflicts with humanity and defies logic.


1901860_646326345414783_384204306_nY’all did see what Bruce Castor had to say… Right? The New Years Eve Manifesto?

“you don’t go to war with a person who spends his/her professional life figuring how to [screw] others…”

The crazy bastard wants to be elected DA again. He attacked Bill Cosby in the media AFTER FAILING TO PROSECUTE HIM, or indict him.

When we know a Montgomery County Grand Jury could indict a ham sandwich if instructed by the DA.

If the allegations are true, Bruce seems to believe them. Bruce Castor left a man on the street to drug & rape 35 women??? Minimum – He oughta get Cosby’s endorsement in the new campaign…


Could his innocence be revealed… I can’t imagine. After terrorizing that cop’s wife for 30 years… I always had the feeling that may have been why they didn’t execute him. Time will tell.

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