The use of confidential informants, their handlers and private investigators to set up people targeted for destruction by the county is pervasive.

For their safety, I have not posted the names pictures and stories of those used in the actions which FAILED to result in my prosecution. THEY FAILED. They failed to create the criminal to prosecute.

BUT, where I get punished because of their failure to make me a criminal. Where I have continued to be denied Life and liberty, protection of the law and my constitutional rights. Why should I be the responsible protective citizen? Let them deal with the bloodbath when their ‘personnel’ are exposed. Courtesy of those capable of hurting people. The ones they ‘tricked’ and jailed. Their lives and futures destroyed.

The only way to end a war “with a person who spends his/her professional life figuring how to [screw] others…” is to expose them for the corrupt criminal frauds that they are. Former District Attorney Bruce Castor summed up his methods concisely on NYE. Then when not appointed Attorney General decided to return to the DA’s position of twisted and perverted power.

Their informants handlers and investigators are about to become VERY exposed. Every single one who planted the devices cleared out by the sheriffs department on the day I was thrown out of my home by a corrupt court order. Every one who hit that shelf in the bathroom while setting their devices. Names and pictures… including the cities where they relocated. Bios, pictures, addresses and videos.

And the effort to conceal all of the failed investigative information by using a grand jury, doesn’t require me to not IDENTIFY each person and the tactics utilized as they terrorized my life, spied and recorded every interaction, and paralyzed me with fear while they met within earshot.

When they informed and threatened my children who now fear any interaction because of what you will do to them if they ‘slip up’.

The twisted monsters in law enforcement who are above the law running the drug trade and creating their new stories. The people who lie so often to everyone and themselves cannot recognize the truth and have no sense of honor and responsibility. Their crimes are justified by lies. Concealed by further lies… and injustice, and grand juries, and secret court orders.

Without the secrecy and protection of Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information, law enforcement would not be able to conceal their investigation and false litigation and manipulations which denied constitutional rights and the protection of the law. That lawlessness continues because otherwise this target will survive to expose that law enforcement committed major crimes and constitutional violations which were concealed by a corrupted judiciary.

WHAT IF: Sorry Mr. Healy, but your wife’s attorneys leveraged a massive investigation into you. It failed to produce the desired results BUT it did terrorize you for several years. They then leveraged that to coerce Carolyn Carluccio to go FULL FORCE TO SUICIDE. That failed too. The grand jury is concealing it, BUT every judge in Montgomery and the Superior Court has been manuipulated into approving the actions to terrorize you for years. Your suicide was a necessity and your survival makes things difficult. Your survival was not expected AND PLACES OUR CAREERS AT RISK because we wasted millions trying to destroy you.

The lawyers who tricked the county into becoming their tools in a divorce would turn on them and leverage the extensive county efforts which failed to set-up the target. Sociopath lawyers who will stop at nothing. And the law enforcement and judiciary which will capitulate. A sickening disgraceful twisted plot.

Enough is enough.

Handlers never tell the informants that they will end up dead OR be prosecuted anyway. Even in Hollywood, there’s always have that scene where the handler is sad because they lost ANOTHER informant. They are consoled by being reminded they lost others by another handler who lost others. The joke – Handlers that care even when they lose EVERY informant.

Confidential Informants are always one degree away from lawyers and law enforcement. This is useful to leverage their participation and threaten them to do ANYTHING requested no matter how wrong or immoral.

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