When the lawlessness of Healy v Miller is considered…. it suggests the only element which was necessary for standing was possession. They were wrong. Quiet Title requires possession for standing. Ejectment requires proper title for standing.

I have proper title. Possession can be handled. The law is on the side of the person with the valid deed. The law they ignored. (When the court wants to ignore a ‘thing’ there is nothing you can do – inter alia – ignored completely.)

If Miller had proper title, then a Quiet title would have been attempted instead of that fraudulent resale or their filing of additional bad deeds.

Possession is easy. Proper title also permits defending a residence from illegal intrusion.

The Recorder of Deeds ONLY records. The entire ROD office is already aware of the fraud involved.

Nancy Becker, Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds walked the fraudulent conveyance matter directly to the Montgomery County Detectives who were subsequently told to not get involved by the District Attorney. The Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Ferman loves her headlines – a violent takeover of a residence would give her facetime.

Miller’s friend the judge has placed their possession and their possessions at risk. Judge Weilheimer has also denied even knowing them… So why did they help during her election? The judge is not very appreciative… unless you consider her improper dismissal of the Ejectment. Only on the bench 2 months, Judge Weilheimer became an active participant in the judiciary’s corruption.

POINTS!!! to Court Admin for switching Judge Coonahan out of the assignment.

0904011043aNo matter how many fraudulent deeds Genuine Title files… they will NEVER be valid when based on a defective order without jurisdiction and a ridiculous non-existent power of attorney.
THEY HAVE BEEN DETERMINED TO DO IT WRONG MANY TIMES – all of those attempts are logged… as is the attempt to place my house on the market.

Haste may be required in prosecuting the party who stole their money – rumored to be disabled, out of work and afflicted with a debilitating case of ??? ‘karma’.

THE REALITY: The actions which persist and corrupt attempt to conceal the loss of EVERY IMMUNITY caused by the corrupt and malicious act of Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio done with the absolute clear absence of subject matter jurisdiction (and her deliberate actions which neglected correction and obstructed/prevented any appeal) creates a nightmare for a county judiciary that has participated in over 7 years of farce, lawlessness, corruption and terror.

They prefer to provoke a violent end to the matter over accepting responsibility for their own undoing. There will be no protection of the law, and a complete denial of all rights (constitutional, civil or other). The terror since 2007, which now involves secret orders to prevent Executive Branch action against the judiciary. “They can’t do that.” Really? Who stops them?

The Judicial Branch has ordered the Executive Branch to cease any investigation or prosecution. THEY CAN’T DO THAT. THEY DID – TO ATTORNEY GENERAL KATHLEEN KANE.

The Judicial Branch can’t order the Executive Branch not to enforce the laws of the Legislative branch. Doing so by threatening disciplinary action demonstrates a broad overreach of the Judicial branch and a violation of the Separation of Powers. If Judicial wished to excuse the crime after a hearing, they may act at that time. But, the public would see the corruption.

For the Judiciary to act before the hearing demonstrates an improper control over the other two branches of government dismissing the lawmaker and the law enforcer. Where Executive and Legislative have been concealing the improper usurpation and undermining of the Judicial branch by the American Bar Association, clearly their silence and inaction has given way to their own overthrow.

In Pennsylvania, the Judiciary has overthrown the state government. THAT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING. Time for the People to fix that, eh? To start, REMOVE the American Bar Association’s RULE 1.6 which enabled and caused the overthrow of the state government.

Injustice and the loss of rights can be invoked by anyone at anytime whether related or not… Your life is at risk and peril while you have no protection and no rights. They won’t stop until you are dead. You get a death sentence for surviving injustice. I’ve gotten a death sentence in a Divorce.

JUSTICE IS COMING. – – – Conspiracy Against Rights is a Federal offense.

fermanRisa Ferman loves her headlines. It’s why she ignores the corruption in which she participates, the prosecutions she neglects and the investigations which she prevents.

Bradley Stone gave her an Early Christmas gift. She was an ungrateful bitch who slandered him anyway.

Ferman did not give a damn about him… or his innocent victims.

Seven people died that day. Needlessly and violently.

She placed many police officers and families in harms way, yet pretends she has no responsibility for the violence caused by her lawlessness and her corrupt team of informants (who are prosecuted anyway) and her private investigators (who NEVER get prosecuted).

Conspiracy Against Rights is a Federal offense.

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