Montgomery County Commissioner Bruce Castor wrote a manifesto on New Year’s eve. In it the former District Attorney boasted of his skill and strategic use of county resources against perceived foes. THE MEDIA HAS BEEN SILENT.

“You don’t go to war with a person who spends his/her professional life figuring how to [screw] others…”

In it the past President of the Pennsylvania District Attorney’s Association challenged and threatened the elected Attorney General of Pennsylvania Kathleen Kane.

“Career lawmen think strategically. They don’t go for the immediate gratification of a personal attack, instead preferring to set the board up just right and striking at the precise moment where the object of the attack cannot recover.”

“The moral: don’t pick a political fight against someone schooled in how to really hurt you.”

In it he bragged about the power of the ‘ink’… suggesting a control of the media which could undermine the Attorney Genera, and the law.


Mr Castor described the frightening truth of the Montgomery County Judiciary and Law Enforcement.

The twisted perversion of the Judicial Branch of government is undeniable. The arrogance of Mr. Castor’s blatant distorted abilities is ponderous. He followed his manifesto with an announcement that he is again seeking to be District Attorney. Castor is clearly having psychological issues or perhaps is just ‘mad with power’. An unchallenged power to destroy people and control the media.

It is unchallenged by the Vice President of the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association – Risa Ferman decides to announce her run to be elected a judge. The Circle of Corruption feeds on itself and is self-serviced. When Mrs Ferman ran for District Attorney she was targeting corruption. Her ‘corruption unit’ shut down without any activity – ?? in a courthouse where you can’t swing a dead family court litigant without hitting corruption. ?? No wonder she rose to VP of the PDAA so quickly. Her close association with Mission Kids raises shadows of Sandusky-like actions concealed by blind law enforcement.

The media ignores it all… of course the media is closely monitored by the Pennsylvania District Attorneys. Every media individual and outlet is “followed’ on Twitter” by the PDAA.

The Castor Manifesto was no joke… There’s been no ‘ink’ about their corrupt actions and their challenge to the State Attorney General.

PDAA might be more likely to abbreviate the Pennsylvania District Attorneys of Anarchy. Their hashtag #ProsecutorProud might be more appropriate with a swastika instead of a hashtag.

Where there is no law, and no justice, there is anarchy.


You may not read about it or hear it in the threatened and intimidated media… the corrupt have cause for concern. The State and Federal government have shown great concern.


The District Attorneys perceive survivors of their injustice as people who go to battle against them. Surviving their attacks makes an innocent target THEIR ENEMY. Where each of their failures is distorcted and perceived as a direct affront and attack from those who dare to survive. They will never stop… NEVER.

The threat and the power and the intimidation which has served to alienate my children from me for no reason without any communication has persisted. Contact has been PREVENTED BY CORRUPT JUDGES and an aggressive threat by the District Attorney to make my home unsafe.

The Castor New Year’s Manifesto clearly announced the ability, capability, and capacity for strategic injustice, retaliation and corruption.

These monsters have no sense of truth, law or justice. They only use those things to hide their actual nature from the unaffected public who only learn what the ‘controlled’ media reports.

I live in fear… but, I will not permit them to create another Bradley Stone massacre.

Divorce does NOT create the kind of response Bradley demonstrated.

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