The Judicial Branch has ordered the Executive Branch to cease any investigation or prosecution… to conceal the corruption and usurpation of the Judicial Branch.


The Judicial Branch can’t order the Executive Branch not to enforce the laws of the Legislative Branch. Doing so by threatening disciplinary action demonstrates a broad overreach of the Judicial branch and a violation of the Separation of Powers. What would make them attempt this type of improper unconstitutional action?

If Judicial wished to excuse the crime after a hearing, they would act at that time in their forum – a PUBLIC forum.

To prevent public exposure of their corruption a hearing must be averted. But, any effort to prevent investigation would be visible.

There is no method by which the judiciary can prevent the other two branches from their responsibilities.

The judicial effort to prevent exposure has been publicly exposed and concealed by secrecy…

PUBLICLY AND SECRETLY, the judicial branch has ordered the Attorney General to inaction using two secret orders from two secret courts.

PUBLICLY AND SECRETLY, there are several Grand Jury’s at work. One is investigating the Attorney General, but the grand jury is a tool of the Executive branch. Why has the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania called for a Grand Jury lead by Thomas Carluccio?

A grand jury seeking to suppress evidence of the unconstitutional actions of the judiciary is investigating the Attorney General.

Chief Justice Ron Castille called for this Montgomery County Grand Jury. It is being run by Thomas Carluccio, whose wife Judge Caryolyn Tornetta Carluccio has issued defective and void orders without proper subject matter jurisdiction. Those corrupt orders are at the center of Healy v Healy and Healy v Miller and will eventually be the subject of federal litigation against the entire county, and the 20 judges from the Montgomery County Bench – all have lost any immunity because of the actions of Carluccio.

Their actions demonstrated the unconstitutional influence of Rule 1.6 on the courts and law enforcement.

THOMAS CARLUCCIO IS THE ONLY ATTORNEY IN THE COUNTY WHO COULD NOT BE COMPELLED TO GIVE TESTIMONY AGAINST HIS WIFE. Who better to learn and suppress the evidence in a case against the county judiciary.

For the Judicial branch to act before a hearing demonstrates an improper influence and control over the other two branches of government dismissing the lawmaker and the law enforcer. An egregious and obvious breach of the separation of powers established in the Constitution.

Where the Executive and Legislative have been participating by concealing the improper usurpation and undermining of the Judicial branch held hostage by the American Bar Association, their silence and inaction has given way to a demonstration of the absolute overthrow of the state government.

The American Bar Association controlled Judiciary has clearly overthrown the entire state government and wielded an improper unlawful and unconstitutional authority which demands the immediate attention of the People and their elected representatives.

Note to US DOJ: This situation exists in every state rolled out by the ABA from 1984 through 2009.

Rule 1.6 is their power and their downfall

Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information has concealed their conspiracy and corruption, but once exposed as an unconstitutional law, the Judicial Branch was without explanation. Once challenged with clear evidence of the violation of constitutionally protected rights, the Judiciary was prompted to actions which exposed their overreach of authority.

THE KEY is Rule 1.6 – an unconstitutional law enacted by the Judiciary. Where the Executive would investigate and discover and prove the unconstitutional law, it would demonstrate the actions of the judiciary to conceal that their authority had been usurped and undermined by the American Bar Association by and through their enacting Rule 1.6 into law.

Ordering the Executive Branch to avoid investigation of the issue, shows an overreach of Judicial authority.

The Judiciary calling a Grand Jury to silence the Attorney General shows an overreach of Judicial authority.

The Judicial Branch has demonstrated their overreach and violation of the state constitution.

The Legislature was already removed from authority where the state judiciary improperly enacted a law which affected substantive rights and denied constitutional protections. A clear violation of the state constitution Article V Section 10(c).

The Pennsylvania Legislature has been asked to suspend Rule 1.6 as they have the authority to suspend any law. The Judiciary Committees have neglected to present the issue to the entire Legislature.

Rule 1.6 was the necessity which enabled the misuse of judicial authority. Once exposed as an unconstitutional nullity, the evidence of the corruption and perversion of justice would no longer be concealed.

As Rule 1.6 had become the “worst kept secret in Pennsylvania”, the Judicial Branch acted in the open to suppress the matter exposing their usurpation of the Executive and Legislative branches.


To the People:

Intervention is necessary.

Remove the American Bar Association. The ABA has done this in every state and federally. Rule 1.6 unconstitutional injustice exists in every state.

Shut Down the American Bar Association and all affiliates at every level of county, state and federal court.

Their RULE 1.6 enabled caused and perpetuated the injustice within the state government of every state and federally. Their Rule 1.6 permitted them to unconstitutionally and unlawfully intercept and interfere with the administration of justice in every court.

In Pennsylvania, the District Attorneys have been tightly organized minions of corruption and injustice. Resignations are appropriate.

At the state level, the judicial branch must promptly be restricted as demonstrated by the Constitution adopted by South Africa after the years of Apartheid where the courts silenced and retaliated against anyone who disagreed or spoke out or attempted to assert their rights: constitutional, civil, human or otherwise.


I agree with Attorney General Kathleen Kane. She is central to resolution of this issue. She has witnessed the corruption, how deep it goes and how powerful it is. She has reason to be confident of re-election.

Kathleen Kane will restore JUSTICE to the entire state and start a wave of JUSTICE across the entire country.

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