Officials who act to enforce an invalid court order are exposed to professional and personal liability.

Denying a person of Constitutionally protected rights is a federal offense. Participating in a conspiracy to deny a person of their rights is a federal crime. Even when the official has been ‘setup’ or prompted deliberately by a judge using defective and void orders.

Often the availability of absolute judicial immunity permits the judiciary to avoid the responsibility and liability. Subsequently, the judges protect the officials who acted to enforce or support the invalid orders – undermining justice and the integrty of the entire judiciary.

Where Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio exposed the 20 members of the Montgomery County Judiciary to professional and personal liability without availability of absolute judicial immunity due to the clear absence of subject matter jurisdiction, those who enforced her orders are additionally exposed professionally and personally.

This goes much further and wider than the judges involved in both the Montgomery County Court and the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. It extends to the staff who participated in their conspiracy and the efforts to prevent, deny and obstruct justice.

The liability extends to the County departments and personnel who acted pursuant to the judge’s invalid orders. Their liability is professional and personal and affects most every department at the county courthouse and county offices. Their liability is not ignored simply because they were following orders. THIS is a big part of how the judges can cause the denial of any support and protection of the law.

It is not just about someone ‘helping’ another person to avoid their liability. Where it becomes necessary to avoid their own professional and personal liability, the ‘corruption team’ grows exponentially. The victim is ignored… and further terrorized. by every department and agency to whom they go to for help.

An intentional and deliberate invalid action by a judge immediately causes these effects. A corrupt judge can upset the balance completely and absolutely and irreparably.

As the liability grows, every avenue for resolution is affected AND PREVENTED. Every opportunity for justice is prevented, obstructed and denied. Every false allegation against the target is pursued and investigated. A terror and harassment scheme which consumes, isolates and annihilates the target. Pushing the target to hopelessness… AND SUICIDE.

Most every county department becomes affected, undermined and subject to liability for participation:
Domestic Relations
Custody Masters
Child Support Enforcement
Court Administration
Family Court Administration
Equitable Distribution Masters
Judge’s staff
Sheriff’s Department
District Attorney
County Detectives
Montgomery County Emergency Services

The number of defendants in a federal criminal case, or a civil case, would clear the entire courthouse… instead, they work towards the simplest method to make the case go away. The suicide of the target.


In a twisted manifestation of Rule 1.6 Confidentiality, non-disclosure by the legal professionals is mandated unless the target is to be murdered. Leading the target to suicide is a Rule 1.6 loophole.

There is evidence which indicates that lawyers can promptly determine if a prospective client is a target. At that point, the attorney can decide to represent the doomed client. This is basically a transfer of assets. The disdain and constant arrogance of all involved demonstrated towards a self-represented non-lawyer seeks to undermine any effort to survive while their losses were predetermined without any basis in truth or law.

This ‘list’ will also undermine and discourage/prevent any assistance, support or representation by any pro bono organization or individual lawyers.

There comes a point in time where every effort is made to promptly get you to your suicide. Your children, family and finances will be leveraged to expedite your downfall. It is truly twisted where these actions may appear to be ‘merciful’.

Those involved are all working towards avoiding their MASSIVE ESCALATING PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL LIABILITY FOR DAMAGES AND RELIEF. There is no mercy.

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