The following was reported by WPVI Channel 6 in Philadelphia. The full grand jury document has NOT yet been made public although there has been a great deal of speculation regarding what the grand jury was investigating.

The latest statewide headlines relate to a leak of limited information purported to be in the grand jury report. The leaked information has been used to attack the integrity and character of the Attorney General and suggest she be impeached. The negative effort is unfounded and political consisting of baseless snarky remarks and a state representative who can’t let go of the marriage issue.

“I have torn up their questionable contracts, cleaned up their investigations, broke their pornography ring and prosecuted corrupt officials.” – Kathleen Kane

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — In a statement released Friday, Kathleen Kane said, “I did nothing illegal. Period.” This the day after a grand jury recommended criminal charges against the Pennsylvania attorney general.

The charges include perjury and concern allegations that she leaked confidential grand jury information to a newspaper involving an investigation into a local NAACP leader.

On Friday Kane addressed the grand jury decision in a statement, which reads as follows:

“I did nothing illegal. Period. Any fair and impartial review of the facts would conclude that. This seems to me to be another political attack on my attempt to clean up Harrisburg and its political culture.

They have fought me all the way, including an effort to impeach me.

Since taking office, I have torn up their questionable contracts, cleaned up their investigations, broke their pornography ring and prosecuted corrupt officials.

I will continue to clean up Harrisburg, despite these attacks that seem to be more about politics than the merits.”

Kathleen Kane did not mention anything about the following pending issues which may also be related to the Grand Jury Effort.
GRAND-JURY-15074166– About those two secret orders?
– About the two secret courts which issued them?
– About the investigation she is not permitted to conduct?
– About the case she is not permitted to participate in?
– About the actual subject of the grand jury investigation?
– About the corruption mentioned on CNN?

It is reasonable to assume that a Grand Jury which has met for a year might have more to say than the one topic which has been ‘leaked’.

A Montgomery County Tradition – THE RETALIATORY PERJURY CHARGE.
The only people who are charged with perjury in Montgomery County are those who find themselves or their cases in a position which confronts the corruption of the Montgomery County or threatens the Power-That-Be.

I can think of only two cases in recent years.
Jim Matthews and Gabriele Drexler

Matthews was a County Commmissioner accused of perjury and arrested by Risa Ferman. The charge was subsequently dropped. AND the record was expunged in 2013. His brother is the host of MSNBC’c HARDBALL, Chris Matthews

Drexler had been coerced into a ‘perjury trap’. Her mother’s illness was leveraged with a plea through a public defender. She was coerced into a plea agreement BUT jailed anyway. Drexler’s case was positioned to expose the county’s availability and improper and illegal use of intrusive computer surveillance tools. Her Federal complaint was subsequently dropped.

Her case had been closely followed on this website as there was a question of whether the Grand Jury was ever informed of the capabilities of the county detectives and police to access home computers and modify emails. Her case had been perfectly positioned to expose the misused surveillance software in the county AND in federal court.

Miss Drexler was unaware of how the printed emails in her report failed to agree with the documents on her computer. The surveillance and remote control software tools which would have been available to the officer involved in her case could possibly have explained the discrepancy.

It is unlikely that Drexler was ever aware that her case risked exposing the county’s improper surveillance tools and efforts in a time before Edward Snowden’s worldwide revelation. I was a victim of their software tools, as was the Lower Merion High Schoolers who discovered that stealth surveillance software installed on their laptops had been taking thousands of pictures without their knowledge. The County had advised the school of the software.

Perjury is ignored in the Family Courts… even in custody. Custody Master Sarah Goren had indicated to me at one time that if the District Attorney were to prosecute perjury in Family court there would always be a line at the courthouse. SO… They just ignore it.

I suppose it is just another of those strategies available to District Attorneys which Bruce Castor wrote about on New Years Eve.
“You don’t go to war with a person who spends his/her professional life figuring how to [screw] others…”


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