The repeated filing of fraudulent documents by Genuine Title Company does not change anything about the fraudulent conveyance of MY PROPERTY.

The improper ruling by the Miller’s friend GAIL WEILHIEMER fails to indicate that they own the house. It only says that the issue is dismissed. Improperly done and with no basis in law. Keeping me homeless and their family in a perilous situation.

PERIL: … because they may attempt to set me up for their murders. We are dealing with twisted law enforcement so clearly bent on perverting truths based on their poorly thought out fiction. The Miller family is at risk from the known sociopaths in the County.

There’s is no safety or security in fraud. There is great peril in exposure and massive county efforts to conceal a crime.

There is no lawfulness attained by repeated filing of fraudulent documents with the Recorder of Deeds. Certainly not when the ROD knows that the fraudulent conveyance crime occurred… ROD referred the case to the FBI… ROD referred the case to the County Detectives… ROD knows the county corruption which creates the ‘madman’ and pushes him to act. ROD doesn’t validate or verify. ROD records even when they know the documents are fraud.

Over 40 Million Foreclosures

Over 40 million foreclosures nationwide were based on forged and robosigned fraudulent documents presented by lawyers and title companies and upheld in courts mandated to confidentiality under Rule 1.6 – permitting fraud in the furtherance of fraud – mandating non-disclosure. – preventing efforts to rectify. Those ‘fraud provisions’ removed from the minimum ethical standard – Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information of the Rules of Professional Conduct. Written and promoted by the American Bar Association whose members profited as they stole people’s homes.

“Career lawmen think strategically. They don’t go for the immediate gratification of a personal attack, instead preferring to set the board up just right and striking at the precise moment where the object of the attack cannot recover.” – Bruce Castor

The lawyers from Zarwin, Baum, DeVito, Kaplan, Schaer & Toddy presented no rights to ownership and had no defense – a situation which would result in sanctions – yet, the matter was dismissed. On Appeal is became even more evident and involved more ‘judges’ who covered for the lawyers who acted without any basis and could face sanctions and damages. BUT the judges took no part in it.

The forged documents filed by the court staff without judicial review showed the interference with the administration of justice and other constitutional offenses. Reported to multiple law enforcement agencies -county, state and federal levels. The issue is pending. The silence grows louder and louder.

These are the corrupt acts which place people and their family in peril and at risk. The efforts to cover up the crimes is often greater than the initial crime and continues until someone is dead.

A person protecting their own property is a stand your ground situation… only if they own the property. Trespassers have no property rights and may be dealt with accordingly.

Bear in mind, the corrupt law enforcement folks don’t give a damn about the lives of the people they use to manipulate their corruption. Those they cause to be killed only serve to provide a false grandstand decked out in red white and blue with a District Attorney at the microphone spouting rhetoric without facts… attacking and assassinating the character of the puppet they created.

A dead family gives them the headlines they crave and the audience who falls for their theater of self-righteousness. The six people who were murdered by Bradley Stone are not available to tell you about their success in court and the great efforts of the county personnel who caused their deaths… and who went home from work and celebrated their holidays with their families.

With everyone dead, the County never even have to prove that Bradley Stone did it. Case closed.

“Career lawmen think strategically. They don’t go for the immediate gratification of a personal attack, instead preferring to set the board up just right and striking at the precise moment where the object of the attack cannot recover.” Former District Attorney Bruce Castor. In his New Years Eve manifesto written days before he announced he was running for the position of District Attorney again. The same position he held when Healy v Healy began in 2007.

The efforts to undermine me continue… I am sane. I have the paperwork to prove that. The continued efforts to attempt to have someone assigned power of attorney to conceal the crimes is not unnoticed. It’s not even cleverly calculated and executed.

The local Warrington police seem to have had enough of being improperly used and manipulated into the corrupt games of Montgomery County. They know what is happening. They have been informed of every development. Every false report involving them has been addressed without hesitation or delay.

The lengths that corrupt Montgomery County officials and officers will go to has no limit.

I am capable of perseverence.
They are capable of far more heinous acts.

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