green-acresIn my ‘survival kit’, I have always had what I referred to as ‘my rules’. They were the way of compartmentalizing experiences into categories and approaches. It required my recognition of my experience and the recognition of the reaction of people to hearing of my experience.

Everyone knew Oliver Douglas was perfectly sane while everyone else in Hooterville was “not”. I knew what it was like to be “a sane man in an insane situation”. If you want the experience, discuss Arnold Ziffel with someone from Hooterville and THEN with someone who is NOT from there.

This morning, I stumbled upon the scholarly journals which not only put a more ‘polite’ description and definition to the categories (without expletives – but me loves my expletives sometimes) BUT reviewing the educated categorical definitions and aspects showed that those aspects were specifically being targeted by those who were seeking to undermine and destroy me.

I never would have put the sentence together as was done in prolly the most violent episode of BANSHEE. It’d be kind of arrogant and that is not my style. It would also suggest that my actions were calculated in some way. I did what I did because of who I am… and out of necessity. There were no survival guides. I did immediately recognize “it” as soon as Antony Starr said it.
“Basic Psy Ops protocol. The only way to overcome a physical advantage is to establish a psychological one.”

I suppose that was what I did. However, I had called it “Mindfuck me and I will mindfuck you right back, mothafukkah.” Their team may have been bigger and better equipped, but I knew everything. They only knew their part. TRUTH was on my side. TRUTH is powerful – when YOU know the difference between truth and non-truth. TRUTH is a definite psychological advantage.

One sentence recognized and defined the situation early on and guided my survival through the last 10 years. It applied to everything. The TRUTH of the entire experience. “I am a sane man dealing with an absolutely insane situation. Every person in a position to help has acted improperly in direct violation of procedures and the law preventing the resolution of any matter… they each make the situation worse… NO ONE HELPED.”

Every scholarly paper seems to indicate, albeit in hindsight, that I was on the path to discovering the RULE 1.6 INJUSTICE all along.

Everyone should insist on being treated fairly – to stand up for our rights without violating the rights of others by tactfully, justly and effectively expressing our experience, opinions and feelings.


I will present some of the ‘scholarly’ info in a later post. I have not posted them here because they all have a major shortcoming. The articles neglect one area. When the psychological information is used in efforts to undermine a target. The PsyOps part of the information. It kind of blew me away to see it documented and summarized where the items read like a laundry list of actions which effectively undermine a person psychologically.

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