Rule 1.6 trumps everything, ethics, morality, law, common sense, constitutional rights. The mandate for non-disclosure controls ALL LEGAL PROFESSIONALS while preventing justice and undermining the authority of the courts and government officials.

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, ONLY the Legislature has authority to suspend a law. While Rule 1.6 was improperly enacted by the state Supreme Court and is unconstitutional, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania is not permitted to expose or undo their actions pursuant to Rule 1.6.

cnn-logoIn this interview with CNN, Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane can ONLY be not-talking about Rule 1.6.

Are you investigating this right now?

We are not investigating. I cannot investigate.

I am being stopped from performing my duties as Attorney General.

My office is being stopped from certain investigations.

And we are being stopped even from telling why.

So I am hearing you say that your hands are tied. Why are your hands tied?

My hands are tied and this will be frustrating for you because it is just as frustrating for me.

My hands are ties because there are court orders which don’t allow us to say certain things which I believe the public needs to know.

As the state’s top prosecutor, you are saying that there is a court order that’s keeping you from investigating a case that you think and the Chief Justice on the state Supreme court thinks might be illegal.

That is correct.

Do you feel that the system is being abused to protect certain people?

I knew that I was walking into public corruption. Which again is why I ran.

But I will tell you this. Even I am shocked at the level of public corruption.

I am shocked at how deep it goes.

I am shocked at how powerful it is.

I have never seen anything like this. It’s breathtaking.

It has been described by the people familiar with what is happening as shameful.

Rule 1.6 conceals corruption, like Cash for Kids and the Nationwide Foreclosure Crisis, fale imprisonment, and judicial corruption and injustice.

Rule 1.6 affects every level of state and federal courts, undermining the independence of the judiciary where they are mandated to conceal corruption and injustice.

Rule 1.6 has undermined the judiciary and usurped their authority. The judiciary is held hostage by bar associations which are positioned to interfere between the people and the judiciary intefering with the administration of the courts, obstructing justice, and numerous other federal crimes and constitutional offenses.

It’s been concealing injustice in the US since 1984.

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