I have proven that the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas was undone by the actions of the entire judiciary to conceal the crime of one judge – a multi-year series of unstoppable abuses of power under color of law with intent to cause emotional harm and distress while denying constitutional rights and the equal protection under the law.

I have proven that the Superior Court of Pennsylvania has been infiltrated by the various bar associations to interfere with the administration of justice in the process of denying constitutionally protected rights and preventing the equal protection of the law.

I have notified the Superior Court of these actions and they have taken no action to address that their authority has been usurped and their administration has been undermined. They hide behind and protect their captors.

The disrepect and discourtesy by the office staff of the President Judge of the Superior Court demonstrates a court held hostage from the truth and information hiding from the issues affecting the courts and the litigants who come before the court.

Judge Gantmann does not deserve the respect of the cover letter which had been prepared for her indicating the problems which has intercepted the authority of the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.

I have once again presented the facts to a member of the Pennsylvania Legislature as the only organization which may take lawful action to end this all-consuming tempest of injustice which has undermined and usurped the judicial branch.

I await prosecution for the federal and state crimes and the immediate return of my property stolen assigning sanctions, compensation and restitution.

The taxpayers of Montgomery County may be interested to learn how the resources of the county are illegally and improperly utilized to terrorize and harass the citizens of the county at the direction of a corrupt judge and an incompetent lawyer.

The insurance companies who participated in meetings where my demise was the selected resolution may want to start thinking in millions per month of terror, double after improper incarceration, tripled after the destruction of all personal property, with financial consideration added for every holiday where I have been left homeless and alone. Their goal was my suicide, and they pushed without mercy to the very brink. They failed.

As for the judge who indicated in her campaign that the punishment should fit the crime. Take her job, friends and family away. Prevent access to her children. Remove her from her home, and throw away all of her possessions, then continue to push her to suicide for years… let’s see how she fares.

The prosecution phase is being prepared for delivery to the proper authorities.


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