This is the biggest most frustrating lie which for some reason people generally accept without question. People generally believe a lie over the truth. This lie is preposterous.

Sonya Healy and I were married for 20 years. There was no joy in the marriage. There was no violence.

During that 20 year period, we had sex ONLY 12 times. Two times it resulted in pregnancy.

With the arrival of the children, the marriage became an illusion. The family was the focus.

Sonya spent many years sleeping at the foot of our children’s cribs/beds until they were in school.

Sonya did not like to be touched… ANYTIME. The volume of DO NOT TOUCH areas were from head to toe.

Sonya snored LOUDLY. ALOT. Even with the introduction of a CPAP machine, she snored… and took on a look which resembled a b-movie sci-fi villain.

Sonya had chronic bad breath. Doctors unsuccessful efforts to address the odor failed to consider her food and alcohol issues.

Sonya had no self-respect or willpower. The volume of programs through which she unsuccessfully attempted to control her weight included everything – from the offerings of infomercials to the advice of doctors.

Sonya hated everyone. Everyone had mean-spirited nicknames which she used to refer to people.

Oddly, many people whom she has utilized in her efforts appear to think they are her friends. That is sad. She placed their careers and professional licenses on the line. In doing so, she obligated them to continued efforts.

There has NEVER been a moment since the day she abandoned our home in May 2007 that I imagined or entertained a reunion with her. She had secretly conspired with many people since she began planning her divorce in January 2007. This included our children who suffered emotionally, and inexplicably, from the knowledge of what she was doing.

Whenever I explained to anyone that IT IS NOT ABOUT DIVORCE, THIS IS ABOUT DESTRUCTION. I was completely dismissed. I was looking forward to a life after her.

In typical actions, she would tell people that it was me in denial and unable to accept the divorce. I still hear this ridiculous suggestion from people today.

She’s got the lawyer. This should have been over in 2009. But their goal was NOT divorce, it was SUICIDE. Her lawyers actions to prevent the issuance of a divorce decree in 2009 demonstrate this unwillingness to end the marriage. The document which was filed with the court, specifically indicates that no divorce decree should be entered until there has been resolution of all financial matters.

Her actions caused a situation where nothing could be resolved.

It has been her efforts on the advice of her lawyer to conduct illegal surveillance of phones and computers which had crippled my business, and financially affected my clients, which has prevented any resolution.

When caught, the software company lied. My efforts to survive and expose their surveillance provided the software company with research and development which was then used to upgrade their programs.

When caught, a private investigator was hired.

When caught, a false report to a County Drug Task Force was filed.

When caught, a false report to the US DEA was filed.

When caught, her attorney arranged for the Secret Order of Judge Rhonda Daniele with the knowledge and forethought that it would undermine any justice in the courts. FOREVER.

Every order by every judge in the matter has lacked judicial independence since August 2007.

The lack of judicial independence, affects jurisdiction, and affects any assertion of judicial immunity for the 20 judges of the Montgomery County Bench. Every proceeding was a farce which was not going to EVER permit me to be successful.

The corrupt and unjust actions of the entire Montgomery County Judiciary are unconscionable. Void of any justice, their actions can only be considered ‘abuse of power under color of law with clear intent to cause distress’. EVIL. Just pure EVIL.

Her attorney then proceeded to execute a constant barrage of vexatious and frivolous litigation to harass in a forum where their success was guaranteed… UNLESS, I could prove their allegations false.

Where I survived their fraud, the court ignored their misconduct.

The Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania ignored the misconduct of the attorneys.

The Judicial Conduct Board ignored the misconduct of every judge who had been involved in the case.

This has been the case since 2007. I survived under the constant threat of litigation in a forum where I had no opportunity for success. The best I could expect was to survive.

If Sonya wanted her divorce, her attorney could make it legal by providing the court with the jurisdiction necessary to issue a divorce decree. They don’t.

The aggressive zeal for injustice demonstrated by Carolyn Carluccio to clear all petitions and quickly issue a divorce decree would disallow any resolution of the financial issues filed with the court. BUT, CARLUCCIO TOTALLY BLEW IT.

Pennsylvania Law does not allow for the issuance of a decree by surprise. It is the documented intent of the law that no one be surprised without the opportunity to petition the court before entry of a divorce decree. The law requires the notice and request. Where the procedure is not followed the court does not have jurisdiction to issue a divorce decree. This is established law with precedental published opinions and decisions.

The expedited, defective and void divorce decree is invalid.

REMEMBER WHERE ANGST AND ANGST FILED TO PREVENT ENTRY OF A DIVORCE DECREE IN 2009. YET, THE COURT ISSUED THE DIVORCE DECREE IN SPITE OF THEIR OBJECTION. So neither party asked for the divorce, the divorce clerk did not provide the paperwork necessary to indicate the court had jurisdiction, why would the judge issue a decree anyway?

If I was wrong, it could be proven by the facts and the proper application of the law, yet they neglect to take that approach. They ignore the issue and suggest that I just do not want to be divorced.

How sad and pathetic for him. How completely wrong for anyone to suggest an end to that marriage was not welcomed.

If not addressed, the loss of any protection of the law and my constitutional rights can never be resolved… can never be restored.

Where the injustice may be leveraged by anyone at anytime, and the only future is to be a victim for the remainder of my days, I’ll persevere.

I’ll file with the courts. The evidence will mount. The judicial corruption will be more and more undeniable and VISIBLE.

I can accept a divorce from a sexless marriage, BUT I will not accept the loss of any protection of the law where every constitutional right is ignored, prevented and obstructed forever and ever and ever…

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