FERGUSON – Another Rule 1.6 injustice which cannot be resolved or addressed?

Missouri’s version of Rule 1.6 DOES NOT CONTAIN THE FRAUD PROVISIONS.

What that means is that legal professionals/lawyers MUST commit fraud to conceal prior fraud, and that FRAUD MUST CONTINUE where there is no lawful method permitted to rectify the fraud.

It sounds crazy, BUT the American Bar Association made FRAUD ‘LEGAL’ in their Model Rules of Professional Conduct.

When each state supreme court enacted the Model Rules into LAW, the FRAUD BECAME MANDATORY with all legal professionals required to maintain confidentiality even if it causes the fraud to continue or worsen, EVEN WHILE PREVENTING ANY ACTION TO RECTIFY THE FRAUD.

The lawyers called the Model Rules their ‘ethical standard’ BUT fraud is a crime.

Fraud is illegal. Fraud is immoral. FRAUD IS UNETHICAL TOO.

So how did this happen? Why has it not been corrected? The same LAW prevents any legal professional from exposing the corruption and the unconstitutionality of Rule 1.6.

One person is to blame for the continuing injustice in the US.

Randall Henzes, a lawyer employed by the Office of the Pennsylvania Attorney General.

After EVERY state attorney general had defaulted on the Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6, Henzes filed a late Document on behalf of the PA Attorney General. His actions have prevented the entire United States from justice.

There could have been justice in Ferguson. Randall Henzes prevented it. Rule 1.6 is so POWERFUL that Attorney General Kathleen Kane has been silenced – permitting injustice to continue.

“I knew that I was walking into public corruption. Which again is why I ran.
But I will tell you this. Even I am shocked at the level of public corruption.
I am shocked at how deep it goes.
I am shocked at how powerful it is.
I have never seen anything like this.”
– Kathleen Kane, Pennsylvania Attorney General

Rule 1.6 prevents any legal professionals and law enforcement from action to address Henzes sabotage of the federal case.

ferguson-riotsYes… it is very unconstitutional. It prevents JUSTICE.

For an overview of the problem CLICK HERE.

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