As we head into the Holidays, Persevere. Justice is coming. It is slow. Painfully slow.

But like an addict who delays a need for rehab, THE INTERVENTION is an eventuality.

I’ve been through seven long, lonely, isolated, destitute holidays.
Pa rum pa pum pum.

I can’t promise it will ever get better while the cause of their injustice is ignored … while the media remains mysteriously silent … and while the entire Pennsylvania Judiciary, the entire Legislature, and the entire state and federal government ignores.
This last year WE TOLD EVERYONE in government. They know what they are ignoring.

The unconstitutional Rule 1.6 requirement to say and do nothing is the worst kept secret in Pennsylvania.

Rule 1.6 injustice demonstrates how EVIL undermines society. Rule 1.6 cannot conceal a murder.

Pushing for a RULE 1.6 SUICIDE is totally lawful, and let’s them off the hook. The corrupt achieve their reward – their goal.

I understand. Persevere. Please. EVERY PERSON MATTERS.


My list of the suicides is too long already. The sad truth is that people really don’t give a damn if you live or die.

It’s your own personal choice, but you can do more to expose and resolve this UNFATHOMABLE TERROR than you ever imagined.

You don’t belong down here. We don’t belong down here. Not Anymore. NOT EVER.

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